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Tim Tebow

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I have noted that the Atlanta Falcons have their season opening this weekend, against the  Philadelphia Eagles. It will do so without the prospect the Eagles added this spring as a third quarterback, albeit it was on the practice squad only for five months.

Parallel play

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In her book, “Kitchen Table Wisdom,” Dr. Rachel Remen tells the true account of a father and son who used to go mountain climbing together. Once they began their ascent, all conversation ceased. It was the same after they reached the summit and descended by another route.

A personal psalm reminds us of a personal God

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Back in the old days, when trains were a primary means of transportation, a family set out to visit relatives across the country. They had to spend the night on the train, but discovered that their compartment didn’t have room for their young daughter. So they set her up in the next compartment.


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