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Fayette County primary election final unofficial results

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A new sheriff in town, runoffs in 2 county commission races, change coming to school board

10:32 p.m. — I was saying cautiously the past few days that Sheriff Wayne Hannah could lose, but I never figured how badly he would get beat. Former Sheriff’s Captain Barry Babb will take office Jan. 1 to replace the one-term incumbent Hannah.

Big shifts in power will be coming to the Fayette County Commission and the Board of Education.

Charles Oddo handed incumbent Robert Horgan a big beating in Post 1 of the Fayette County Commission, while comeback-wannabe Jack Smith — the former chairman of the commission — came in third in a 3-person race.

The runoff will be in three weeks between David Barlow and 2nd place finisher Sheila Huddleston for Post 2.

Incumbent Lee Hearn hung in there to draw a runoff slot against top vote-getter Randy Ognio for Post 3 on the commission.

Ga. Tech professor Barry Marchman won a seat on the Board of Education, beating Scott Hollowell by 1,200 votes for Post 1.

Mercer University professor Mary Kay Bacallao beat Gary Griffin by 3,000 votes to face party-switcher and incumbent Terri Smith for the Post 2 seat in November.

Sunday package sales won in unincorporated Fayette, while the same question ended in a tie — 20 to 20 — in tiny Woolsey. Maybe somebody should have been handing out at least one more free beer Tuesday in the south Fayette hamlet.

T-SPLOST went down badly in Fayette. Wonder if the Fayette Chamber of Commerce has a Plan B. No problem: They can share a loser’s beer with former Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele and former commission Chairman Smith — both supporters of the doomed tax. Just don’t try to buy a cold one on Sunday in Woolsey.


9:49 p.m. — Sheriff: Barry Babb 13,108 votes (64%) to incumbent Wayne Hannah's 7,362 (36%).

Oddo 69%, Horgan 31% ..... Barlow 40%, Huddleston 39%, Smith 21% .... Ognio 43%, Hearn 38%, Stopford 18%

Marchman 57%, Hollowell 43% .... Bacallao 68%, Griffin 32%

McMillian 66%, Ott 34%

Thompson 55%, Sanderson 45%


More returns 9:34 p.m. — Tax Commissioner Wingo leads Bartlett 68% to 31%.


I'll be blogging returns as I get them tonight, supplemented by reporters John Munford and Ben Nelms at election offices in Fayette and Coweta counties.

9:15 p.m. — 16% vote counted (11,817 ballots counted). Oddo leads Horgan 70% to 30%. Barlow leads 40%, Huddleston 38%, Smith 22%. Hearn 38%, Ognio 42%, Stopford 18%.

Hollowell 42%, Marchman 58%. Bacallao 68%, Griffin 31%

McMillian 66%, Ott 34%;

Sanderson 43%, Thompson 57%


9:06 p.m. — Looks like Sheriff Wayne Hannah is in trouble, trailing Barry Babb by nearly 2,000 votes.


8:52 p.m.: Sunday package sales Fayette, 66% YES to 34% NO

T-SPLOST — NO 79 % to 21% YES

McMillian 66%, Ott 33%

Thompson 56%, Sanderson 43%

8:29 p.m. — Babb 59%, Hannah 40%

Horgan 30%, Oddo 69%

Barlow 40%, Huddleston 35%, Smith 23%

Hearn 38%, Ognio 42%, Stopford 18%

Hollowell 42%, Marchman 57%

Bacallao 66%, Griffin 33%

8:22 p.m. — Oddo 2-to-1 ahead of Horgan;

8:20 p.m. —Westmoreland whupping Kingsley and the other guy 2-to-1 at this point. He looks likely to escape without a runoff.

8:12 p.m. — Potential upset in the making? Barry Babb leads incumbent Sheriff Wayne Hannah in very early returns.


Glad to see clear heads prevail in replacing Hannah as sheriff. Barry, your job now is to rise above the behaviors you experienced following the last election for this office.

I have worked for two sheriff's offices in another state and never saw the kind of small-minded behavior exhibited by the incumbent.

Surround yourself with good, competent people in your administration and raise the bar!


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one of whom is Thomas Mindar

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Let it be known I actually agree with Mudcat. Mindar the Magnificent is a great cop. If I saw him coming down the driveway, I would throw down my weapon, drop to my knees and raise my arms ever so slowly. There are some good folks over there, Barry, and you know who they are. Good luck.

'Tip o' the spear' better not screw the pooch

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I totally agree Grizz. Much better than a desk jockey. I want a Sheriff who will restore what Randall had but lost--- people fearing to come inside the county line. Criminals very definitely avoided Fayette County and when they made a mistake they would say "I never would have done it if I had known it was Fayette County."

Now we have armed robberies of ice cream parlors and home invasions that make us look like DeKalb County.

We are with you, Barry. Set up a perimeter. Do Road Blocks after midnight, checking licenses of all traffic coming in to Fayette. Be the tip the spear. We will support you.

I am very encouraged that Barry Babb will be our Sheriff.

I hope the citizen or some other groups will sponsor a public forum for the 2 offices that are in a runoff.

Also how about an interview with the new sheriff?

Also there are a couple of places in my part of the county that are quite littered with signs. Sorry but I'm not waiting and will take them down unless they're in one of the runoffs!

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The citizens said balanced budgets are good -- Commissioner Lee Hearn said no.

The citizens said no more deficit spending -- Commissioner Hearn has done it for 4 years.

The citizens wanted open government -- Commissioner Hearn gave us nobid contracts and secret votes for items not on an agenda.

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You got all over Mr. Drake for calling you dishonest but you cannot answer a really simple question: does Lee Hearn if he wins re-election qualify for the FC pension plan or not? You have stated here 3 times that Lee Hearn is only running for re-election for that very reason. The FC HR Director has apparently said that no elected commissioner gets to participate in the plan. So....which is it?

It's a really simple question that anyone with an IQ above room temperature should be able to answer. You made that highly questionable claim, now back it up.

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Hello NUK,

My name is Josh Bloom. I am another interested citizen here and enjoy entertaining multiple debates. One problem is that I don't know who you are. Please let me know who you are so we could debate ideas...and God forbid maybe even change one anothers opinion.


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I am ready to debate and discuss ideas of any kind. Go for it!

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Well, Mr. Nuk I am a Steve Brown supporter, so far, and believe that he has the best interest of Fayette County in mind. I see the two of you sparring quite a bit and it is difficult for me to put weight behind your ideas when you don't use your real name on these posts.

I have been taught that when you boil down integrity to the roots you get a mans name and handshake. So since we can't shake hands over electrons I would appreciate knowing your name to put some validity behind your ideas.


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In a perfect world, maybe what you think would be all OK. It ain't that world here.

There was a poster here named "muddle" a few years ago that lost his job for posting some really non-controversial thoughts that some how angered a couple of real nut-jobs that stalked him offline and sent them to his employer. Muddle is a religious and family man but somehow he wasn't religious ENOUGH for the crazies who drove him out of town and got him fired. Muddle seemed to be only 99.999% pure enough for the crazies. It was a real disgrace.

A member of our armed forces and a person I am proud to know has had his comments sent to his superiors trying to get him major heat because he dares to be some kind of a moderate Democrat. He no longer posts here for that and other reasons like the witch hunt done on Presberg and others who don't "believe" 100% enough for the crazies.

I've had posts from here sent to my employer 3 years ago and also stalked offline,even using the name NUK. It wasn't catastrophic for me like it was Muddle, but it was a headache I didn't need.

Now, please tell me how you can't comprehend someone wanting to stay anonymous here? I'll gladly shake your hand at some coffee shop as I have before with other members here, but save me your lecture on integrity unless you already knew everything above.

you were able to express your feelings much better than I. I know you need no one defending you. Take care.

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We need another coffee get together soon and cool-off all the anger around here now that TSPLOST has happily failed :)

asking. Ready for a coffee or whatever---would enjoy getting to see everybody again. Maybe we can even convince Kevin if we give him enough time. Talked to him once--about time I gave him another call. Guess we had all better start saving up our pennies for this coffee as it sure seems EFDrake is going to be a no-show--no pay--knew he would renege. Guess his coffers are low as T-SPLOST has nothing to offer. Have a good night.

PS Maybe Mr. Bloom likes coffee and/or good conversation and will join us.

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Still waiting for a time and place. And, of course, my offer of "winner pays" still stands.

Gene Drake

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Well I haven't had the opportunity to come to one of these coffee events but would thoroughly enjoy discussing ideas on how you could spread some concrete without robbing everyone for the benefit of the few. Of course, this means that you would actually have to change the way you think. You actually would have to think out of the box. Hmmmm.....based on your past posts I would give that very low odds.

all a nice group and here you go picking on him. We can afford to be magnamous since we did win (you were against the dreaded T-SPLOST weren't you?) Anyway, be nice to him and don't give him a hard time---then when he comes to the coffee if he starts spouting T-SPLOST we can throw him to the wolves.

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I am nice.....really.

Yes, I was just slightly opposed to the TSPLOST, just ask Mr. Drake.

You see unlike Mr. Drake, I believe that you should pay for things that you use, and not force others to pay for them for you. I guess there were a whole lot of people who agreed with this too.

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I'm glad to know you consider yourself a nice guy because you come across as a self righteous turd.

Look forward to meeting you and judging for myself.

Gene Drake

Now that's a great way to initiate a relationship-maybe you oughta rethink that language.

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Such elegant prose!

I'll bring my rubber boots!

Why don't you come with an open mind? I will, I just want to give you some ideas on how to sell some concrete.

love all--look how readily we reached out to invite you--or wait, did you invite yourself to begin with---and then, too, we were expecting you to pay.

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Mr. Drake, a.k.a. "efdrakejr," does not have opinion. His paid lobbyist clients give him his opinions.

efdrakejr's picture

Nice try changing the subject since you can't or won't answer for your apparently baselass allegations. As one of the others so aptly put it, until you can back up your allegations, just STHU.

Gene Drake

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Paid lobbyists?

Don't you have this backward? If they are paid lobbyists, I suppose it is Mr. Drake and his cronies that are giving them the money and the opinions. Seems to have worked nicely for them so far, the TSPLOST is simply a minor setback. By the way, I think our Rep. Ramsey and Senator Chance have some explaining to do on their support of this initiative, don't you? And what's all this about a "penalty" for those counties not opting into the TSPLOST? Seems pretty Machiavellian, don't you think? But then again the Prince was a pure politician, someone to admire I suppose down there under the golden dome.

The problem is that Mr. Drake has operated so long in an environment where the public dole is key to his success, he doesn't quite know how to do this on his own without taxpayer monies. We shouldn't be too hard on Mr. Drake, he is just one tiny part of a much, much larger problem.

Steve Brown's picture

You have the Machiavellian part right.

They said they wanted the people to decide, but you get 30 lashes if you vote against them - about as democratic as it gets, right?

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if you want to write attacks on people in this blog then resign from office. I don't know Mr. Drake, and I didn't follow this thread. But I DO know you. You throw all sorts of accusations around about anyone and everyone (including me, and anyone else in this blog) who disagrees with you. You make degrading remarks like "His paid lobbyist clients give him his opinions." that NEVER, EVER come with ANY support or documentation. You know, even Harry Reid said he "talked to someone reliable" about Romney's taxes. You don't even do claim to have done that. You simply make stuff up and throw trash out there and see what sticks. And when anyone calls you out??? you simply clam up and fail to answer. You always fail to (as Mitt so eloquently stated) "put up or shut up."
So here is a thought for you. You were elected to represent ALL of Fayette County. I find it disgraceful that you do this by constantly harassing, insulting, accusing members of YOUR constituency.
Not that it is any surprise. Many of us tried to warn Fayette County of your behavior in office. Too bad they didn't listen.
But you know Steve, you want to be Chairman. I am sure you'll get it once the people you politic so hard for win. Could you please go back to school and take a course in Dignity? Because you are not in any way, shape, or form a "dignified" Commissioner. Your "style" (or lack of style) of leadership is an embarrassment to Fayette County.

Au Contraire--you HAVE had the opportunity but for whatever reason, you couldn't make it. But fear not--both you and Mr. Drake will be treated with courtesy, just like all others who attend.

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rigtht of course, I am much more civil than how I sometimes sound on these pages. However, much to the chagrin of many, my political philosophy remains the same and it is based on individual freedom, even Mr. Drake's freedom to associate with his capitalist croneys.

Perhaps I won't be traveling at the same time as your next coffee. I would enjoy mingling with DM too, and catch up on how she is enjoying her summer.

Cyclist's picture

How about next Saturday (Aug 11) at PTC Starbucks - Publix - 0900 till.........

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I will be there with bells on. Okay, enough of that----I will be there anxious to see my 'old' friends and to meet new.

Please, no loud noises at 9am!

Summer is going fine - except for challenges with a relative's health. I'm sincere when I say I'd love to join you guys for coffee - but Aug. 11 is the Democrats meeting at 9:00. ( I know, I know, that doesn't affect most here! :-) )
Enjoy - and maybe next time?

Cyclist's picture

Darn it, I didn't have the Demo party/meeting on my calendar. I must have missed that for some reason. ;-)

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

under a different name--she too was always elusive. LOL Just kidding---would really like to meet you though--think it would be interesting.

I don't remember a 'Southernbelle" - I would be ID'd as from Southern California. :-) I understand why Cy wouldn't have the Democrats meeting on his calendar - LOL. Maybe next time. Have fun! (I think Cy has id'd me - so ask him if he thinks I'm also 'southernbelle'.

Cyclist's picture

Honestly, I haven't ..really. :-)

As for this next Saturday, it's Mytmite and the "fat spandexed one." We'll need more to reach critical mass.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Naw, I remember Southernbelle and she's nowhere close! Oh, I'll be there next Saturday!

Oh no, DM has always found a reason NOT to attend.

with that aren't you? Wondered if you were going to come back on the site--thought maybe you had decided to take a plunge off that dock you enjoy so much. Anyway, even tho you are the one with the big bucks, I am sure we can all put a few coins in and get enough together to buy you a small (or grande, since I think in their world grande is small) regular coffee. We are all so happy that T-SPLOST has gone bye-bye that we might even spring for a latte.
As for date, I leave that up to those with a stricter schedule and busier life---and I promise no one will pick on you unless you bring up a subject that bears responding to and then it is no holds barred! So far, everyone I have met who has shown up has been someone you would be happy to call a friend--regardless of different views, etc.

you. Will you be wearing a flower in your lapel or is that actually a pic of you, and we will recognize that smile--or are you smiling at all these days?

P>S> No cameras or hidden microphones allowed. LOL


I have participated on this blog for years. I started by using my own name. Nuk has expressed the truth. I started using a pseudonym after 'muddle' was attacked. I continue, for I am retired and there is very little one can do to restrict my free speech . Many of my ideas/opinions are contrary to those expressed by <strong>some</strong> of the participants. The debate is healthy when based on opinions expressed in a reasonable manner. One can learn a great deal from those who have a different
perspective . Enjoy the exchange - but protect yourself and your family. It's your choice. Welcome.

been done to a fellow blogger. A few years ago an intelligent, kind, well informed and well educated gentleman innocently gave out too much information about himself to a cunning, deceptive fellow blogger who had different views. This person caused the blogger to lose his position as a professor due to half-truths, etc. that the vindictive blogger sent to his employers. As a result this person lost all his benefits leaving his family in a dire situation during a trying time for his family. If I am not mistaken this has happened to more than one person on this site. Therefore, some of us choose not to give out our personal information. It is not required by TheCitizen to use you own name to blog but the newspaper does have that information on each person who posts.
I do not know why Nuk chooses to use his blogger name, maybe it is just because he wants to--whatever reason, he is an aboveboard, intelligent person and one I would venture to say could be trusted. I would hope that your would accept the fact that some choose not to divulge their own names just as we choose to accept the fact that you sign your own name--at least, we assume it is your name as you have stated so.

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[quote=NUK_1]You got all over Mr. Drake for calling you dishonest but you cannot answer a really simple question: does Lee Hearn if he wins re-election qualify for the FC pension plan or not? You have stated here 3 times that Lee Hearn is only running for re-election for that very reason. The FC HR Director has apparently said that no elected commissioner gets to participate in the plan. So....which is it?

It's a really simple question that anyone with an IQ above room temperature should be able to answer. You made that highly questionable claim, now back it up.[/quote]

How about it Steve?

I yam what I yam

mudcat's picture

Not sure what the meaning of "we" is in your diatribe, but by any chance did you ever hear Hearn say the Fayette Count Commissioners were included in the defined benefit retirement plan? Or did you ever hear anyone say it. Besides yourself? How about it answerman.

I'm thinking you know how dorky everybody thinks you are and you are just giving us a head fake by opposing Hearn and pimping for Barlow. What you really want is for the Brown-haters to vote the other way - Huddleston and Hearn. I may just do that. Man, this political stuff is really complicated.

I'm pretty sure you are going to be the next Commission Chair, so why don't you just back off, give yourself and the rest of us a break for 3 weeks and just shut up for a while.Then you can be our very own Barack Obama, ruler of Fayette County and all around joke machine. Seems easy to me.

NUK_1's picture

"I'm pretty sure you are going to be the next Commission Chair, so why don't you just back off, give yourself and the rest of us a break for 3 weeks and just shut up for a while.Then you can be our very own Barack Obama, ruler of Fayette County and all around joke machine. Seems easy to me."

If u want Steve Brown(or his acolytes) to shut up, ask him about his diatribe on district voting:

or about his claim that the only reason(his words) Lee Hearn is running for re-election is to qualify to participate in FC's pension plan. He suddenly is real quiet on either of those subjects. It's like an instant muzzle.

Answer the querys below.

Or STHU and try to show some class.

Steve Brown's picture

Come to the Board of Commissioners meeting this week and ask the question of Lee Hearn yourself during the public comment section. Let's have that discussion.


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