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Fayette County primary election final unofficial results

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A new sheriff in town, runoffs in 2 county commission races, change coming to school board

10:32 p.m. — I was saying cautiously the past few days that Sheriff Wayne Hannah could lose, but I never figured how badly he would get beat. Former Sheriff’s Captain Barry Babb will take office Jan. 1 to replace the one-term incumbent Hannah.

Big shifts in power will be coming to the Fayette County Commission and the Board of Education.

Charles Oddo handed incumbent Robert Horgan a big beating in Post 1 of the Fayette County Commission, while comeback-wannabe Jack Smith — the former chairman of the commission — came in third in a 3-person race.

The runoff will be in three weeks between David Barlow and 2nd place finisher Sheila Huddleston for Post 2.

Incumbent Lee Hearn hung in there to draw a runoff slot against top vote-getter Randy Ognio for Post 3 on the commission.

Ga. Tech professor Barry Marchman won a seat on the Board of Education, beating Scott Hollowell by 1,200 votes for Post 1.

Mercer University professor Mary Kay Bacallao beat Gary Griffin by 3,000 votes to face party-switcher and incumbent Terri Smith for the Post 2 seat in November.

Sunday package sales won in unincorporated Fayette, while the same question ended in a tie — 20 to 20 — in tiny Woolsey. Maybe somebody should have been handing out at least one more free beer Tuesday in the south Fayette hamlet.

T-SPLOST went down badly in Fayette. Wonder if the Fayette Chamber of Commerce has a Plan B. No problem: They can share a loser’s beer with former Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele and former commission Chairman Smith — both supporters of the doomed tax. Just don’t try to buy a cold one on Sunday in Woolsey.


9:49 p.m. — Sheriff: Barry Babb 13,108 votes (64%) to incumbent Wayne Hannah's 7,362 (36%).

Oddo 69%, Horgan 31% ..... Barlow 40%, Huddleston 39%, Smith 21% .... Ognio 43%, Hearn 38%, Stopford 18%

Marchman 57%, Hollowell 43% .... Bacallao 68%, Griffin 32%

McMillian 66%, Ott 34%

Thompson 55%, Sanderson 45%


More returns 9:34 p.m. — Tax Commissioner Wingo leads Bartlett 68% to 31%.


I'll be blogging returns as I get them tonight, supplemented by reporters John Munford and Ben Nelms at election offices in Fayette and Coweta counties.

9:15 p.m. — 16% vote counted (11,817 ballots counted). Oddo leads Horgan 70% to 30%. Barlow leads 40%, Huddleston 38%, Smith 22%. Hearn 38%, Ognio 42%, Stopford 18%.

Hollowell 42%, Marchman 58%. Bacallao 68%, Griffin 31%

McMillian 66%, Ott 34%;

Sanderson 43%, Thompson 57%


9:06 p.m. — Looks like Sheriff Wayne Hannah is in trouble, trailing Barry Babb by nearly 2,000 votes.


8:52 p.m.: Sunday package sales Fayette, 66% YES to 34% NO

T-SPLOST — NO 79 % to 21% YES

McMillian 66%, Ott 33%

Thompson 56%, Sanderson 43%

8:29 p.m. — Babb 59%, Hannah 40%

Horgan 30%, Oddo 69%

Barlow 40%, Huddleston 35%, Smith 23%

Hearn 38%, Ognio 42%, Stopford 18%

Hollowell 42%, Marchman 57%

Bacallao 66%, Griffin 33%

8:22 p.m. — Oddo 2-to-1 ahead of Horgan;

8:20 p.m. —Westmoreland whupping Kingsley and the other guy 2-to-1 at this point. He looks likely to escape without a runoff.

8:12 p.m. — Potential upset in the making? Barry Babb leads incumbent Sheriff Wayne Hannah in very early returns.


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23k against 6k For unless something happens this is going down in flames...

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

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Despite all the hoopla about just the Atlanta region, voters hit the polling booths all across GA for their own "regions" and different TSPLOST's. They are all overwhelmingly failing. North GA, Middle GA, South, East, West.....obviously it's time for a Plan B as this incarnation was a FAIL.

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Oh Boo Hoo Fox 5 Atlanta's "Political" commentator Matt Towery In tonight's little rant one of the most telling things about his position was when he said.. <strong>"You can't advertise T-Splost because it won't pass". </strong>
So his suggestion... Pass the tax on the people without telling them.. Wow what Democratic leanings you have there Matt.
The People spoke Matt... we don't care HOW HARD THEY WORKED.. poor Politicians and Corporate leaders.

We are tired of being taxed for Big Government programs... Marta has been and still is mananged very poorly and this was just a bailout for them... Well let them stew in their own juices.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

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Duplicate deleted.

I watched Fox 5's coverage, too. For him to make excuses for the lobbyists and the special interests and huge sums of money and arrogant politicians who voted for this TSPLOST, and to not even MENTION the tremendous accomplishment the voters were able to create with little to no money, is just a huge insult.

For Fox 5 to have him sit there and applaud the gov. and the mayor of the Atl. and those that tried to cram this down the throats of the voters, well, Matt, you still don't get it. Get your toupee-d hair and plastic surgery nightmare of a face out of the capitol building and come out and meet the voters, the real people who run this state.

Shame on Fox 5.

Congratulations, Barry! What an historical accomplishment. You & the citizens unseated the incumbent Sheriff. Message sent, message received. Maybe he now understands how NOT to treat people; and realizes how misfeasance results in getting the county/citizens sued.

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Duplicate deleted.

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I was watching that broadcast and couldn't believe Towery's analysis. Apparently, according to him, the politicians and businesses behind the TSPLOST "had their hearts in the right place," Georgia voters just aren't sophisticated like those in other states who would readily approve such a tax, and Sonny Perdue made Gov. Deal push for its passage. Of course, Towery didn't mention that most voters didn't trust the politicians and process behind it, but he probably can't fathom that.

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Voted for him the first time and I am amazed he might just pull a huge upset this time around. Rematches are almost always won by whoever won the first go-round, but this might be an exception.

I am surprised even with the earliest returns that Hearn has a decent chunk of votes. Scary.

McMillan stomping a mudhole into surprise at all.

Westmoreland breezes again against real weak opposition. He'll hold that seat until he dies.

Huddleston-Smith-Kook looks like a runoff waiting to happen and it would be great if it comes down to Huddleston vs. Barlow and Smith gone. Of course, the Barlow supporters will then have to smear Huddleston constantly as the sorriest human to ever have lived, but that's how a lot of them operate anyway.

For keeping us updated. Web page is loading slow which means you have a lot of traffic.

How many relatives does he have? Geez

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Well Mr. Drake, I suppose you will now have to go get a real job. How about paving driveways? With concrete of course.

Let's get a plan going for paying for the roads that we use by paying for the roads that we use. You can sell concrete, just not as much of it.

Good bye Mr. Drake, until we meet again.

There once was a fella named Drake,
Who some thought was a fluke or a fake;
T-Splost he did tout,
And boy could he pout;
When his words fell on a deaf ear.

Tho' he cajoled both night and day,
Not one vote did he change to a "Yea"
He could quote chapter and verse,
But it only got worse;
Til Drake was pulling his hair.

Now the votes have been cast,
T-Splost's in our past;
But Drake promised a treat,
So where should we meet
As he toasts us all with good cheer?

are possibly sharing some mind altering substances right about now, in an undisclosed location.

good work. Please get those accident claims down and best of luck to you.

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and that's exactly why high ranking people on both ends of the building will be packing boxes tomorrow. The new Sheriff will not walk in the door with blinders on. Hope no records dissappear!

. . . hope no records dissappear, now thats the second time I've heard that line tonight? uuuuummmmmm? 5 months is a long time though we'll see

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I think you might be right!

suggarfoot's picture

I think you might be right!

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Thank you for the reports. Congratulations to all the winners.

Congratulations to all winners!!

I never understood why it was expected that people would vote to pay more taxes whether it be 1 penny or a dollar.Not surprisingly it took this referendum to finally get a date for the removal off he Ga. 400 tolls.It will remain to be seen if it actually happens.

the toll is actually lifted; especially now that T-SPLOST has failed. I didn't believe our Gov could do it anyway and a lot could have happened between now and 2013. I learned long ago not to believe what politicians promised when they were making promises to get something they wanted. Would be nice to be surprised for once.

Congratulations to Barry Babb! I've lived long enough to see that "what goes around comes around." Looking forward to seeing this come around in January!

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I'm so proud of my friend and classmate BARRY BABB, who attended 13 years of school with me (starting in kindergarten at Fville First Baptist Church through FCHS Class of 1984)! He is a man of conviction and values with deep roots in this community he loves!

Congratulations as well to Lee Hearn, another man with terrific heart and dedication -- a deacon and Sunday School teacher at Fville First Baptist Church -- who has so unfairly been demonized by the Steve Brown "campaign of hate" in recent years. It speaks volumes that Fayette County voters saw through Brown's self-righteous witchhunt; may Hearn prevail in the runoff!

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Well folks, it looks as if the cabal of Smith and Smola is finally coming to its rightful end. And, there is no doubt whatsoever that Smith will be defeated in a landslide later this year.

Bearden had better come up with a sensible Plan B or he will face the unemployment line, as I believe he should, in the coming new year.

And last but not least, Presberg will be forced to surrender his post as leader of the “joined-at-the-hips” crowd of Smith, Smola, Presberg and Bearden.

The good citizens of Fayette County have spoken and hopefully we can now set about the business of rescuing the sinking ship known as the “Fayette County Board of Education.”

Jim Richter

Since Lee Hearn and Randy Ognio are in a runoff, I hope that people will watch the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce interviews. Go to and click on the 2012 candidate interviews. If you go to 19:40 in the interview and watch the rest of the interview, you can see the interviews of Lee Hearn and Randy Ognio. It certainly helped me decide that I didn't want Randy Ognio representing me!


This guy lied through his teeth to get his cousin a position on the election board recommending him as "a friend from church." I don't care if his opponent is a bumbling baboon... there is no place for Hearn in our local government, period.

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Ognio will never be a leader or an articulate persuader, but he won't be sneaking relatives in to get jobs and I doubt he'll be voting for any million dollar road boondoggles.

Hearn, on the other hand will powerless under Chairman Brown to do much damage, but he can be somewhat knowledgable about the inner workings of the county. Remember, the other 4 are guaranteed to have 2 brand new rookies and 2 who have only served 2 years as outsiders.

Not a fan of either, but keep your eyes wide open.

Live free or die!

and you are on target. I just think there has to be repercussions for a government official, especially an elected one, who deliberately lies to the public to achieve his personal goals. If we accept that with a county commissioner, the next thing you know the Mayor of Peachtree City might start behaving that way.

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The Big Winners--- Bost and Brown

Election night last night was unusual for us. We usually have some disappointment but we always vote. Usually, I can't fall asleep because I can't process the results. Last night was different. We voted for all the winners, with the sole exception of tax commissioner.

On election night one conversant complained of the influence over the years of Cal Beverly. Yes, he can be caustic and stubborn but he is very direct. I did find it odd that he did not take a position in the sheriff's race but now claims to have intuited a Babb win.

Barry Babb-- his sign was in our yard-- was the only real surprise. A good man whose only criticisms were (1) Bible thumper and (2) too much front line experience. I guess Fayette County voters resoundingly took those as
GOOD attributes.

Steve Brown--- a winner in much of this. Charles Oddo's first act in office will be political hari kari if he opposes Brown as Commission Chair. Harold Bost--- yes, Cal, you are right---politics is now influenced by a four letter word: B-O-S-T. His car signs, yard signs and mailers and all his personal efforts overcame the "Boss Hogg" insults. I hope that Mr. Hofrichter, Mr. Maxwell and that house full of trial lawyers go back to where they are a little more successful--- chasing ambulances. Give Bost credit for belittling the arrogant.

And, yes, Cal we remember how and who put Steve Brown on the political map.

Finally, it will interesting to see if people like the Fayette Chamber and officials like PTC's Kim Learnard continue to lovingly embrace the ARC and mass transit.

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In two of the 3 commissioner races, the majority of voters voted for someone else than Bost's favored candidates Ognio and Barlow. Oddo beating Horgan was going to happen no matter what, regardless of any affiliations. Someone from Peachtree Station/Po-Po Village could have beaten Horgan. I don't really call that a smashing success, though all the Bost-favored faction needed was a one seat gain and obviously they have that now.

Babb beating Hannah was a very pleasant surprise and one of the big upsets in FC elections I have seen in quite a long time.

I saved Bost's mail piece. Why ? Because I cannot believe that every single one of his candidates won. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

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on the way - a runoff election. Barlow and Ognio may have won the vote count yesterday but as is the very nature of a runoff - each had more people voting against them than voted for them. Both have small margins and each is vulnerable. Ognio to an absolutely amazing number of Hearn supporters; Barlow even more vulnerable to Huddleston, her supporters and what I think will be a large number of Smith supporters - none of whom will support Barlow, some will stay home, but many can convert to support Huddleston.

Hard to get excited about Ognio, but getting rid of Hearn would be good. I am really pumped about Huddleston's chances and will donate money and work actively for her the next couple of weeks.

ptctaxpayer's picture

Yer wetdreaming, Mudcat. Statistically, any time a candidate gets 40% or more in a primary you can make book on them winning the run-off.

Who's gonna get out for the two challengers---- Jack Smith, Ken Steele and the Chamber ?

I'd pull up my Interstate "YES" sign if I were you.

mudcat's picture

Huddleston's 39% is 264 votes less than Barlow's 40%, so I'm calling that even.

And there are more than 3,000 Smith votes out there. Most will stay home, but less than 10% of them could put Huddleston in front. This thing is a dead heat and will be interesting to watch. Me, I'm planning on working in it for Huddleston.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Just kidding.
The only people voting in the runoff will be hard core, long time supporters of each candidate about 30% of yesterdays voters. Wish it weren't so, but past history doesn't show much different. Hearn clearly has a better organization and Barlow has that whole church thing going for him. I am amazed that some 7,000 people voted for Hearn, but they did and that shows something. I don't think you can say that 7,000 people think Ognio is a weak candidate, this has to be about Hearn having real support and an orgaanization.

So it becomes Hearn and Barlow and Oddo with Oddo likely the one to make the first nomination for County Commission Chair - if he can outflank McCarty. I say he nominates Hearn. Now that only gets 2 votes as Barlow, McCarty and Brown will stick together and vote no, then Brown wins on the second ballot. Oddo has asserted his independence and Brown hates him. So what, badge of honor.

Only other scenario is a long shot, but maybe Huddleston starts pushing the Barlow/Brown connection and Barlow's bankruptcy (stay away from his bible-thumping, please) and converts some of his votes. She may indeed get some Smith voters as well since they were as much against Brown as they were for Smith (remember Brown beat Smith last time). She's not that far behind, so it is possible, but an awful lot of hard work for her next few weeks.

And if she wins, Oddo nominates her or she nominates him, Hearn supports either since he knows the second nominee is bound to be Brown; and Huddleston or Oddo becomes Chair. That then becomes a very interesting County Commission.

Live free or die!

Morgan-- Why in the world did you support Sanderson ?

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Don't know either of them. Maybe the wife in the court thing had something to do with it, but all I did was vote for her and McMillian. No donations, no signs, no campaigning. I admit to be completely unaware of most issues involving judges and court and county law enforcement. Have never been arrested, ticketed, sued or even been on jury duty (in GA).

Live free or die!

What if Stopford endorses Ognio? Might be sum mo' interesting!

Robert W. Morgan's picture

either way. Be interesting to see what she does.

I wonder if someone will sponsor a live debate so we can examine the 4 finalists a bit more carefully. Or maybe Cal will offer up some valuable space in the newspaper for the 4 to answer his questions. Now that would be interesting. Cal does ask some good questions.

Eat Mor Chiken!

Live free or die!

abeautifulday4us's picture

Simple math--Ognio Wins Runoff.... If half of Ms. Stopford's primary support goes to each candidate, Ognio wins handily. Hearn received 38% of the vote in the primary. He will need about 65% of Stopford's votes to beat Ognio. Why did these folks vote for Ms. Stopford in the first place? Because they wanted a change---- a change away from Hearn and company. There is no way he will double his turnout for her votes. Ognio will clearly win.

Yep, would be good--but don't give them the questions beforehand--I watched/listened to the barlow/Hearn/Ognio/Huddleston/Stopford/Oddo/Horgan session sponsored by the Chamber. They all had prepared written answers and if I had to judge on speaking ability alone, Stopford wins but that shouldn't be a singular criteria. The ability to convince others of your position is important and the lawyer SHOULD excel in that category. Of huge importance will be getting voters back to the polls. I think they should do away with that 50% deal and go with simple "candidate with most votes wins."

Steve Brown's picture

You are already stirring the nasty pot
Starting rumors and trying to cause division
Besides, Lee Hearn will not win anyway.

mudcat's picture

Because he can control them and get them to vote him in as Chairman of Fayette County Commission - which by the way is an automatic cake walk into ARC for him.

Huddleston and Hearn won't ever, ever, ever vote for Brown.

Ask them if you can, before you vote for or against them.

Ask Randy and Barlow if they would support the Brown clown for Commission Chair. Please ask them.

NUK_1's picture

Oddo, Brown and McCarty all will have seats come January 2013. Whether Ognio and Barlow both lose or split won't change that.

Brown already voted for himself to be chairman before so why wouldn't he again? In any scenario I can see, it's either 5-0, 4-1, or 3-2. I highly doubt Hearn wins anyway because most people realize that the next commission chairman will be whoever regardless of whether Loser Lee Hearn is elected or not.

I'm more concerned with getting Huddleston elected over Barlow. Hearn deserves to lose to Ognio anyway.

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Then Ognio becomes the key vote (assuming he understands what he is voting for) and Brown wins the Chair 3-2 (Og, Mac, and himself). Of course if either Hearn or Huddleston win, it become a losing proposition for the Brown clown. Let's see how and what he does the next few weeks and then vote against whatever that is. Ok?

Barlow = Brown - bad vote.
Ognio = loose cannon and impressionable - stay away from this guy.

Huddleston and Hearn keeps Brown off the Chair - good vote.

To clarify, McCarty is a Brown toadie and always votes with him and for him, So there are the 2 Pro-Brown votes. The goal here is to keep Brown out of the Chairman's Chair. Barlow puts him in it. Bad vote. Ognio may or may not - he's a loose cannon. Huddleston and Hearn will never vote for Brown. Lot's of choices.

ginga1414's picture

And, thank you to everyone who took the trouble to educate themselves on the issues.


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