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Rewriting history again

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So what do Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol Empire; Michelangelo, painter of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel; Napoleon Bonaparte, self-crowned emperor of France; and George Washington, one of the founding fathers and first president of the United States, all have in common?

Smudge-proof Black Friday

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After 10 years in our dream home, The Wife and I find that we must now suddenly move out. It wasn’t our idea; we were happy. Packing and moving everything over the holidays is less than perfect, but it’s all for a good cause. There’s a family who needs our home more than we do.

Old-fashioned table manners

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My Grandpa Jed used to say, “Don’t know what the world’s coming to. Young folks today don’t follow rules. Think they can do anything they want.” I always thought he was talking about us kids. Nope, come to find out he was actually talking about his kid. That rule breaker would be my Dad.

The universal truth

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If everyone in the world would acknowledge one universal truth, life would be better for everyone. Unfortunately, some go their entire lives without knowing what this truth is. Not knowing, I believe, accounts for a lot of needless pain and sorrow in this world.

The vegetarian elephant

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It just doesn’t make any sense. But then again, a lot of things in this world don’t make sense to me. How can elephants grow to be the largest land animals in the world by only eating vegetables?

Here’s a better question, why are gorillas so strong eating just vegetables and fruit?

Writer's block

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Writer’s block

I knew one day it would happen. After 14 years and over 700 columns, something that strikes fear into this writer has finally arrived at our house: Writer’s block.

World's wealthiest man

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I limped into my annual physical yesterday, and my answers to a few of the doctor’s questions left him shaking his head. Don’t worry; this story really isn’t about my physical. It’s about Briarwood High School, home of the Mighty Buccaneers. So how do you connect the two?

Soapbox goes to D.C.

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Last week, the soapbox traveled to the council meeting in our zombie-infested small town. I went along too. After all, someone had to carry the soapbox and fight off all those slow moving non-thinkers: the zombies — not the council members.


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