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A bedtime story

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The bedtime routine had been well planned by yours truly. Guaranteed not to fail. Round up kids, quick bathroom stop, then kids in bedroom, read story, lights out, and kids go to sleep. Well planned, guaranteed, and simple. Then stillness of quiet would once again descend upon our house.

A lifetime ago yesterday

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A lifetime ago just yesterday, I got a haircut. It changed my outlook on life. Odd that something so simple and routine could do such a thing, but this was no ordinary trim. For you see, this time in the barber chair was another person sitting with me.

Swamp water soup

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“So what’s for dinner?” It was the battle cry Mom fielded about a thousand times every day. And Mom Math was the same back on Flamingo Street as it is now. Ask a question 10 times and moms will say it has been asked a thousand.

I can do that

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I can do that. It’s been my battle cry all my life. If something needs to be done and I don’t know how to do it, then let the learning begin! It’s a great challenge to learn how to do something you know nothing about, and trust me, I know nothing about most things.

A snowball’s chance

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There’s a heat dome covering the South. Clear blue skies means another day without rain. The once lush soft green grass has now all turned crunchy brown. There’s no rain in sight. This will go down as the hottest July on record. Could the global warming myth actually not be a myth after all?

One pair of blue jeans

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With a simple click of a mouse, parents can now buy everything needed for their soon-to-be schoolers and have it shipped right to their front door. To say things have changed in the last 50 years of shopping for back to school supplies would be an understatement.

Beach vacation preparations

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The title of this story is not “Our Beach Vacation,” and for good reason. Before one actually can dip their toes in sand, plunge into the ocean, enjoy and relax in the tranquility that only comes from the sound of waves crashing ashore, one must first make certain purchases.


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