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Names on a wall

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On a day that I was visiting someone in a nursing home, angels, disguised as caregivers, came in and requested that I step out while they worked. I walked down the hall, observing a life that caused me to ponder the circle of life.

Xmas on the Big River

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So it was that several years ago, I was hired to speak on a few occasions for riverboat cruises on the Mississippi. Paddle boats that hearkened back to the days of Mark Twain moved lazily yet with determined purpose through the waters of my favorite large river.

It was magical.

Learning, pondering

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Someone I didn’t know but who is a reader of this column wrote to ask a question the other day. She had just finished reading my last book and was curious to know, “When these people or situations cross your life, do you take notes of what you’re learning from them?”

Melody of our words

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It has taken a while but I have come to know that writers are shaped dramatically by the places from which we come. Those places – the ones we call home – are the underlining, unsung melody to our words. It enlivens the compositions we create.

Rebels & Yankees

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A speaking engagement in the Chattanooga area landed us within a few minutes of Chickamauga, the site of one of the Civil War’s bloodiest battles, so I insisted that we take a side trip to the historic battlefield. Since we lost the war, I have to celebrate our victorious battles.


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