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Tombstone talk

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When he asked it, I answered, then I laughed. The question proved that my husband, a New England bred Yankee with many years of Los Angeles influence, was morphing into a true Southerner.

I don’t want to

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As the years of Mama’s life grew long into the shadows of age, she managed to squeeze every bit of good out of growing old. She used it to get both what she wanted and to shun that which she did not want.

Hospital waiting rooms

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Over the course of many years, I have spent a lot of time in hospital waiting rooms, hoping for good news and, at the same time, dreading the bad. I can remember clearly moments of time suspended by a pounding fear resounding in my ears like a thunderous cannon firing relentlessly.

The stones of life

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The honorable Zell Miller of Young Harris, Ga., was raised by a remarkable mountain woman. Folks around those parts called her “Miss Birdie” while her son, a man who would grow up to influence Southern and national politics in a tremendous way, would always call her “Mama.”


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