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Peachtree City UPDATES - Special Friday, May 27, Notice

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Storm Damage, Cart Decals, Alligators, and more . . .

Storm Damage / Power Outages
The power companies are aware of and working on power outages due to last night’s storm, which knocked down a lot of trees in Peachtree City. They indicate it may be tonight before all power is restored.

The Recycling Center on Rockaway Road is open TODAY (Friday) and will be open 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. on Saturday to accept storm debris.

Report trees blocking City paths by calling Public Works at 770-487-5183. Please provide the path number from the nearest yellow decal if possible.

Golf Cart Decal Replacement Begins June 1
Every five years, Peachtree City issues new decals for golf carts. This year, 2011, is one of those years. Peachtree City expects delivery of the new white decals on June 1. All carts using Peachtree City paths (except for those carts owned by Tyrone residents and registered in Tyrone) must replace decals by October 1, 2011. On June 1, residents will be able to order decals online, mail in their registration and payment ($12), or obtain decals at City Hall. The City will be sending out notices to residents over the next five months reminding residents of the need to replace the yellow decals to stagger registration periods so our 10,000 golf cart owners will not all be trying to register at the same time. Due to the incredible efficiency of our mailing service and the Postal Service, part of Peachtree City has already received their renewal letter and has begun contacting City Hall – we apologize for the delay, but will have the decals available and the online registration up and running June 1. All registrants will also receive a complimentary copy of the new street and path map with their $12 decal purchase.

Wildlife Safety Alert – Water Moccasins and Foxes and Bears and . . . Alligators?? Oh, My!
Peachtree City’s acres of wooded greenbelts, streams, lakes, and ponds provide habitat for a wide variety of local wildlife. Residents should always use caution and be aware that wild animals should be left alone. Several local natives can also carry rabies, including bats, skunks, raccoons, and foxes.
Coyotes can prey on smaller dogs and cats. Some local snakes, such as water moccasins, are poisonous. We even had a black bear migrate through town a few years ago. Now an alligator has been confirmed in a Fayette County pond, and another one has been reported in Lake Kedron.

While the City works with Fayette County and State officials to confirm and locate the alligator in Lake Kedron, residents who live or play near any of Peachtree City’s lakes or ponds and along the paths are reminded of the following wildlife safety tips that apply year-round:

• Leave wildlife alone when you encounter it.
Never feed wild animals. It reduces their natural fear of humans. Keep garbage cans covered with secured lids, and do not leave pet food containers outside at night. Even bird feeders can attract mice, which can attract predators such as foxes.
• Make sure pets have the mandated rabies vaccines and keep them up to date.
• If you see a normally nocturnal creature (bat, skunk, raccoon, or fox) wandering around in the daytime, avoid it.
• If your pet is attacked and bitten by a wild animal, immediately take it to the veterinarian.
• If a wild animal approaches you or acts aggressively, call 9-1-1.

An estimated 200,000 alligators live in Georgia, but they are rarely seen this far north in the state. Some additional tips that are widely published in areas that are frequented by alligators include:
Do not feed alligators – and do not leave bait or fishing debris out in the open because it can attract alligators. Alligators only become dangerous when they lose their fear of humans.
• If you swim in streams or in Lake Peachtree (swimming is prohibited in Lake Kedron), swim only during daylight hours.
• Pay attention when out on the paths. Avoid vegetation-filled areas along streams, lakes, and other bodies of water that can host alligators and a variety of wildlife.
• Closely watch children near water. Never allow small children to play unattended near water - watch them closely at all times. Wild animals are not the only hazards, and a small child can drown quickly.
• Keep an eye on pets. Don't let your dog swim in waters where you know alligators may be, and keep pets away from the shores of lakes and out of dense undergrowth along the paths and in yards – these areas can harbor snakes and other animals dangerous to your pet, which will be naturally curious about anything unusual that it may find.
• If you see the alligator in Lake Kedron, leave it alone. Make sure it is not a log. If it is really an alligator, please report its location to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Game Management Division in Fort Valley: 1-478-825-6354. If the alligator acts aggressively (hissing, approaching humans or animals), call 911 immediately.
Don’t panic – Florida has the highest incidence of alligator “encounters” in the United States, and a person in Florida has a higher chance of being struck by lightning than being attacked by an alligator.

For more information on wildlife in Georgia, including alligators, please visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Management page at

Vote Peachtree City as “Most Patriotic”
Randy McNally and USA Today extended their “Best of the Road” voting through Monday, May 30, so if you have not had a chance, please visit, register, and vote for Peachtree City as “Most Patriotic.” Peachtree City is currently in 4th place out of 85 towns (but still well behind the 600+ votes for Clarksville, TN).

Memorial Day Driving Safety - Buckle Up, Slow Down, and Designate a Sober Driver
The PTC Police are participating in Georgia’s “100 Days of Summer H.E.A.T. (Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic.)” speed and DUI enforcement campaign, which began May 23 and focuses on the heavy summer travel period from Memorial Day through the Fourth of July and Labor Day. May 23 also kicked off the “Click It or Ticket” program, which runs from May 23 through June 5 and targets seatbelt use. The PTC Police will conduct various coordinated enforcement details over the entire 100 Days of Summer H.E.A.T. campaign, targeting unsafe driving impaired driving, improper safety belt use, and speeding.

Peachtree City Memorial Day Remembrance on Monday
Peachtree City will hold its annual Memorial Day remembrance on Monday, May 30. Join the Kiwanis Club for coffee at The Gathering Place at 7:30 a.m. prior to the golf cart procession to City Hall, which starts at 8:30. The official program at the City Hall Veterans Memorial begins at 9:00 a.m., with guest speaker Roy E. Mooney, a survivor of Pearl Harbor. The event will also feature patriotic music and a collection of “Cell Phones for Soldiers.” For details, visit

Glenloch Pool Opens Saturday
The Glenloch Pool on Stevens Entry will open on Saturday, May 28 for the summer season (closes Sunday, August 7). Pool hours will be Monday – Friday, 1:00-7:00 p.m.; Saturday, 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.; and Sunday, 1:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. The City contracts with USA Pools to manage the Pebble Pocket and Clover Reach Pools for lessons and pool rentals. For lessons or reservations, contact USA Pools at 770-631-8552.

Don’t Forget . . .

All American 5K Run/Walk – Saturday, May 28, 8:00 a.m., at the Frederick Brown, Jr. Amphitheater. The PTC Running Club is hosting this Run/Walk/Phantom in honor of Ashley Kurpiel. All application fees and donations will go directly to the International FOP Association to help find a cure for this rare disease. Download applications at or register online at Participants will receive an All-American race T-shirt and an American flag to start the Memorial Day Weekend celebrations.

Memorial Day – City Offices Closed – Monday, May 30. City administrative offices, the Library, The Gathering Place, and Kedron Fieldhouse, will be closed on Monday, May 30. Kedron pools will be open from 1:00 – 6:00 p.m. Next week’s Peachtree City UPDATES will be published on Tuesday, May 31.


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The DNR agent visited Lake Kedron on Thursday and did NOT see an alligator (I've named him "Ronnie" because he's in Lake Ked"RON" - willing to revise if someone has a better idea, or if someone finds him and he tells us his real name). They ask anyone who sees Ronnie to try to get a photograph to help them document his existence and determine the next step.

Betsy Tyler
Public Information Officer/City Clerk
City of Peachtree City

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