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Armed robbers hit Tyrone AT&T store

Tyrone Police responded to an armed robbery Thursday morning at the AT&T store at Carriage Oaks Drive and Ga. Highway 74. The store manager was the only person in the store at the time of the robbery and was left uninjured after the four perpetrators left with phones and cash.

Tyrone Police Sgt. Eric DeLoose said the armed robbery occurred around 10 a.m. as the manager was opening the store. DeLoose said three men described as black males essentially followed the manager into the store. A fourth person, possibly a female, soon joined the three in the store.

DeLoose said one of the men, wearing a hoodie pulled over his face, brandished a shotgun and demanded phones and money. The four subsequently left the store on foot. It is currently unknown if the four had a vehicle positioned nearby.

DeLoose said the store manager was unharmed in the incident. The only description available indicated that the four were dressed in dark clothing and jeans.

Anyone with information pertaining to this crime is asked to contact Tyrone Police at 770-487-4732.



ctcollins's picture

I will give you 100 to 1 odds, It is more Clayton County Thugs,Trash,Scum!
Any bets?

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Nuf said

Live free or die!

ctcollins's picture

I never commented on the color of their skin, thank you, And my niece, which is like my own daughter to me is half African American, And so are several are my closest friends African American, So when you have NO clue what your talking about, Keep you FAT MOUTH SHUT!

Thank heavens the manager is safe. I hope the Tyrone Police get these thugs off the streets. 10:am - that's frightening. There is no time and no place where one feels 'safe' anymore. Sad.

Liferfrom65's picture

Collins is a countyist not a racist. This is why we stay armed at all times, you just never know when it's going to happen.

I stay armed at all times. I don't care what color your skin. I will defend myself.

kimberlyinptc's picture

Why do people assume that black people only come from Clayton or Fulton County?? Have you check the demographics of Tyrone lately, or North Fayetteville?? Clayton County IS here now...get real. These thugs probably left the store and walked across the street to the neighborhood behind Publix to go home :/ Wake up people.

I grew up in Dekalb & Clayton counties and neither are worth living in now. Please folks, support your police, serve on a jury when called, vote in no-nonsense law enforcing politicians and hold on for the ride because even if you do all of the above, my experience says its about to get bumpy in Fayette now .... oh joy.

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