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PTC trims cost of new fire truck after bids come in high

When bids for a new fire engine came in at $20,000 over Peachtree City’s budgeted amount, there was a decision to be made.

Instead of asking the City Council for more money, the committee of personnel who developed the specifications went back to the drawing board with a scalpel. They cut or scaled back items from the vehicle to get several thousand dollars below the budgeted amount.

The city will pay $506,232 for the new pumper-rescue truck, with the remaining $7,000 in savings needed to add tools, equipment and the radio system for the truck.

Councilman Eric Imker commended the department for bringing the project back down to the budgeted amount set aside by the city.

The winning bid was from Rosenbauer/Central States, a brand already in use by the city. It will take about 295 days for the vehicle to be delivered once the bid is awarded.

The bid was unanimously approved by the City Council last week at a special called meeting.


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