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South PTC Kroger to expand

City permission needed due to size restrictions

The Kroger Company is planning to undertake a significant expansion of its Braelinn store in south Peachtree City.

Kroger wants to add 42,800 square feet of space and renovate the entire store at the same time, according to City Planner David Rast. Once all the dust is settled on the work, the store will have grown from its current 66,000 square feet to more than 109,000 square feet.

To accomplish the growth, the store will take over space from the stores on either side of the grocer, both of which will be relocated to vacant space in the Braelinn Village shopping center, Rast said.
“They are making a big investment,” Rast said.

The store opened in 1990. But thanks to modern-day regulations on the size of commercial buildings, Kroger must get a special use permit from the City Council before the project can begin.
The planning commission is expected to consider the permit at its Jan. 14 meeting with consideration by council in February.

By moving the existing tenants currently next door to Kroger, it will help fill otherwise empty space at the shopping center, Rast noted.

In addition to the special use permit, Kroger is also seeking permission to encroach into a floodplain to expand the facility at the rear somewhat, Rast said.



I look forward to it...

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How long will it take our favorite elected blogger to claim credit?

I could see him being against it.

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When the shopping center, DAPC (remember them, dissolved by those you are backing?) and I were working on the center's renovation this expansion was brought up. We all supported it and told them to go for it.

Completely their idea.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Less than 2 hours!

42,000 square foot addition isn't going to help the fact that it's still Kroger.

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Why didn't they do this when the shopping center was renovated?! Kinda dumb ...

from what I heard, it was the other way around. Kroger told the management of the shopping center that they would not spend any money on an expansion or remodel until the management of the center spent money on remodeling the exterior of what was a very run down shopping center. As a result of that, they are now willing to spend some money to expand and remodel inside.

Go figure. If they had come up with a plan together, The Shopping Center Group would have benefitted for the last 2 years with more rent from Kroger for a larger store they could have designed back then and Kroger could have been making more profit from a larger store for the last 2 years.

Seems no one wants to work together for the common good, plan ahead and do things more economically to ultimately make more money for all. Sounds kind of familiar, doesn't it?

That Kroger wanted to make sure that the resources were in place, and that the remodel was successful before devoting a substantial amount of money on this store. I am glad they are moving forward.

and remodel was successful? Please explain.

From their perspective, the remodel has been a nightmare for the last 2 years. They royally screwed up the parking lot by adding the gas station and the roundabouts that do nothing except take away from what was up-close much needed parking. They lost interior space they used to have before to store the shopping carts. They lost the walk-up pharmacy window (keeping many sick people out of the store). The lack of golf cart parking and handicap parking and parking in general has added to the many negatives of the parking lot configuration.

Not to mention, the interior of that store has the worst looking interior of any grocery store in PTC for the last 2 years. The temperature in the last aisle to get dairy and beer is cold enough to chip ice off your #$%^ in the winter.

If you ask store management, I bet they would tell you they have spent 2 years fending off complaints about lack of everything. Product, parking, lighting, shelving, closed door coolers, wide aisles and variety of choice.

Many of the exterior problems will become worse with more traffic coming into a bigger store.

This encroachment into the wetlands in the back is a concern. There is a cart path back there that is a major traffic route. I don't want to lose that and have to go thru the parking lot instead.

No one is talking about the huge truck tire ruts in the first roundabout bed that is such an eyesore. How many more truck deliveries will be coming thru and are they all using the other entrance now? (Obviously, someones isn't using it as they should) If not, get that issue resolved first.

I'm sure everyone is glad they are moving forward. I am, too. I do see a lot of lost opportunities from lack of action 2 years ago.

As long as it is not Wednesday. :)

Stop signs. I have watched many to the right of my entrance come to a full stop with an empty roundabout in front of them. If they would remove those imaginary stop signs, could save some sign money, too.

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I just hope that they can add a few more roundabouts and bumpy sidewalks while they're at it!

Have you been there in the last few days? They are filling in the clay mud beds between the parking lot and walkway. Probably with more bumps! Mud or bumps? Decisions, decisions...

Why should Kroger want to expand? They already suffer from lack of staffing and, with a few exceptions, employees who are clueless or just don't care.

Yes the roundabouts and bumpy side walks; i have complained since they finished the remodel about these side walks, if you have eggs for example, be prepared to eat a few when you get home because you either take your cart into the roadway or go down a bump sidewalk, because the front of the store on the Dollar store side is always full of seasonal merchandise, therefore that way is not passable. OK while I am on my soapbox lets have some enforcement of disability parking. I watch an unfortunate gentleman try to figure out how to get his wheelchair in his van because one of PTC's more inteligent teens parked her golf cart in the striped area used for his wheel chair ramp. I used my key and moved the cart to a legal space so this gentleman could get out of the cold and be on his way.

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