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Peachtree City UPDATES - Week of January 10, 2011

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The weather outside is frightful, but a big thank you to the crews (Public Works & Public Safety) out working on this snow day. Peachtree City offices are closed today, and following the holidays, Wednesday will be a busy Municipal Court day, so remember that online payment is an option. Also a golf cart safety reminder

Winter Weather Notice – City Offices & Facilities Closed
Due to the dangerous driving conditions, City offices and facilities are closed today (Monday, January 10), and the Planning Commission meeting for tonight has been canceled. Check for updates for Tuesday, January 11.

Traffic ticket in PTC? You can pay ahead or online by Tuesday at Noon
Anyone who receives a citation for Peachtree City Municipal Court certainly has the right to their day in court. However, most tickets can also be paid in advance or online if the defendant was planning to plead “guilty.” Payment in advance must be completed before 1:00 p.m. on the Tuesday prior to the court date on the citation. Online payment options are Master Card or Visa (credit or debit). The Court Office accepts cash, personal check, Master Card, or Visa. Visit for more information about Peachtree City Municipal Court or to make an online payment.

Golf Cart Safety Reminder – Headlights required when operating in the dark
When we can get out and about on the paths again, and when schools reopen, please remember that headlights are required for golf carts operating before sunrise and after sunset, whether on the paths or on roadways. It is especially difficult for automobile drivers to see carts dropping off children at bus stops, making the use of headlights even more important.

January 6 Council Meeting Video - Technology is great, unless . . .
Peachtree City uses the free technology available through Livestream to broadcast City Council Meetings and provide them on demand. Unfortunately, the Livestream technology failed us for having the January 6 meeting available for on-demand viewing (the meeting did broadcast live). There is also a skip in the audio recording, but the audio that is available is available on the site at Draft minutes for the meeting should be ready to include in the January 20 City Council Meeting Packet. IT Staff is working on solutions to try to improve this process in the future.

2011 Senior Homestead Exemption – Registration Underway
Peachtree City is once again accepting the annual applications for the Senior Homestead Exemption. Qualifying seniors (65 or older earning $30,000 or less in household income) must apply each year for the exemption. The registration card, available at City Hall, must be submitted by Tuesday, March 1. Seniors who have not completed their taxes by that date will have until Friday, April 22, to bring in proof of 2010 income. Fore more information, please visit , email Betsy Tyler at , or call 770-487-7657.

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