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Mailbox-checking burglars get guns, electronics in Kedron, Smokerise

Peachtree City Police are investigating three residential burglaries that occurred between Dec. 18-28 in subdivisions along North Peachtree Parkway.

Police department spokesperson Rosanna Dove said two homes in the Smokerise subdivision and one in the Kedron Hills subdivision were the target of the burglars. Forced entry was made into each home, said Dove. At each burglary, electronic items were taken and, at one of the burglaries, two firearms were stolen, Dove added.

Dove said that information relating to the burglaries indicates that the burglar may have been checking mailboxes to determine if the residents were in town.

Dove also advised that if residents witness anyone checking mailboxes, write down the vehicle description, tag number, and occupant’s descriptions, and then call the Peachtree City Police Department immediately, either at 911 or 770-461-4357.

Dove said a reward of up to $2,500 is being offered to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the burglars.

Dove said the Peachtree City Police Department would like to remind citizens that there are several steps they can be taken to protect their homes and property. Taking these steps can reduce the chances of becoming a victim of these types of residential burglaries:

• Contact the post office and stop all mail from being delivered while you are out of town. If this is not practical, have a friend pick up your mail on a daily basis.

• If packages must be delivered while you are out of town, have a friend pick them up. Never leave packages on your front porch for an extended period of time.

• Have a friend check your front door for notes or notices. These notices can alert criminals to the fact that you have not been home for a day or two.

• Install timers on your lights so they will activate periodically throughout the day. A home that has not had any lights on for a few days alerts criminals.

• Install motion activated lights on the exterior of your home.

• Ensure that landscaping does not provide criminals a place to conceal themselves or your property.

• Install a burglar alarm and ensure you set the alarm prior to leaving your home.

• Ensure all doors are locked, and install deadbolts on all exterior doors.

• Let a trusted neighbor know you will be out of town.

• Call 911 immediately if you see something suspicious or out of place at a neighbor’s home.

If you have any other information that could assist police in this investigation, call 770-631-2510. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can call the Crime and Narcotics Information Hotline at 770-487-6010.



This has long been a complaint and a concern of mine: there is virtually NO police presence in our neighborhoods doing routine patrols. Yes, I realize that the police cant be everywhere BUT I have lived here for 20+ years and cant count the number of times on one hand that I have seen a cruiser patrol our neighborhood(s). Police presence and patrols will help serve as a deterrent to this type of crime. When the report of increased traffic stops was reported; this type of crime was cited as on of the reasons for justifying the increase. Please put the police back on the streets doing patrols in the neighborhoods rather than sitting somewhere with a radar gun.

Actual police protection of lives and property does not generate revenue. I guarantee that during the time that these homes were being burglarized, 5 people were being pulled over on 74 and 54 for sneezing while driving. The mayor and the police chief need to be exiled to Riverdale!

I don't know about you but I don't look out my window 24/7 to see if a police car is driving down the street.

Ever think they might be driving through while your at work, eating dinner, taking a dip in your pool, sleeping? Ill I'd be willing to bet you don't see them because your not looking for them. Like driving, everyone does 10 or 15 over the speed limit, until you see a cop in your mirror. Then its 5 or 10 under.

Out of sight out of mind.

I am proof that they are up in the 'hoods. I was recently stopped on a main secondary for a minor equip violation about 10 pm. I don't know of any donut shops up Golfview / Blue Smoke. A waste of time bogus stop.

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Complaining about the police is a PTC tradition.

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I think I will stop picking up my mail and wait.

Please, please come to my home, I'll be waiting.

Or you can stop next time you see them pulled beside one another talking and killing time; as a tax paying citizen just pull up ask nicely please patrol my neighbor instead of just sitting there. Just look behind the strip malls where they hide especially between Camden Apartments and the strip mall that runs beside them where Jersey Mike's is. I am sure at other strip malls too cause they can't be seen from the road. You got those two who set on the railroad tracks every Sunday. They know how to work it.

Hey smart guy. Those two who sit near the railroad tracks every Sunday are working off duty jobs for the church.

Anyone know why about 10+ were all gathered @ the Glenloch Rec Bldg around 2:30 this afternoon?

Come on now the Police do train.

It's much more important to get the dangerous drivers that roll through
The stop sign behind the Publix on 74 South. I see one sitting there a lot.
It's easy money…. But it's not even a city street….

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