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Peachtree City UPDATES Week of July 12, 2010

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Best Places to Live, Cell Towers, & Gasoline Golf Carts

CNN Best Places for 2010
If you’ve checked the Best Places to Live for 2010 (as rated by CNN/Money Magazine) and are wondering where Peachtree City is, we were not eligible this year. Peachtree City ranked in the top 100 in 2007, and in the top 10 in 2005 and 2009, when the publication rated cities with populations lower than 50,000. In even numbered years, the publication rates cities with a population between 50,000 and 300,000, so Peachtree City was not in consideration for 2010. View the 2010 criteria and Best Places list at .

City Council meets Thursday, July 15 – Budget Hearing, Cell Towers
The agenda includes the public hearing for the FY 2011 Budget and amendments to the City’s Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Ordinance, along with several Zoning Ordinance changes to support the cell tower ordinance change (eliminating towers in OS-C Open Space – Conservation zoning and changing towers from a permitted use to a conditional use in LI Light Industrial, GI General Industrial, and OS-P Open Space-Public. Council will also discuss the possible expansion of The Gathering Place and a bond referendum to finance the construction. The public is welcome, and the complete agenda can be viewed at . The meeting will also be streamed live and available on-demand at .

Council Looks at Eliminating Gasoline Golf Carts
Peachtree City’s ordinance currently allows both gasoline and electric-powered golf carts on our paths and public streets. The Mayor and Council will consider a ban on the registration of new gas golf carts at the August 5, 2010, City Council meeting. They have asked staff to draft ordinance verbiage that includes grandfathering gasoline carts already registered and eliminating all gasoline carts on Peachtree City’s streets and paths by 2020.

Did you know? Police Department Mustang
During the Independence Day Parade, many of you saw the 2007 Mustang GT Police Vehicle for the first time. Did you know that the Police Department was awarded this vehicle by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in 2008? One of the best parts of this award is that no City tax dollars were used to purchase the vehicle or most of the equipment inside. The Mustang has been used for traffic enforcement, safety presentations, and is currently assigned to the D.A.R.E Officer, Paul Smilley, for use at the schools. When children see the car, they are interested in all of the equipment and begin to ask questions, giving Cpl. Smilley a great opportunity to engage them in real conversations during educational presentations.


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On Thursday, July 15, the Peachtree City Mayor & Council has several items on the agenda relating to cell towers (Wireless Telecommunications Facilities). The first is a new ordinance governing new telecommunications facilities and support structures in general, and there are four zoning ordinance changes proposed to further clarify which zoning districts new telecommunications facilities and support structures can be located within. Staff is proposing to change the towers from a permitted use to a conditional use in LI Light Industrial, GI General Industrial, and OS-P Open Space-Public, and to eliminate cell towers completely from OS-C Open Space-Conservation.

Last night (July 12), the Peachtree City Planning Commission voted to approve the changes to the specific zoning ordinances but continued discussion on the ordinance pertaining to cell towers to August 9. The Commission has asked Council to continue that item to their August 19 meeting to allow the City Attorney to review concerns from the cell tower companies.

No specific cell towers or cell tower locations are being considered at this time. The City of Peachtree City has a 90-day moratorium on cell tower applications that the Planning Commission has asked Council to continue until the new ordinance is finalized.

Betsy Tyler
Public Information Officer/City Clerk
City of Peachtree City

I can't imagine what it would sound like if they were all gas.

I understand grandfathering in the old ones...

and I can't imagine what it would sound like WITHOUT them.

Oh, wait, how about quiet?

How about what it would smell like WITHOUT them?

Oh, wait, what about fresh and clean?

And yes, grandfather in the gas ones.

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Whats with the proposed ban on gas golf carts? There are so few of them how can they be a nuisance of such magnitude they need to be outlawed? The city doesn't need to take these kind of measures without an identified real need. A few people saying they are yukky is not a real need. Gas carts are noisy but not THAT noisy and if maintained do not have an exhaust that is noticeable.

Where did this proposal come from? What was the justification?

I hate those gas-powered golf carts too, but I agree with SPQR. Even the people who are grandfathered in will have to take a loss on their carts because resale will no longer be a viable option.

Does the city council have to discuss and debate every citizen complaint? A little common sense goes a long way.

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