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N. Fayette man assaults pregnant wife with 6 children present

A north Fayette County man was arrested Dec. 22 after a domestic incident with his pregnant wife and in the presence of their six underage children.

Stanley L. Savage, 54, was charged with battery, simple battery and six counts of cruelty to children, according to arrest reports. The Dec. 22 incident occurred at Savage’s Dix-Lee-On Drive residence off Ga. Highway 279 in north Fayette County, according to reports.

Fayette sheriff’s deputies arrived at the residence at approximately 6:45 p.m. in response to a domestic disturbance. Deputies said that Savage’s wife told them her husband had attacked her, thrown her into a wall multiple times and pinned her to the wall by her neck for confronting him about choking her 6-year-old daughter, reports said.

Reports noted that the victim said she is pregnant and that the assault took place in front of her six children, all juveniles.

Asked where her husband was, the woman said she did not know, adding that there were guns in the house and that her husband had stated “somebody’s gonna die” when she told him she had called police. The woman also told deputies that Savage was depressed, that she feared he was suicidal and that she was afraid for the safety or herself and her children, reports said.

Deputies called out to Savage, but he initially refused to make himself known.

“At one point I heard a loud metallic sound that sounded like someone had chambered a round in a weapon,” the report said. “After yelling for several minutes, Mr. Savage came out of a side room. He was very passive-aggressive and condescending when he spoke.”

Savage initially denied having a firearm on his person, the report said, but subsequently told deputies he had a pistol in his front pocket once he was informed that he was being placed under arrest, according to the report.

Savage in comments to deputies said he had only spanked the child and never touched his wife. The report indicated that Savage had scratches on his right hand and that his wife had bruises on both arms and was complaining of neck pain. She was transported for medical care, reports said.


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