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Your cry out to God this Friday can make an impact

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I was visiting with a prospect recently and invited him to church. I told him I was beginning a sermon series entitled “Fourth and Long: Hard Core Faith for Perilous Times,” from the book of Habakkuk.

“Habakkuk,” he replied, “I’m not familiar with that one.”

Earrings and hair

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It happened many years ago when my toddler niece, Nicole, grabbed a gold hoop earring dangling from my ear and gave it a good yank which ripped my pierced ear. When huge, heavy earrings made their debut in the 1990s, I was wore the biggest, heaviest ones I could find.

A bedtime story

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The bedtime routine had been well planned by yours truly. Guaranteed not to fail. Round up kids, quick bathroom stop, then kids in bedroom, read story, lights out, and kids go to sleep. Well planned, guaranteed, and simple. Then stillness of quiet would once again descend upon our house.

Are we ready for ‘my brother’s pregnancy’?

I am a Baby Boomer who grew up with Time magazine. From before I was born it arrived at our home every week. We were subscribers, and I devoured every issue. Time was solid — carefully researched and cogently written. When I read the magazine I was educated, not indoctrinated.


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