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Whom I voted for, and why

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I early-voted last week. Here are my votes for the most important electoral choices on the Republican ballot (reasons follow):

School board Post 1 — Barry Marchman

School board Post 2 — Mary Kay Bacallao

U.S. Congress 3rd District — Kent Kingsley


Why most important? The school system has been run into a fiscal ditch by a willful majority on the Board of Education and the system’s superintendent. (See a letter to the editor from the two on the board who have tried to mitigate the train wreck.)

The school system receives 64 percent of all local taxes collected in Fayette County — $86 million out of $133.86 million paid by all Fayette taxpayers. It is the largest spender in all of local government. And board members Janet Smola and Terri Smith and their third vote (currently the appointee Leonard Presberg) have spent like drunken Democrats.

And I think our current representative, Lynn Westmoreland, is just marking time — while keeping his finger planted on the “NO” vote button — until his buddy, Gov. Nathan Deal, appoints him to an open U.S. Senate seat created by the “unexpected” resignation of one of our two distinguished senators.

Hollowell the ‘stealth’ man

If you like how Smola and Smith have run the school board, you should vote for Scott Hollowell, the “stealth” candidate. You’ll get more of the same if Hollowell is elected.

Hollowell defers all public questions that attempt to nail down his actual positions by telling the questioner to call him and have a private conversation.

The private conversation never gets reported, allowing Hollowell to deceive the electorate like Barack Obama did in 2008. Like Obama, Hollowell is a blank slate upon which any voter may project his/her aspirations, but without actually revealing what his real position is, he remains a hollow candidate.

Hollowell seems to have led folks in Brooks and Tyrone (his district) to hope that his heart lies with their dreams of keeping their old, expensive schools open as “centers of their community” while never actually saying that he will vote that way. He also seems to be positioning himself to be the teachers’ union rep on the board.

Hollowell may be a really nice guy personally, but he is a truly slippery candidate, and his intent is to parry all attempts to pin him down to discover what his real agenda is. He’s easily the most chameleon-like candidate since Jack Smith. He’s got an agenda, but he ain’t telling the rest of us. Like Nancy Pelosi’s ObamaCare bill, you’ll have to elect him first to find out what he really stands for.

I don’t trust him, and I think neither should you.

Is Griffin a Smith stalking horse?

For Post 2, who is Gary Griffin anyway? He lives in Brooks, near Post 2 incumbent Terri Smith. You remember Terri Smith — the supposed Republican who switched to a Democrat banner during qualifying week.

Griffin was asked, essentially, Are you a stalking horse to muddy the GOP race to enable Smith to have a free run in November, no matter how many votes she might get? Griffin denied that he would drop out afterwards if he won the Republican nomination, but it makes you wonder, why would that thought even enter anybody’s head? Smoke and fire kind of thing.

Mary Kay Bacallao has run for the school board before, and she presents herself as a fiscal conservative and takes definitive stands on controversial issues. She’s against the NAACP-led district voting change and in favor of every taxpayer in every part of the county having a vote on every member of the Board of Education. She’s also against the T-SPLOST boondoggle.

To be sure you get what you are voting for, I suggest voting for Mary Kay Bacallao.

Lynn eyes U.S. Senate

The odd thing is that I support a lot of Rep. Lynn Westmoreland’s positions. But after years of being on the public payroll, Lynn hasn’t proved that he can move beyond being a reliable “NO” vote to oppose the Democrats and a reliable “YES” vote on congressional pork projects.

I can’t think of a single bill of any substance that Westmoreland has authored, a single original thought that has issued from his tenure in Washington.

And I know this about Lynn: He glad-hands the politicians and power brokers in his district, but he’s not much on taking any time to respond to constituency inquiries. The only time most of us will ever hear Lynn speak is on a robo-call asking for our vote. He started out as one of us, but Lynn has left us common folk far behind.

And there is that Big Fix that may be played out in coming months. One of our two Georgia senators likely will decide to “spend more time with the family” and Gov. Deal will name Lynn to be our new U.S. senator. When the senatorial election rolls around, Lynn will be the “incumbent.”

If you don’t want Westmoreland as your equally out of touch next senator, I suggest you vote for retired military man Kent Kingsley for 3rd District congressman. Kingsley is a man of bedrock conservative principles and he will make himself known around the U.S. Capitol as something more than a comedy show caricature.

It’s time for Lynn to honor the conservative principle of term limits and get out of the way.

T-SPLOST follies

The T-SPLOST debate has been instructive. There IS a contingent of what were billed as “conservative Republicans” who really bleed Democrat when pricked about regional sales taxes.

And support for a regional sales tax has become a kind of religious test: Throw billions of new money at the burning altar of political correctness and magically dozens of out of state companies will flock here to warm themselves at our civic bonfire of vanity.

Never mind that craven state lawmakers ducked the hard vote and instead created a new layer of government and endorsed the novel concept of regional taxation without elected representation.

New depths of deception have been uncovered. Locally, the Chamber of Commerce to which I pay yearly dues came out in favor of placing a new tax on all of us. (Come to think of it, when has the local Chamber ever met a sales tax it did not like?)

They never asked me. In fact, they never asked most of the Chamber members. They could have easily polled via email every member with the straightforward question: “Should your Chamber of Commerce support the regional sales tax and recommend a ‘YES’ vote?”

The problem is — Chamber wheels knew they would not get the answer they wanted. Such a poll likely would have been overwhelmingly against the T-SPLOST.

Instead they ran an innocuous online poll that asked general questions about “concerns” about “transportation.” Then they took those “concerned” votes and morphed them into support for T-SPLOST.

I say my Chamber misrepresented me and most of their small business members with this deception.

County commission

If you vote for Jack Smith, you deserve the arrogance you will receive in return for your vote. Unless you are one of his chosen buddies, forget about him even acknowledging your presence, much less your worth. And thanks, Jack, for your T-SPLOST support.

If you vote for Lee Hearn, you will get more  — much more — like the $90,000 paving of Snead Road, a dead-end dirt road less than a half-mile long with two driveways on it.

If you vote for Robert Horgan, you’ll be forgiving his driving while toking pot arrest and conviction and you’ll be forgetting his lockstep voting record with Smith, Eric Maxwell and Hearn that gave us the great West Fayetteville Bypass.

Give somebody else a chance

I’ll always remember a great college women’s basketball coach during a close game with a winning season on the line. Frustrated at the disappointing below-par performance of his starters, he turned to the eager bench and pointed out five.

“Get in there and see what you can do,” the coach growled. The five benchwarmers sprinted in, played inspired ball, built a lead and preserved a winning season to that point.

“Get in there and see what you can do.”

That was my attitude last Wednesday when I walked up to the machine and cast my early voting ballot.

And that’s what I recommend you do as well with the current crop of candidates for the Fayette County Board of Education, the Fayette County Commission and the U.S. Congress Third District races: Bench the starters (and their clones) and unleash the eager replacements.

Let’s see what they can do. It can’t be any worse than the starters have done so far.

[Cal Beverly has been editor and publisher of The Citizen since its first issue in February 1993.]


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I hope everyone else that votes early or late sees it the way you do. I have to disagree slightly on Westmoreland, he's essentially harmless up there and I have never heard anything about Isakson or Chambliss leaving early.

But on all the other races - yes indeed!
You didn't name any of the challengers for the 3 county commission seats, implying that anyone new is better than any of the incumbents (including quasi-incumbent Jack Smith). Well, maybe so. Certainly true with Horgan and Hearn. But I sure prefer Huddleston over Barlow.

As good as your analysis was, by far the best part of today's paper was the ad on page 11. Have to view the digital version or the paper paper to truly appreciate it, but what a classic. Very creative. Doesn't really change my vote, but I always celebrate creativity.

Live free or die!

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to stop sending his campaign flyers. He spins these as though he's running against the clown in the White House.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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here are some more adjectives in line with "harmless" ineffectual, feckless,incompetent, unloaded gun it just goes on and on.

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I'm still less concerned about Westmoreland than I am about county commission. My fascination over the incumbent-sponsored ad on page A-11 of yesterday's Citizen was real, but was usurped by the flyer or insert that appeared from somewhere (maybe the mail) that was sponsored by the retired kingmaker in Whitewater Creek. This was a keeper as well. Made Smith look like a convicted felon, Hearn an inept county employee and of course the focal point - Horgan's mug shot. Both sides are trying hard and it is ugly. Entertaining, but ugly and dirty. I hope Mr. Bost consulted an attorney before printing that thing. Seems borderline libelous to me.

Speaking of ugly and dirty, Oddo's person in PTC was distributing his flyers on cars at The Avenue (which is illegal) and unfortunately the flyers were on coated paper that melts in the hot sun and sticks on the windshield (which seems counter-productive for the candidate). Still, you vote for him or you vote for the mug shot.

Live free or die!

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Because of Horgan's indiscretion, shall we say, I think Oddo would have won in a landslide had he just run as himself instead of as a package deal with Barlow and Ognio. It will be interesting to see how "guilt by association" affects his returns.

Gene Drake

How did you get a look at my 'voting cheat sheet'??

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I am a true fan, and eagerly look forward to your colorful opinions regarding our community.

The information you provided about Lynn Westmoreland is greatly appreciated. Obviously you have a source closer to the situation than the everyday voter.

And, it is always so gratifying to know that my choices and opinions are shared by someone with a greater wealth of information than myself.

As I've said before, I truly appreciate the fact that everyday citizens are given a public forum here. It gets pretty tense sometimes, and I have had to back away on many occasions. However, I am very grateful for the opportunity you provide to the challenging thoughts and ideas of Fayette citizens.

Looking at today's publication of contributions to various candidates, I see a $500.00 contribution from "Bryan Woodie" to Sheriff Hannah. If he's the same person as Major Woodie in the Sheriff's Dept, something doesn't smell right there. If I was Sheriff Hannah,I would have never accepted a contribution from an employee--I'm sure it's entirely legal but in my view, simply unethical.

Thank you! You have confirmed for me that I made ALL the correct choices by voting exactly opposite the way you have, Cal. Brilliant!

~the sky was yellow and the sun was blue~

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TSPLOST, Smith, Hearn and Horgan should all go down. It's really too bad that more people have not figured Lynn Westmoreland out.

I think many have figured Westmoreland out but until now,he hasn't had any reputable opposition.

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commenting on a public referendum ahead of time? Isn't that a no-no? Or is your dodge that it is "regional"? Or have the laws changed? Or are you doing the "private citizen" thing again?

And dissing your fellow public servants (or is it savants?) on the commission like this is certainly bad manners - at the very least.

Live free or die!

This was posted tonight on Hollowell's site by Scott himself:

<strong>Mr. Cal Beverly’s Editorial is Built on a False Foundation</strong></P>

[quote=Mark Twain]“If you don’t read the newspaper; you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper; you’re misinformed.”[/quote]

I strongly disagree with Cal Beverly’s “editorial” published in the Citizen News today, July 25th, 2012 on several points.

<strong>FACT 1:</strong> Mr. Beverly has the audacity to call me a “stealth candidate” when he is the one who is suppressing information about my campaign. Mr. Beverly emailed me a list of questions on July 12th, 2012 and I sent my responses on July 13th.

<strong><em>PROOF:</strong></em> Below is an excerpt from the email dated July 13th from Beverly and I quote him:

[quote=Cal Beverly]“For the record <strong>and for publication</strong>, please answer the following questions:”[/quote]
<strong><em>Yet to date, none of my answers to Beverly’s questions have been published.</strong></em>

<strong>FACT 2:</strong> Mr. Beverly admonishes me in his “editorial” not to be “slippery” or “evasive” when, <strong>despite multiple attempts</strong> to engage him in conversation or interviews, he never returned my calls.

<strong><em>PROOF:</strong></em> Below is an excerpt from an email dated July 25th from me to Beverly addressing his “editorial”:
[quote=Scott Hollowell]“I left 2 messages for you when I announced I was running so we would have a chance to get to know each other and you could ask me questions about my vision for the school system. You can confirm with John Munford. <strong>That is hardly the actions of an evasive candidate.</strong>

Let’s talk about this.
I can be reached at 678-788-6009

Scott Hollowell
School Board Candidate"[/quote]

<strong><em>I never heard from Mr. Beverly. I have never spoken to Mr. Beverly. To do so would be inconvenient to Mr. Beverly and the narrative he has constructed in his mind.</strong></em>

<strong>THE WHOLE STORY</strong>

Mr. Beverly has long been a champion of transparency except when he doesn't want to be transparent. A democracy works best when voters can examine the issues and make their own decisions. <strong>Mr. Beverly wants to usurp the role of the voter and just tell you what you should do.</strong>

To the best of my knowledge:

<cite>1:No sitting School Board member has said what schools they want to close and which ones they want to open and</Cite>

<cite>2:No School Board candidate has said which schools they want to close and which ones they want to remain open.</cite>

It is <strong>hypocritical for Mr. Beverly</strong> to apply this litmus test to me and not to the other candidates and especially to the current School Board members.


I am the candidate in this race who has a proven track record of supporting public education and my regular attendance at FCBOE meetings over the past three years is due to <strong>my children, both of whom I have entrusted to the Fayette Public School System.</strong>

I know that my children have benefited greatly in the public system’s care and while there are significant challenges ahead, I promise to you that<strong> I will continue to work to improve our schools so that people who have sought out other educational routes, be it private or home schooling such as Dr. Barry Marchman</strong>, will feel confident in entrusting their children to our care.

<strong>Vote Hollowell for School Board July 31st</strong>

<cite>Below please find the entire email dated July 13th with all of my responses to Beverly. I have added one clarifying comment at the end.</cite>

[quote=Scott Hollowell]Cal,
Regarding your questions – here are my responses:[/quote]

[quote=Cal Beverly]Scott, last night I received (and participated in) a telephone political survey that asked only three questions about support for the T-SPLOST, Rep. Westmoreland and you. That naturally got me curious. For the record and for publication, please answer the following questions:[/quote]

[quote=Scott Hollowell]I am also curious about the poll and I have to say I do not appreciate my name being attached to other campaign issues. I do not know who is conducting this poll but it is certainly not us. I would ask you to please share information on who has put together this poll as I have a few questions for them.

Your first two questions are moot points – it isn’t my poll. [/quote]

[quote=Cal Beverly]1. What did you or your campaign pay for this poll and who suggested it to you?

2. What implications should I draw from this interesting confluence of you plus a congressman plus a regional sales tax? Are you all getting your backing from the same pool?

3. Rumors abound that you are the Smola-backed replacement on the BoE, intended to carry on Smola-like policies and positions in the future.

So I ask you, flat out, no slippery evasions, (1) how long have you known Janet Smola, (2) have you and she or anybody connected with her had any conversations about her decision not to run again and your subsequent decision to run in her place, (3) did you vote for Smola the last election,[/quote]
[quote=Scott Hollowell]I have heard this before. It is reasonable to conclude people who would like to see Barry elected are spreading the rumor, using the Citizen blogs, as their preferred method of communication. It is a malicious rumor with no foundation in truth.

Ben Nelms has seen me attending School Board meetings for the past 3 years. I have children in the school system and am a strong advocate for an excellent public school system.

I have also been concerned about the financial issues impacting the school system from both the state and FCBOE. So I attend meetings, became an informed citizen and am running for School Board. Also I view the health of the FCBOE as a keystone for the community. I want to do everything possible to ensure we have a strong school system.

I am active in the community and frankly enjoy being a viable citizen of Fayette County. Fayette County is my home - I want to see it flourish and I want to serve as a member of the School Board. Having served on a number of committees and active in the business community, I know a lot of people – including Janet. I have no idea what “Smola-like policies and positions in the future” are – nor am I interested.

I have my own viewpoints on ways to address challenges facing the FCBOE. As far as I’m concerned, Janet served her time as an elected school board member and has chosen to step down which opens up her seat. I am running for it and hope I get elected.

I have my opinions on the issues you listed below. What I am not privy to is the information the school board had to make their decisions. You certainly have more information per Ben Nelms expertise and FCBOE insider contacts – so I’m taking your questions as you simply asking for my “opinion” not on you dissecting a “right or wrong answer” but rather you’d like to get a sense of how I view these issues. Fair enough?[/quote]

[quote=Cal Beverly](A) Settlement of the NAACP lawsuit;[/quote]
[quote=Scott Hollowell]Philosophically, I am in favor of at-large voting. I would have like to have seen the School Board coordinate a defense with the County Commissioners. However, I have not been privy to legal counsel provided to the School Board or to the County Commissioners.[/quote]

[quote=Cal Beverly](B) Appointment of Leonard Presberg to the BoE;
[/quote][quote=Scott Hollowell]Dr. Tolbert’s death created a disruption to the school board and a new representative from his district needed to be chosen by the school board members.

I heard the candidates speak at a school board meeting and thought there was good representation of citizens who had qualifying backgrounds. I do not have the information the school board had to make their choice so I really can’t say if Presberg was the best candidate. The school board voted unanimously for Presberg - clearly they felt he was the most qualified.[/quote]

[quote=Cal Beverly](C) Selection of Presberg as chairman;[/quote]
[quote=Scott Hollowell]The elected school board members chose him. You’d have to ask them. The important question for me is – do I think I can work with him. And yes, I do.

I believe an important quality to being a good community leader is the ability to work with people with different viewpoints. I believe I can work with Leonard Presberg as well as other current school board members.[/quote]

[quote=Cal Beverly](D) The future status of Tyrone Elementary School?[/quote]
[quote=Scott Hollowell]I am concerned for the welfare of Tyrone if Tyrone Elementary School closes. I think there is an important community tie into Tyrone Elementary that can’t be callously underestimated. There is also a costly septic tank issue, costs of running Tyrone Elementary and new school sitting vacant down the road. These are exactly the kind of problems I want to be elected to resolve.

It’s easy to look at Tyrone Elementary and see a financial liability but I look beyond that. I see a community that is deeply rooted into Tyrone Elementary that will be badly hurt by its closing – because I am committed to Fayette County I want to find solutions to challenges that will benefit the growth of our County. I’ve got some ideas on this – but it would be premature to discuss them without having all the facts – and those will only be available to me if elected. [/quote]

<strong><ul>INSERTED FOR CLARIFICATION</strong></ul>
I am now adding a clarifying remark about some of the criteria I would use to base a decision on school closings and the facts I don’t have.

<strong>1.Classroom Size:</strong>

I stated at the GOP debate on July 18th, Ben Nelms can confirm, that <strong>classroom size is an important criterion</strong> to me in regards to school closings. If schools are closed and students are integrated into the remaining school, how will that impact student-teacher ratios? This is of utmost concern to me because that can negatively impact the quality of our children’s education.

<strong><em>We won’t have good enrollment numbers until after school starts.</strong></em> The number of students obviously impacts the resulting classroom size.

<strong>2.A Final Proposal:</strong>

Superintendent Bearden, who must make the proposal to the Board for a vote, has not presented his final proposal.

<strong><em>I can’t comment on something that doesn’t exist.</strong></em>

<Strong><ul>GET TO KNOW THE REAL SCOTT HOLLOWELL</strong></em>

Even though I’ve been denied publication in <em>The Citizen</em>, I have been at meet and greets, debates and events throughout this county. I <strong>am </strong>the candidate in this race who has a <em>proven track record</em> of supporting public education and both of my children benefit from the Fayette County Public School System.

I know there are significant challenges ahead and I promise to you that <strong>I will continue to work to improve our schools so that people who have sought out other educational routes, be it private or home schooling such as Dr. Marchman,</strong> will feel confident in entrusting their children to our care.

<strong>Vote Hollowell for School Board July 31st</strong>

This is exactly what Mr. Beverly was informing the readers of how Mr. Hollowell has operated in this campaign. This post is from Mary H.

Unless you, Mary H., are indeed Scott Hollowell, how do we know that Hollowell made these statements? This is second hand posting.

We need to hear from Mr. Hollowell directly, not through one of his campaign workers

Dear "Smart Woman",

If you will, please direct your attention to the first sentence of the post - perhaps you missed it? You will see that <strong>the response was posted by Scott Hollowell to his facebook page.</strong>

I did not include a direct link, so I will do so below so that you can link directly from this blog to his posting on his website and facebook pages.

If you've read the response, you will see that <strong>Hollowell has made many attempts to have his opinions published in The Citizen to no avail.</strong> It is less about how Hollowell's campaign has "operated" and more about how <strong>he has been censored.</strong>

I hope these links assist you!

<strong>Hollowell Website</strong>

<strong>Vote Hollowell Facebook Page</strong>

Veritas's picture

That same "censorship"has been applied to Dr. Marchman as well as well as all candidates. No free advertising... This is why all Political information is being disseminated via Letters to the editor by supporters or bloggers. Also note no real answers , ideas. He has access to all information via open records to say he won't know until elected is disingenuous to say the least. Mr. Hollowell has been afforded the same treatment as all other candidates. Cal is entitled to his reasoning / questioning and voting just as many Hollowell supporters have done via letters to the editor. Welcome to the world of politics Mr.Hollowell:-)

First Veritas, outside of "politics" I want to say I LOVE your profile picture... it's beautiful. I'm thinking Michael Angelo - is it?

Okay, to the politics...

As to your "to say he won't know until elected is disingenuous" comment, please read his comments in the above post which notes the criteria he would need...

Where can one <strong>get enrollment numbers today for a school year that starts in August?</strong>

<em><strong>Resulting Classroom Size</strong>, as per his comments, would be a large consideration for Hollowell before voting to close any school.</em>

Who has <strong>Dr. Bearden's final proposal </strong>which will go for a vote to the School Board?

<em>I believe Dr.Todd and Marion Key requested additional information after Bearden's initial proposal which wasn't voted on...they wanted to see several other scenarios and I'm not aware that task has been completed... are you? I'd LOVE to see it if it exists.</em>

If you can get that information, or tell me where that information currently is, I'll be glad to post it on the Hollowell facebook page so that he can respond!

Take care and thanks for your civility!

Veritas's picture

Just common sense and a willingness to do the research ... Hence " Doubting Thomas".
My Avatar ..."Doubting Thomas" by italian baroque master Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio .... Not the renaissance master Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni ... Sistine Chapel , statue of David etc...
Back to you request..
Historically systems use the ninth month attendance reports from the schools. These can be found on the FCBOE system website.   
As for Bearden's proposal his first attempt was Close both Hood, Fayette Intermediate and Fayette middle ... Then open Rivers.. Really only closing two schools.That was going to be his final proposal until the Board forced him to come up with more options. As you will see all the options he has posted includes opening Rivers and closing Hood and Fayette Intermediate Which moves 750 students for no  reason and reduces savings by approximately $600,000.  This option would certainly show vision and fiduciary responsibility.
  There are now 4 options in the web page. If Mr.Hollowell 
can't figure out how to do his own analysis between these options and determine which one he sees as the most viable ..regardless of what Dr.Bearden proposes then he really is not what the system needs.   Every piece of information is readily available via the county and state websites.
See , no magic eight ball needed just leg work and common sense;-)

On a side note, as stated above, every option Bearden proposes opens Rivers ...which is not  necessary. Every option should be on the table. This shows LACK of VISION.  Also , where is the data (cost analysis) that suppports Dr.Bearden's original proposal as well as all the others?

Something tells me youshould also welcome Mrs. Hollowell to the world of politics too----who do you think "Mary H" is?

Oh boy, talk about the rumor mill! No I'm not Scott's wife - I live in Tyrone and am a concerned parent and happily married to my sweetheart Phillip for many years! I do, however, support Scott Hollowell as a candidate for school board!!!

Darn! Missed one! But her name is Mary too!

americanpatriots's picture

I have to chuckle every time I hear Scott Hollowell talk about his vast financial qualifications. It took me over two weeks of sending him emails again and again asking him what he received his degree in at UGA. He FINALLY replied and told me he received his degree in journalism and communications. Prior to that his BIO did not say anything about his educational background.

A few of my friends did some checking and learned that he previously was essentially a salesman at an Edward Jones franchise in Tyrone and then started his own firm primarily selling insurance and retirement plans.

I attended several events where Mr. Hollowell spoke and. at the beginning; he spoke more about his wife’s extremely impressive background in education.

Scott is a well-spoken affable individual but he is seriously lacking in the field of finance. Nonetheless, he has tried, unsuccessfully in my view, to convince us that he possesses a vast experience and knowledge of the subject.

To me, Scott is a democrat and has been hand picked by BoE members Presburg, Smith and Smola, and School Superintendent Bearden. That having been said, what more do you need to know?

SPQR's picture

If one of our senators takes flight hopefully it would be Chambliss. Although
replacing him with Westmoreland would be sort of a like for like trade it would be nice to have someone with the ilk of Sam Nunn fill the gap.

ginga1414's picture

Let's "give somebody else a chance" and "see what they can do."

Jack Smith had his very "quiet" chance. It was always his way or the highway. Definitely don't want to go back to Jack.

Eric Maxwell's mouth killed his second chance.

Herb Frady has had FAR MORE than enough chances!

Hearn and Horgan have frittered away their day in the sun by playing the "go along" game with Jack and Herb.




americanpatriots's picture

My entire family has already voted and we did not vote for you! Furthermore, I heartily agree with EVERYTHING Cal Beverly said in his article about you.

While I find you a very affable well-spoken individual, I don’t think you are qualified for a seat on the Board of Education.

You have repeatedly grossly overstated your financial background and are so closely aligned to Janet Smola, Terri Smith, Leonard Presberg, and Jeff Bearden, that I find it hard to figure out where you would stand on critical financial and operational issues facing the sinking ship called the Fayette County Board of Education.

Bearden will be in a tough fight to keep his job after a new board is seated next year. In my opinion, he should have been shown the door some time ago for his total lack of leadership and inability to deal with the financial nightmare that he has helped to bring about under his watch.

I will work tirelessly to ensure that Terri Smith is defeated in her re-election effort later this year. She and Janet Smola have made so many terrible decisions that have brought the school system to the brink of financial ruin.

On another subject, but one that we should not forget, Smola talked about her vast financial knowledge and experience when she ran for election some time ago. As we later learned, her education and financial experience were extremely limited. Furthermore, she has since clearly demonstrated that she doesn’t have a clue about finance or operational matters and, I for one, am delighted to see her go.

I can understand your desire to sit on the BoE but I really believe your opponent Dr. Barry Marchman along with Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao have the necessary qualifications the citizens of Fayette County desperately need to help Dr. Bob Todd and Marion Key get us out of the financial mess that Smith, Smola, Bearden, and, to a lesser degree only because he is relatively new, Presberg, have put the school board in.

The unbelievably bad financial forecasting and budgets prepared by the CFO, Laura Brock, have played a major role in bringing the school system to the edge of financial collapse. For Bearden, Smola, Smith and Presberg to sit there as if brain-dead and accept her incompetence is shocking to say the least.

Jim Richter

americanpatriots's picture

I checked online with the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission and there is no record of Dean Howard and Mike Hofrichter having filed
an RO form (a registration form for a committee other than a candidate).

If anyone else besides those two individuals contributed money or anything of value for the full page ad attacking the Take Back Fayette County Tea Party, Harold Bost, Bob Ross or any of the candidates, Barlow, Ognio or Oddo, they are in deep trouble!

Anyone can go online and check to see if what I said is true.

My “Concerned Citizens of Fayette County” is a properly registered PAC and the registration number is NC2012000064.

Jim Richter

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