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Peachtree City UPDATES - Week of April 19

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Peachtree City – California?
Don’t question your eyesight next week if you think you spot a California State flag flying at City Hall.

The flag will be raised for approximately two hours for a scheduled photo shoot, and then the Georgia and Peachtree City flags will be returned to their regular positions.
Traffic Notice – Change on left turns at Highway 54/74
Last week, west-bound drivers who frequently go through the Highway 54/74 intersection may have noticed a change. Drivers turning left (south) onto Highway 74 could previously turn intermittently as eastbound traffic allowed on a solid green signal.  All left turns are now on green arrow only.  This change was made by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Summer Camps Galore!
The Peachtree City Recreation Department has set up a whole page for the range of summer camps that will be available.   Art, sports, adventure, and more, with age ranges from 3 years old to 14.  Visit to plan your summer!
Teen CERT this summer
The PTC Police Department will hold a Teen Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) class the week of June 14 - 18, 8:00 a.m. to noon each day.  This hands-on class will cover emergency preparedness, fire suppression, medical operations, CPR, light search and rescue, and moulage.  The week culminates with a full scale disaster exercise where the students can put the skills they’ve learned into practice.  There is no cost to participate.  The class is open to all students age 13 to 17.  Applications can be picked up at the Peachtree City Police Department or by following the Teen CERT link at
Question of the Week –  Does Peachtree City allow neighborhood soliciting/peddling? Peachtree City requires any business going door to door in neighborhoods to obtain a daily Solicitor’s Permit from the Peachtree City Police Station.  Recently, residents have reported a growing number of home repair and roofing contractors going door to door.  Please be sure to ask to see their Solicitor’s Permit.  Contractors should also be registered with the State of Georgia, and be sure they have adequate insurance. 


On the photo shoot, who is doing the photo shoot and why? Is the city making money on this? More info, please.

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Hi, Jevank - good question (I had a couple others email me on the same issue).

This is actually a shoot for a local video production company that needs footage with the CA flag flying. They've rented several other facilities in Fayette and Coweta (both private property and City facilities), and brought in a lot of good business to the area.

We are not charging them for this - there is no established rental fee for the plaza, just the refundable clean-up deposit.

I published a notice because a lot of folks here are from CA, and I thought we might get a lot of calls if people just noticed the (brief) change with no warning.


Betsy Tyler
Public Information Officer/City Clerk
City of Peachtree City

Why, I thought no one would notice or care!

By the way next week Louisiana is constructing a rather large destroyed slum on Drake Field for a few weeks of shooting. They will clean up after.

Can't tell you what is going on right now, or ever.

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It was not much of a surprise that the Peachtree City Council on Oct. 1 unanimously denied a variance request to reduce the 50-foot buffer on four residential lots along Robinson Road.

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Writer’s block I knew one day it would happen. After 14 years and over 700 columns, something that strikes fear into this writer has finally arrived at our house: Writer’s block.


Fayette Senior Services will host “Modern Day Sherlock” Tuesday, Nov. 3, 10-11 a.m. at its Fayetteville location (The Life Enrichment Center, 4 Center Drive).


Starr's Mill, Northgate and East Coweta are all unbeaten at the midpoint of the football season after their wins Friday night. Northgate is 6-0 while the other two teams are 5-0.


The Centre for Performing & Visual Arts, 1523 Lower Fayetteville Road in Newnan, hosts The United States Army Band & Soldier’s Chorus for a complimentary concert Sunday, Nov.