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Investigators searching for missing 12 year-old Fayette County girl

Investigators with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office are currently searching for 12 year-old Isabeth Yanez who was last seen on Dec. 27. Investigators said the Fayette County girl may be with Simon Quintana Guiterrez and the two might be in route to either North Carolina or Mexico.

Det. Ethan Harper said that Yanez was last seen at her home on Dec. 27 and was reported missing at approximately 6 a.m. on Dec. 28. Yanez is a 12 year-old Hispanic female, 5’2” in height and weighing 115 lbs. She has long brown hair and was last seen wearing light colored blue jeans, white shirt and a black jacket.

Harper said Yanez may be in the company of 20 year-old Simon Quintana Guiterrez, of an unknown address, who is likely driving a loaned red 1996 Chevrolet Camaro convertible with a black top. The vehicle should bear Georgia license plate BMH 2049. The two may be headed to North Carolina or to Mexico.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Yanez or Guiterrez is asked to contact Det. Ethan Harper at the Fayette County Sheriff Office at 770-716-4763.



I've seen so many Amber Alerts play out to be a 12 year old Latina and her 20something "boyfriend", that it makes me wonder if it isn't a cultural thing.

It's time to adapt to your adopted culture's social norms that consider 12 year olds children and "date" within your age group.


This is someones daughter - grand daughter.
Now is the time for all you phoney baloneys to "pray" for her safe return.

...there are just as many "nice white girls" who end up meeting creeps on Facebook and then running away with them. I doubt that this has anything to do with the Latin culture. It has more to do with our modern society and all the technology our kids/teens have access to, like Facebook, chat, text, Twitter, etc. Plus, all the junk on cable t.v. - now THAT is disgusting. Have you turned on MTV or VH1 lately? We finally turned cable off in our house for this very reason... it's sickening.

Since you're not offering any help or condolences for this family, why not just shut up? Are you trying to raise kids/teens in your own home right now?

Never had it, or satellite either. I will NEVER pay to watch tv. Ever.

Let's hear it from all those folks who don't support securing the Southern Border!

what happened to you being a "good Christian" and therefore non-judgmental? Don't you think this family could use some community support and kind words right now, instead of nasty comments from bigots?

You could do with a dose of both memory & smarts--first, nowhere in any of my posts can you find where I claim to be a "good Christian", nowhere! Next, Latino is NOT a Race, but a culture. So do you now wish to proclaim to the public that you support illegal immigration? And you will also note that nowhere did I suggest that the family was here illegally--You read it that way because that's what you wanted to see.

The 2 previous astonishes me how judgmental our society has become. Do either of you know this young lady? Do either of you know the circumstances that lead up to this incident? Do either of you realize there is a family out there tonight who are worried sick about their daughter, sister, niece...etc? Before you stand on your pedestal of supremacy, perhaps you should think about the reason for this holiday season and send your prayers out to this family and this young lady. It doesn’t matter the reason how she disappeared…that is for the sheriff to figure out…it is up to us as a community to gather around and support her family at this time.

So you surface to comment on something you also know nothing about. Family? What does the article say about that? "Pedestal of Supremacy"? Where do you see anything like that? What a trite phrase that may impress someone but not most of the readers here. I'm sure most posters here are hopeful for her safe recovery, but you just can't dismiss the known facts here. Perhaps the Unknown facts will tell us more about what happened--but I'm guessing you will never know "why".

There was no callousness shown to her family.

And some of us don't need to know the 12 year old girl in question to know she shouldn't be "dating" a 20 year old man.

One would hope by now the girl is home with her family but that is not always the case in these situations.

A lovely 12 year old young lady is missing from our community and we should all be on the lookout for her. Unfortunately the photo included with this story, taken from Isabeth's Facebook page, hides her face in shadow and does not help our citizens with any type of identification. Mr. Nelms, will you please exchange this photo for the school picture being used by the,,, etc. Her school photo is far more reflective of Isabeth's appearance. Thank you.

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I do hope NCMEC has been contacted.

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