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Tea Party AWOL on local nanny governments

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Query: If all politics is local — as many say — have local Tea Partiers gone blind to over-reaching government in their own backyards?

Or are Tea Partiers effectively co-opted by local pols’ self-serving participation in the local Tea Party groups and thus prevented from seeing any evil in governments smaller than state level?

If so, smaller-government activists are missing prime targets for their blunt weapons.

Exhibit in point: Peachtree City’s government by survey.

The Peachtree City Council — they of the newly minted 1.25 mill* increase in local taxes and no layoffs for government workers — differs little in philosophical reach from Obama Democrats and the Dems’ interest group-driven politics.

Don’t like untethered dogs on cart paths? Hitch your little aggrieved group to an always-ready-to-regulate city bureaucrat, and — presto! — an instant new ban on a previous unfettered action that council members add to a growing list of new city regulations.

Crinkle your nose at gas golf carts? No problem, city regulators can crank out a ban on the nasty things by next council meeting date, and council can add yet another ban on things that free folks once took as givens.

Want to “keep Peachtree City special”? No problem, city employees can justify every one of PTC’s current well-paid and well-benefitted staff as indispensable to specialness and City Council swallows it whole. Tax increase ordered by staff? Tax increase will be compliantly voted by council.

Who owns Peachtree City? Not the residents; the owners are the ones who respond to city-staff-generated surveys.

Well, the surveys surely are scientific, you protest, like the random sample surveys taken by Gallup and Rasmussen.

In your dreams. No, the Peachtree City Council has resorted to governing by totally unscientific, non-random online and returned mail surveys. Just like those unchecked “Family Feud” gameshow surveys, the city population now is subject to council votes based on surveys that would be laughed out of any basic Statistics 101 class.

And the latest: PTC cops now will be handing out tickets to people fishing in Lake Peachtree without a state license. When will police Chief Skip Clark seek council approval to buy a department Jet-Ski to apprehend those dangerous villains dragging a troll line behind a canoe?

Do these council members have any discernible principles of governance underlying their approach to casting votes? To ask the question is to answer it: None that are on consistent public display.

You never know what these council members will do next. Are there any advocates for banning public use of salt? Get three or four of you anti-salt folks together and call City Hall in an angry lather. You’ll have your salt ban ordinance prepared for a vote by next month. God knows how the council would swing on that one.

Maybe what we should do is call for a tax on tea in Peachtree City. But I despair that even a tea tax would get the Tea Partiers focused on attacking expanding nanny government within the borders of Fayette County.

After all, they’ve got the big picture to worry about. Forget about loss of freedom in our own city.

*[Correction: Sentence originally and erroneously said "percent." Sentence has been corrected to say "mill" instead.


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I felt the same way the first Tea Party meeting I went to. No local issues were discussed. Only busing to Washington and other projects we are totally powerless over.I decided two years ago to try and hold one block so I got on my HOA board. Then I decided to hold the county and every issue from WFB, SPLOST, commissioner and BOE elections and the environment have been successful and fulfilling. The only tax we had the power of vote over was SPLOST and it went down the more awareness that was brought out. I'm sure Tea Party members voted it down but it wasn't discussed. The 2nd meeting I went to was about Cap and Trade. Good luck with that one. What's going to happen when they discover that Hartsfield puts out the same pollution as 10 coal power plants and dumps 25% of it over Fayette County. That's an issue on my future local to do list that affects all of us locally but discussing topic of airlines, noise, and 30 pollutants is sacred,sensitive and I get shot down anytime I bring it up. Someday. Cal is right, we can hold one county. Oh,by the way, I hammered Wingo and managed to get my property tax lowered too. It can be done. Continue to write the Army Corps of Engineers and protest the issuing of the 404 permits and demand a public hearing. Tea Party, get more locally involved.

Afraid most TEA people aren't smart enough to do what you propose! Also, they have no power or influence enough to warrant the attention of say the Road Commission or the Corps of Engineers!

I didn't know Mr. Wingo had any influence with lowering taxes! I plan to see him very soon. Doesn't some weird commission do that? Badly, I might add. Most former $250,000 homes now worth about 169,000, but taxed at 229,000!

Has Mr. Wingo still got all those guns in his office? Are they loaded?

I doubt if Grass actually "hammered" Mr. Wingo. Perhaps Grass, like me, filed a "property Tax Return" last yr with your own stated Fair Market Value. They reduced mine by $13,000, which does lower my property tax. Of course if you get into the "sell" mode, it could hurt you. I'll take that chance.

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1st Year appealed in 08: Nothing. Tax actually went up
2nd years 1st appeal 09 : turned down. I appealed again under my rights by walking into the tax commissioners office with the word : Bulls... in size 48 font and handed it to the clerk for my appeal. I had an appraiser out to my house within two weeks and it was substantially lowered. Appraiser was very understanding and I didn't even have to bribe him or give him a lobbying donation like the county commissioners get.

Mr. Beverly is right and wrong. He is right about the nanny issues, gas golf carts, dogs and fishing permits. Some how office holders think they must do something to make the city better. The survey method of governing is close to insane. Eric Imker tried to get something done concerning the budget and mil increases. He got no support from other members of the council or the general public. Cutting positions, wage freeze, a single retirement program all were turned down. It does appear that the council is moved by a few complaints and common sense goes out the door.

The comments concerning the tea party seems a little much. Our country is turning into a socialist republic quickly and there is a big focus to get people elected in November to change that direction. To the best of my knowledge, no one on the Peachtree council is a member or active with the tea party.

The tea party was involved in the recent primary for Commissioner and the School Board. I would like to see the paper send a good reporter to talk with the remaining three commissioners concerning their position in regards to the West Fayette bypass and why it is ok to ignore the voters and the wasteful spending of $50,000,000. The answers you get should be worth a editorial.

Journalism requires reporting but also asking some tough questions to get to the real truth. To stop the elites, requires the tea party, the public and last but not least, a fair involvement of the local news media.

in this case. Your column is priceless, as in not worth anything.

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Your thesis on the overreach of local government in our lives is correct. Government, all government, is always a threat to our individual freedom. Without question the government feeds on power, all government. Once power is given it is rarely given up.

It is up to each of us to question the role of government in our lives and to limit its power over us. This is the legacy of our founders, that the government derives it power from the people. If freedom is lost it is due to a distracted or unconcerned citizenry. Our freedom is our to keep and equally ours to lose.

Does government derive it's power from the people?

Do we not elect our representatives in government everywhere to vote for us? It is impractical for us individually to vote personally on everything, isn't it?

Now that being so, what is meant by "power to the people?"

Isn't that power the vote?
Did we all who voted not note our choice and send both Bush and Obama and Governor Perdue and Mayor Haddix to office, by majority vote ruling?

Are we not required to wait for another election to make another choice? Barring criminal activity of course!

Can we not just elect the ones we choose in November, 2010, and in November, 2012?
But let's do it with a majority--not by a third party creating havoc, nor by a Supreme Court making someone President who did not get a majority vote, of course by a 5-4 vote!

As to the TEA party as such interfering here in PTC with day to day actions at City Hall, I find that crazy. The party opposite those in power only should speak out. Those of the same party as the power should shut up until the NEXT election!

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You are one of the best examples of why we need to limit the franchise and return our government to a Republic.

We ARE a republic----voters elect representatives to vote on each item for us, instead of a direct democracy where the public would have to vote on each item---an impossibility.

I think you are talking about states or communities doing as they please without a central lawmaker. If one wants slavery or public hangings, so be it.
If Texas doesn't ant to participate in declared war, so be it! etc.

Cal, among the first rules I learned in journalism school (GSU, '73) were one, be accurate, two, fairly present both sides, even in a personal column, and three, try and be a bit entertaining.

I don't remember anything, anywhere, about the wisdom of being a curmudgeonly grump who never says a kind word about anything or anyone.

In this column, you:
-- rip the Tea Party for failing excoriate the PTC government;
-- rip PTC government for waste and wanton spending that hasn't even happened yet;
-- rip council members without specifics;
-- rip the police for enforcing the law;
-- rip the public for asking for laws that address local concerns.

Does anything make you happy? I've read your rants from time to time, and never found anything of substance, primarily because you are consumed with vile hatred for those who run the city, no matter who they may be.

I've lived in this area all my life, and I'll be honest, PTC is a gem of a community that no one here ever dreamed would exist.

No, they're not running the city on a shoestring budget, but if PTC is going to stay the gem that it is, they shouldn't. It takes money to keep criminals out of PTC (which has the lowest violent crime rate in Atlanta.) It takes money to operate amenities - cart paths, pools, parks, etc. - that create value for homeowners by offering a quality of life that is beyond compare anyhwere within a thousand miles of here.

Mr. B, if you happen to see someone stealing, or sleeping on the job, or taking advantage of a child, unleash your venom then. But until then, try and find a little good every now and then, and talk about it.

For one, you'll feel better. And two, you might sell a few more ads.

Now, Mr. B., take a series of deep breaths, walk outside you office, put your nose next to a flower somewhere, and smell.

And get a life beyond trying to run PTC from an editor's chair that frankly you don't know how to handle.

Your friend,

Oh for crying out loud, it's an <strong>editorial</strong>, ssidenative!

Cal's got no obligation whatsoever to promote a viewpoint other than his own in an editorial.

The Citizen is a conservative newspaper that does an overall remarkable job in removing their own personal and professional biases from their news reporting (with the exception of Ben Nelms' slanted and fawning Tea Party coverage...but Mr. Nelms does an admirable job covering the BOE so I'll give him a pass).

You picked up a few here that just may come in handy down the road!

[quote=AtHomeGym]You picked up a few here that just may come in handy down the road![/quote]

Brownies are good, but nothin' compares to OberverofU/NotLindsey's famous trollhouse cookies! ;)

No, no, it's "points" NOT "cookies." Sorry, I tought you would make the transition.

I knew exactly where you were coming from, but you left me a "hanging curveball" that was too tempting not to hit at ooFU. :D

OK, that's it--nothing for you now but 2 & 4 Seamers!

Gym, I thought I might share my infamous baseball story...

Back when the kids were in Little League, I loaded up the minivan full of players and took them over to the batting cages just north of Fayetteville off Hwy 54.

I watched as they fought off fastball after fastball inside the cages, when all of a sudden *WHAM* something hit me...hard...on top of my baseball cap. I staggered a couple of steps and grabbed the outside of the cage fencing to keep from falling down.

I had assumed I'd been beaned by an errant baseball somehow...

until I felt something wet and foul dripping down the back of my head.

I'd been standing underneath a cell phone tower, and high up in that tower was a bald eagle nest.


I had been crapped upon by the ultimate symbol of America. Bullseye right on top of my head.

The kids, naturally, thought this was the absolute funniest thing they'd ever seen.

I'm still waiting for "The moral of this story is.....!

PTC Observer's picture

is that you shouldn't stand under the national symbol if you are a unionist, leftist, socialist, communist or otherwise politically confused individual.....or you will get the bird.

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ssidenative, this has got to be, by far, the best ‘ass chewing’ I ever read in our local fish wrapper! It should be required reading in every high school in the county.

Thanks for calling out CB. It was entertaining but you probably would have had better luck reasoning with a zombie.

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote for the Democrat.

Yes, Cal would have better luck reasoning with such as Cal Thomas, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and a score of other columnists in his paper!

Gort's picture

CHR: hold on to your hat, I’m about to quote a prominent Republican politician on the subject!

[quote] In the United States today we have more than our share of the nattering nabobs of negativism. Spiro T Agnew [/quote]

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote for the Democrat.

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Your question is what makes me happy. Assuming that's not a vile rhetorical query but a sincere solicitation about my mental state, I will refer you to Louis Armstrong and Julie Andrews for an upbeat response in keeping with your mental state (and they can carry a tune better than I). Indeed, what a wonderful world PTC is, full of our favorite things. My kids called it "the bubble." And that was 25 years ago.

Beyond your placid platitudes ("Can't we just all get along?") I have a slightly different take on "journalism" than you (by the way, what did you ultimately DO with that GSU degree?).

Mine is along the lines of "print the news and raise hell." Sounds like maybe your major was in public relations puffery. You're right, though: you probably puffed a lot and made a lot more money than I have, or will. We each have our own satisfactions, don't we?

I applaud the Tea Party uprising; it's urgently needed. And they need to address ALL government excesses and overreaching, including that closest to home. Do we disagree on that item?

“... waste and wanton spending that hasn’t even happened yet ...” Are you kidding me? In the past four years, Tennis Center loan repayments, police HQ rebuilding on the same garbage pit, 1.25 mill tax increase that shows up on current (not future) tax bills, no touching of PTC’s expensive sacred cows, etc.

Perhaps it has escaped your attention, but we are entering the fourth year of a catastrophic economic downturn — with no end in sight — and you are still nattering about “quality of life” and “amenities.”

What will it take for you to understand that the gravy days are over? Austerity is the new virtue. We all must live within our means, and that specifically means local government and that specifically means without squeezing more tax revenue out of a diminished tax base.

If you think our little “gem” is somehow immune to the macro forces at work in our nation and world, you are seriously deluded.

You call it venom. I call it truth serum.

No specifics about council members? If you characterize new leash law, proposed gas cart restrictions, tax increase, no layoffs, being led by the nose by staff, government by nonrandom survey, expansion of police powers and lack of observable principles of governance as amorphous nonspecificity, then you need to take a refresher course at GSU on logic and reasoning.

Police enforcing the law? As if they don’t have enough to do already with their huge increase in year-to-year traffic stops, now they get to turn their attention away from teen drug use, vandalism, gang tagging of neighborhood electric boxes, break-ins, etc., to chase down those vile, hated unlicensed slaughterers of innocent fish.

Talk about your broken window theory of policing. That’s been replaced by the contraband tacklebox theory of crimestopping.

“... laws that address local concerns.” Well, you just didn’t get the point of the column at all, did you?

That was the big point: The “concerns” of a vocal few should not be allowed to stifle the freedoms that all enjoy.

The council’s default reply to ALL pushes for ALL new laws should be, “NO!” Absent compelling, even overwhelming, evidence of real, proven public harm, we do NOT need any more laws. We have too many rules and laws reaching down into every crevice of our lives now.

I consider an ideal council to be one that meets and votes to lower taxes, cut expenses and then adjourn.

Thanks for your invitation to take some deep breaths. After this, I DO feel better.

As for running PTC from my creaky, cranky editor’s chair, I can’t even run my dog, much less my cat. Apparently neither can the ones we elected.

Your fellow ss-non-native and grateful survivor of Prof. Greiff’s news editing class,

That ol’ cur’ Cal

Cal Beverly
The Citizen
Fayetteville, Ga. 30214

Now Cal, you know the gripe is not about saving the fish but disposing of the fisherman who look different than US!
What say you about that? (They throw trash around also, and we don't).

Cal, first, didn't know you were a GSU grad as well. Prof. Greiff was a wonderful man, and he helped us all.

Second, I did pursue journalism for more than a few years, then took the cyanide and went over to the dark side (PR). I'm still there, for a few more years at least. And, I truly respect your ability to create and sustain a newspaper; nothing is more challenging, and I truly value that work.

Third, I truly appreciate your passion about PTC. But from that point forward, we couldn't see things any more differently.

We are in a recession, but not a "catastrophic" downturn that requires abandoning every positive in our lives for the sake of less. Your statement that "I consider an ideal council to be one that meets and votes to lower taxes, cut expenses and then adjourn..." is incredibly short sighted.

Let's assume you got your way, and PTC suddenly cut police officers, closed parks or limited their function, eliminated or drastically reduced staff departments such as industrial development.

What would happen to PTC, the anchor of the southside?

Would new residents rush in because of lower taxes? Would we see new entrepreneurs pouring in to open new businesses? Would we see new industry rushing to build new facilities, or occupy empty ones? Would quality of life improve?

Not on your life.

You would see an increase crime, with a lower police presence. Home prices, still supported by the "amenities" you decry, would further depreciate with even less housing demand than now. In turn, PTC would see a slower business environment with more closings, more empty space, and over time, a downward spiral for the town and the area.

Just a few thoughts from a random observer...I'll stop by one day and we can share some stories about Prof. Greiff.

So.....just keep hiring, spending and raise taxes whenever we need to.
It just happens that I also studied PR for a year and it sounded like much BS unless you wrote a Pulitzer! Speech Class? Local Town Politics? Work for a large Utility? Do Delta's Deeds? Work for the cops? Yuk!

What is a TEA?
1. Every law must be Constitutional! (You mean Congress and the President doesn't care?
2. No CAP and TRADE--pay the polluters to stop! What if they don't?
3. Amend the Constitution to require a balance budget! Isn't it now? The overages are charged off at a pittance to China and us.
4. A single-rate tax system. So simple that the great unwashed can understand it---The words will even be limited to a few thousand. Right!
5. Limit the growth of the budget to the inflation rate plus population growth. Are Mexican and others to be counted? War dead?
6. Repeal the new health act. Who needs that?
7. Reduce pollution and energy regulations. Then it can fly!
8. There is not to be one earmark! What? Are you joking?
9. Repeal all recent tax increases, and there is to be no tax increase on capital gains and estate taxes. (what are those?)


1. Smaller government, lower taxes, more freedom. What can I say about those generalities?
2. Repeal all laws about alcohol sales to adults. My lord, aren't they getting enough now?
3. Repeal all laws restricting the use or sale of drugs to adults. They gonna need it.
4. Same as #3 for firearms--includes everything that fires. Even atomic bombs.
5. Repeal any abortion laws--government should not be involved. Surprises me!
6. Wants the elimination of all taxes! Yeah me too, as soon as a substitute of about 3-4 trillion can be found.
7. No government schools! No subsidy for schools, state, local, or federal. We educate way too many kids now.

I'm not gonna bother with the "Green" party. Isn't that Mr. Brown of California? Let's use up what we have before we start that fool saving of air, water and all minerals. Heck the ocean is still full---some oil in NO.

Cyclist's picture

is a life long liberal demo and was much worse than his old man. Heaven help those poor folks in Mexifornia if he wins.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

It gives a really nasty pleasure to say, "you get that for which you vote and support", Calvin!

Before Cal's silly editorial disappears from this site, I need to make a few comments.

It is laughable that he finds finds "evil" in our local government in "government surveys", leash laws, and the proposed banning of gas-powered golf carts. And PTC cops enforcing fishing regulations?? If those are "evil" then how can we stand by and endure other infringements on our liberty such as stops lights, stops signs, yield signs, and white lines that order us to drive on the right side of the road? Oh, how evil has stolen our freedoms!!!

So now we should look to the tea party folks to protect our liberties? Cal forgets what motivates the tea party--fear and anger. That fear and anger arose when our country elected as President an African-American with an unusual name. The tea party will probably not get aroused over local issues until Peachtree City or Fayetteville elects an African-American with an unusual name as mayor. Wow, that will really get the tea party involved in local issues.


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Pay no attention to trillion dollar deficits, a health care overhaul complete with big govt hand prints all over it in the future that is as bitterly partisan as the abortion issue, a proposed cap-and-trade bill that even the Dems bailed out of, the total lies about "transparency," continued high unemployment with no end in sight, the idiotic beer summit, the complete distortions about "stimulus spending," the takeover of GM that screwed the creditors and but heavily protected the unions...on and on and on.

I have no doubt that there IS some fear and anger in the TP, but it's fear and anger over the disastrous path that the Dems/Repubs/Bush and now Obama have foisted on everyone. That fear and anger doesn't come from a half-black, half-white guy with an Ivy League education being elected Prezbo, however.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid et all have been miserable failures in the eyes of a lot of people and they are going to pay for it next month. Some Repubs also have already paid the price for their past BS and I am pretty sure that many more will feel the burn in the near future.

If it was all fear/anger/whatever over Obama, why is Harry Reid in the fight of his life against a fringe candidate at best? Why are Dems looking at the polls and crying the blues right now? Oh...I know! Talk radio! Glenn Beck! FOX! That's it. We live in a country that is INSOLVENT and people think it must be racism or something else firing up the unwashed masses suddenly.

I'm a little confused by your comments about deficits in health care overhauls, and the handprints on abortions!
The transparent unemployment, I get. Cap and Trade is responsible for that.

The dems bail-out of idiotic lies about the beer summit surely will hurt the half-black guy from Ivy walled brick buildings who got educated and elected.

Some republicans have already paid, you are correct. But the burn in their "near future," will really hurt.

It was anger and "whatever" over Obama (President) and fears of Harry Reid, the Mormon. Dems cry "the blues" with poles stuck you know where?

It is not Beck, Hannity, Sarah, Bristol, and Limbaugh, and some other "entertainers, that are insolvent, it is racism, TEAS and Libertarians firing up the nasty unwashed---NOT.

If all the bills were paid and no one owed nothin, the banks would have to close! We wouldn't even need oil or to fight wars!

Developers would even have to build houses with their own cash.

Well (as Ronnie said) Cal meant this:
First they came for the poles and we did nothing. Then they came for the Hungarians and we did nothing. Then they came for the Swedes and we did nothing, then they came for US!

It is the old story of should we get a poor ox out of the ditch on Sunday that is being unmercifully being gored to death?---It depends upon whose ox it is! Mine or yours!

Cal, I really appreciate your column regarding the Tea Party’s lack of visibility on local issues. And, yes, you are on target, more than you suspect, with regards to local relationships and self-preservation. Further, you will get no argument from me that the nanny-state disease has spread to the nanny-city and the nanny-neighborhood.

However, I can’t completely accept your challenge or premise without first putting this all in perspective. First, there are four or more tea party groups within the Fayette-Coweta area. Each are doing their very best to get information out to the public and to keep issues and topics focused on the fundamental principles that our country was founded on. There are more issues and topics than any group, or group of groups, could possible keep track of. There is an avalanche of legislation threatening the way of life most Americans enjoy. You must remember, the Tea Parties are all volunteers who have turned the entertainment TV off and committed our time to making a small difference. Most of us still have families to raise, clients to serve, businesses to run, elderly parents to tend to, churches to praise in, and a host of other activities each and every day. There are only so many hours for us to breathe and it is apparent that the political establishment enjoys that we are but working class citizenry.

Given the monumental uphill battle that we patriotically charge up, please don’t lose sight of the recent accomplishment that a local tea party was front and center on. While all of the establishment money and establishment officials backed and supported two incumbents, the Fayette County Tea Party drove home a significant victory. Further, they were able to get a school board member re-elected in spite of the lies and false allegations he was assaulted with. And yes, the Fayette County Tea Party was an outgrowth of FAYCOG, but perhaps FAYCOG was just a bit ahead of its time; the principles remained as it spun out the active tea party group.

All politics is local. Many have heard me plead and beg that they start regularly attending school board and commission meetings. It used to be that we voted in officials, then trusted them to do the job they were hired to do. As Reagan said, “trust, but verify”. It is my opinion that we can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines. When elected officials are watched and monitored, they tend to be more transparent. Peachtree City and Fayette County get away with exactly what the public lets them get away with.

But most important, the tea party movement is focused on state and national issues so that we can continue to live in the type of local community that we choose to. If PTC becomes the nanny-city where tax rates exceed their IQ, then the smarter ones can move to another locale by choice. We can move from city to city, state to state, and go where the function of government suits our preference. But if we let the Federal Government make rules for all of the land that every community must abide by, then competition between the states and various locales means nothing.

So, please, send some eyes, send some money, send some hands, and send some faith. We can use it all.

[quote=Pat Hinchey]

But most important, the tea party movement is focused on state and national issues so that we can continue to live in the type of local community that we choose to. If PTC becomes the nanny-city where tax rates exceed their IQ, then the smarter ones can move to another locale by choice. We can move from city to city, state to state, and go where the function of government suits our preference. But if we let the Federal Government make rules for all of the land that every community must abide by, then competition between the states and various locales means nothing.[/quote]

I've always wondered why the Tea Party types took a hands-off approach to local government, when it seems as if they could have the greatest immediate impact at the local level. Thank you Pat for sharing that, I don't totally agree with what you say but I will admit your argument has merit.

One thing I've been curious about for the past few years is how readily conservatives give our local state representative, Matt Ramsey, a free pass. As a Democrat, I never had much use for Ramsey's predecessor (ultraconservative Dan Lakly), but for the life of me I fail to see how local conservatives would support this guy. Ramsey manages to push through two or three "nanny state" laws each legislative session, he's got quite a record of using the state to usurp and ultimately legislate parental responsibility.

Despite his big-government approach to legislation, you don't hear a peep from local fact, the opposite is true as the Citizen gifts Rep. Ramsey with a soapbox during the legislative session.

I figure this must be a case of "Reagan's 11th Commandment"("speak no ill of another Republican").

I couldn't tell about much of what you said above but I won't be sending money, hands, nor faith to you.

I do believe that todays list of comments is absolutely the worst, most non-sensible, that I have ever read!

The hordes of ignorant, selfish, self-religious ones are taking over quickly.
It happens in every depression.

Eddie Long may be the next Senator from Georgia--Palin may even support him!

The <a title="There is absolutely nothing new concerning the Tea Party" href="">Tea Party</a>, as it’s called, is causing many to pay close attention to the Nov 2010 elections. The Tea Party prospects and their viability for office can be settled then. The “Tea Party” and its prospects and platforms could have its fate determined then. The elections will prove if either is really successful. Ought to they fail, it will have been merely the musing of cranks and crackpots. Should they succeed, it could be a testament to the resonance of their ideals within American culture. One thing is certainly settled about them. The Tea Party is nothing new.

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How appropriate....but does this explain your dillusional thinking?

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