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A Thanksgiving snapshot

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On Thanksgiving Day, my wife and I had 14 people at our house, including us. Two of my three sons, a granddaughter and her fiance, my middle son’s fiance, four younger granddaughters, and three older grandsons were on hand to eat and celebrate the holiday.

The card in the mail

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I opened the rather official looking envelope last Monday with a bit of caution. Anytime I receive an envelope from a branch of the federal government it is always accompanied by a sense of anxiety. Carefully, I opened it up and there it was staring back at me, mocking me, gloating at me.

The merchants of misery

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I became angry last week. Really, really angry. That’s unusual for me. Over the years I have tried to learn what is important and what is not, in what to invest emotional energy and when not, and what is worth my anger and what is not. But a headline in local newspapers caught me off guard.

The greatness of a nation

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When I was a student at East Tennessee State University, the professor of American History said that he was a believer of the “open gate theory.” He said that “When the gate of a nation is open, do the people run into the country or do they run out?” “This,” he said, “is the measure of the greatn

Parallel play

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In her book, “Kitchen Table Wisdom,” Dr. Rachel Remen tells the true account of a father and son who used to go mountain climbing together. Once they began their ascent, all conversation ceased. It was the same after they reached the summit and descended by another route.


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