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1 mystery solved, another remains

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It’s personality election time in Peachtree City, as evidenced by the postings commenting on an otherwise rather bland letter by this year’s surviving challenger — Stephen Allen — who is trying to unseat incumbent Eric Imker.

One new anti-Allen and pro-Imker poster — Greenbelt — raised suspicions; a verification check validated the suspicion.

Thursday afternoon, I posted the following comment on

“Greenbelt is committing identity fraud & election dirty tricks

“The Citizen has determined that the person posting as Greenbelt has posed for registration purposes as a real resident living in south Peachtree City.

“However, a phone call to that person for verification purposes has revealed that the person never signed up as Greenbelt and had no idea his real name, address and phone number had been used to scam The Citizen.

“In fact the real person is not supporting Eric Imker in the upcoming election.

“The Citizen has blocked this fraudulent user and is checking other registrations since last summer to determine if more fraud has occurred.

“The Citizen is also checking to see if any laws have been broken by this phony registration scam.

“We will be reporting more on this.”

I reported the incident to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, which later determined that no state laws appeared to have been broken.

Later Thursday afternoon, I received the following email:

“Dear Mr. Beverly:

“There is no need for you to further investigate who used Greenbelt today. I did.

“Am I in violation of your policy on posting, yes but I did not steal someone’s ID or use it knowing it was a fraud.

“Out of continued frustration that we have a mayor who continually lies on your blogs, a close friend provided me with, what I thought was their user name and password.

“Knowing that IP addresses are easily traceable, had I known what I learned from your post, I would never had used it. I trusted a good friend and that’s my mistake. I will not reveal who that friend is because it is their obligation to step forward as I have to you.

“Regarding the accusation I made concerning the mayor, at the next city council meeting, Dr. Pennington will advise city council that he, Paul and Skip pulled the records management system early on in the process and Eric, Kim and Vanessa did not know about it. That will be proof that the mayor continues to lie on the blogs.

“Hopefully, The Citizen will investigate that fact and if Dr. Pennington does not bring it up, then a call to ask him might be in order.

“Again, I did not use the user name and password knowing it was not legitimate but I believe it is important to notify you since my dealings with you have always been upfront and honest.

“My sincerest apologies and I will no longer post on the blogs.

“Thank you.

“Larry Sussberg”

Sussberg is a former member of the Peachtree City Planning Commission who resigned last year.

The unsuspecting person whose name was used to gain the Greenbelt registration is a retired Delta employee who supported Eric Imker two years ago in Imker’s first run for office. He said he had so many Imker signs in his yard he was afraid Code Enforcement was going to cite him.

This election cycle, the retiree is not supporting Imker, and stated that he supports Mayor Don Haddix in the mayor’s conflicts with Imker. He was shocked to learn that someone had used his name to gain a platform from which to attack Haddix and Imker’s opponent.

Sussberg already had a valid registration to post on the website, using his real name. Based on the above email and his violation of our terms of service, his privilege to blog on the website has been rescinded.

The irony is palpable: Perpetrating a lie in order to expose a “lie.” I suspect there's a lot more of that going on in this political season.

I’m still curious: Who was the “friend” who had knowledge of this Delta retiree, down to his street address and phone number?


Excellant job Cal. Do we know if the real Greenbelt actually loaned Mr. Sussberg his userid?

Excellant job Cal. Do we know if the real Greenbelt actually loaned Mr. Sussberg his userid?

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Talk about shooting one's self in the foot, but shooting the foot of who you're supporting? I'm sure Don is laughing his ass off right about now. A defeat of Imker will afford this uneducated and inept mayor to further embarrass this town.

It could be time to get serious about that property in SC.

Can understand but you might want to scrap that "organic" deal! See you Sat am.

Can understand but you might want to scrap that "organic" deal! See you Sat am.

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Not smart, not classy at all, and pretty sleazy.

You have legitimate gripes with the Mayor but what you did sure as hell isn't any kind of way to handle it.

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Yeah, like you said in the paper---" One of the primary reasons my family and I love Peachtree City is the friendly and kind atmosphere. So why don’t we want and expect the same from our elected officials? "

I'm keeping my kids away from you pal.

Poor ole Imker has gotta be doing some stress eating right about now.

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That's just funny right there! Bet a couple folks are wishing they could turn time back several months. It's all fun and games 'till you're busted by Cal in full view of those you hoodwinked. D'oh!

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

continue to astound and amaze us. A top-notch surgeon could not have done a better job of surgically removing a cancer than you have just done.

I will look forward to hearing who your next patient is going to be.

blog. Just goes to prove that means nothing at all when you can try to sneak in the back door and steal someone else's information to gain access. When I read back on Sussburg's blogs I want to regurgitate (hey Mikey, that's the lady-like way of saying it makes me want to puke.) Wonder how many more of these impostors are on this site. But, not to worry, seeing as how Cal knows how to get his man or woman, they don't stand a chance. Good job Cal, now go after the 'friend' Slushburg does not want to rat on. See there is honor among-----. Wonder how forthcoming he would have been if he had not known that Cal was about to out him?

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Wow. Dirty tricks. a county version straight out of John Mitchell and John Dean's playbooks.

as an impostor yourself... isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black? Or in lady-like terms, a pile of BS?

anything. Mr. Beverly has all my information on file and anytime he deems it appropriate to reveal that information he has my permission to do so. Since you seem to think you know it all, you should be aware that it is an accepted practice for bloggers to use chosen names, other than their own--mostly to protect ourselves from the likes of Sussbergs, etc. If Mr. Beverly and TheCitizen felt otherwise they would insist users use their legal names. If Mr. Beverly and others are okay with the status quo why does it bother you? You keep beating this dead horse--but that is what you do best. I do not see you coming down on your buddy Sussberg for his deception--this man who proved his machismo by blogging under his own name while stealing someone else's identity to try to sway public opinion. Where is the bravery or honor there? Sorry, Mikey, once again, you aren't even close and definitely no cigar.

Unlike the issue you have with telling time, this is pretty easy. Read slowly and maybe you will understand. You made the following request of Mr. Beverly:

Mr. Beverly, it would be interesting and beneficial to those posting on here to learn who this impostor is and what connection they may have to a candidate. Knowing the identity of this imposter and any others you discover will help the honest posters on this site to determine who is lying and doing so as a means to harm a candidate and the city by these lies.

By definition MYTMITE, you are an impostor (one that assumes hidden or false name or title for the purpose of hiding their true identity).
The fact that Mr. Beverly has your identity doesn't mean squat. You asked Cal this information on impostors for all of us to see, and I just wonder why that wouldn't apply to you as well?

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[quote=madmike]By definition MYTMITE, you are an impostor (one that assumes hidden or false name or title for the purpose of hiding their true identity). [/quote]
Your definition is off. An imposter uses another's name and/or reputation to perform a deceptive act. If I were to hack your login and post under your sobriquet, then I would be an imposter. The use of screen names is much more in the tradition of nom de plume than any other thing. Expressing one's "opinion" on a blog is not a deceptive act.

I agree that the deception aspect can be a part of the definition, but it is not required.

All persons who use a fake name in an effort to hide their identity for deceptive purposes are impostors;
However, all impostors do not have to use or intend to use the fake name for deception to be an impostor, as long as that possibility exists.

So, in your case or in MYTMYTE's case, we don't know what your intentions are. MYTMITE can jump up and down, get endorsements, tell me her age, sing songs about squirrels or get a written embossed letter from President Obama, but as long as she hides behind the moniker MYTMITE, instead of her real name, she could be using the name to be deceptive and in fact might be doing so. We don't know... thus she is an impostor.

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Since I do not know who you are, only "Mad Mike", I feel this entire blog string to be a bit puzzling. Words have meanings that should be followed. Your use of "imposter" gives a meaning that is offputting and assuming. I cannot use your definition. If one posts under their given name and still spouts garbage; they may not be an imposter to you, but most likely are an a*&hat to me. :)

No wonder you can't define it... you can't spell it! It's "impostor" with an "o" my friend. Didn't your spell-check catch that? An "imposter" would be one who levies a tax or something, if its even a word as to "impost" means to levy I think. Your buddy MYTMITE made the same mistake but I didn't correct her in fear she would go into a 16 page rant of how her dog ate the letter "O" on her refrigerator magnets.
Words are important and their meanings should be followed. We agree there. You must have missed my long debate about the meaning of the word "racist" a few weeks ago. Now that is a word that no one seems to use appropriately.
Now back to "impostor." Unless you can prove without a doubt that the person has no deceitful intentions, then by using the fake name, the person is an impostor through presumption. If I walk by a fence, and a dog snarls and shows his teeth at me, then I can say that is one mean dog. I don't need him to bite me to prove it, his other actions already told me this.

Oh, by the way. I am Mike LaTella, Peachtree City resident for 35 plus years

I like that you are brave enough to use your real name on here, Mr. LaTella. It shows that you have nothing to hide. Like if someone decided to go to the County Clerk's website and look up, let's say, your criminal record, I'm sure they would not find anything.

Such a big man setting everyone straight on here.

Side note to regular bloggers: Keep an eye out for Mytmite this Saturday for me. There are some looneys in this town.

Saturday. I think I would have enjoyed that so much. Thanks for the heads-up to the regulars. You can never have too many friends looking out for you but I really don't worry about the looneys--I can handle them. I know exactly what they will be looking for on Saturday and will be ready for them. As to my name, I would have no problem with posting it here because I really don't think there is anything the looneys on here can do to hurt me as they did dear sweet Muddle--no job to lose, no family here to hurt--but I would never give some of these idiots the pleasure of thinking they have pressured me into it. They show their stupidity by continuing to press for it. Shows just how ignorant they are---
Have a good one.

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But if we average bloggers had someone so seemingly dedicated to show up and constantly throw us softballs, we'd be hittin em over the fences too :-). You deceitful misleading espionage-driven blogger you.

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

carrying Tea Bagging, Newt Gingrich loving, mad about Perry, hankering for Cain conservative liberal who is really madly in love with Mike Latella. Who can resist such a manly man, who fearlessly flaunts his real name for all to see. After all he is 'bad to the bone", "too legit to quit" and has the longest tail in the room (Don't know if I would be bragging about that!) and now knows how to use a dictionary. What more could you want in a man?? Ah, unrequited love--what is one to do when her idol is so unreachable---especially since he is in the throes of a one way bromance with our Mayor. Guess I will have to be satisfied to just look upon his smiling (leering?) pic featured with his REAL name. No alias for this fine upstanding citizen----

You have finally professed your love! My heart skips a beat. Let's spend some time together reliving each others mis-spellings and grammatical errors on the blogs, in front of a warm fire and with a good Funk and Wagnalls in our hands. Unless you have a large-type version I will have to bring my reading glasses though. Who knows, we may even work in some time-telling lessons! Your place or mine?

trusty ole dictionary. If you had read and understood the meaning of Sarcasm you would have recognized it when you read it--but then you never did get what I was trying to prove to you with my post about Randy Boyette and time--Subterfuge--what you and some others on this blog have been using to cloud the issues. Of course today I can give you another S word to better describe subterfuge--Sussberg--also one of your cronies.

I hear there that there is some sort of school in the area that helps with remedial problems in comprehension, spelling etc., couldn't vouch for how good they are since I have not heard much about them but maybe you should look into it---sure couldn't hurt and they may give you a deal. Tell you what, you show me what spelling and grammatical errors I made on this site, and I will refresh your memory on yours--of course that list would be quite lengthly and I know how taxing it is to your brain to have to read more than one sentence at a time.

you had me at "Ah, Mikey." Didn't mean to stir up another novel from you. Sigh.

as I am sure you do with other small objects.

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Why don't you two just get a room and save some typing?


maybe we can arrange a private room for you two at Starbucks tomorrow and you can stir each other's liquid caffeine!

MITE is as sweet as sugar, so if she stirs my coffee with her finger it will eliminate my need for the packets. :)

Did you ever get that creepy crawly feeling like ten thousand spiders are crawling up and down your arms? Well, that is what I feel just at the idea of sharing the same air with this ego-driven bozo. And before MM in his warped reasoning takes this to mean I am attracted--let me put his mind at ease-I would find a purulent boil more attractive.

My name has a capital "T." Don't forget that. When that is left out, my Grandmother (God rest her Italian soul) rolls over in her grave and my uncles in NY get all in a tizzy. Ever heard of the "Dinner Set Gang?"

played by Gilda Radner on Saturday Night Live must have been based on a family member or you in drag.

The Wedge's picture

Now that is funny. Especially when you know a small portion of the story :)

what number? Hope to see you Saturday--and maybe you can provide--as Paul Harvey used to say----"the rest of the story." I just happened to think, since he is in charge, do we have to get his permission to meet on Saturday? Wouldn't want to cross him--after all he is "too idjit to quit." Hope to see you Saturday.

just got around to Mad Mike's post to you correcting your spelling of impostor. I guess he must be 'wary' of us on here who does not have his acumen. Just go back and read his many posts where each and every one had errors, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Guess he sits with granny's dictionary beside him now as he blogs. I think he has the Funk down--just hasn't been able to handle the Wagnall's yet. Sure gave me my laugh for the day.

The Wedge's picture

Although I still have no clue who you are, I do have a name and a quick google search notifies me that you are one in which not to trifle. I do not use spell check as it is not part of the blog entry and the misspellings I occasionally make do not concern me. You are playing a silly game with labels. I dub thee Malcontre and I am sure you care not. Good day :)

MM we can read what you think and see you are a man who stays in his own corner holding to his/her point of view. The label you place on some is yours and most of us if not all see your idea of how we should use screen names funny.

If I offer some form of entertainment then my posts here are not a waste. That is why my love for MYTMITE runs so deep, she makes me laugh... but alas, she always shuns my passes.


Being deceptive/impostor has nothing to do with someone blogging under their real name or for me a name I like. Not sure how long you have been computer illiterate but this (make up a screen name) came early on before bloggs where so prevalent.

The name I use was used in High school some 20+ years ago. It is a name I prefer when dealing with friends.

Not sure who put you in charge with making the rules/guidelines on what name people must post under to be legit.

Most of us have been here for some time and have been okay in discussion with the screen names we use. You appear to be the only cat in the room that has an issue with it.

Get over it.

I put myself in charge of the rules and guidelines. I am the one that can rule you legit or illegitimate. I my friend am, "too legit to quit." You T-man, are illegitimate.
Now, about the statement "Being deceptive/impostor has nothing to do with someone blogging under their real name or for me a name I like..." That is simply an incorrect statement. See points A, B, C above.
Maybe I am the only cat in the room that has an issue with it... but I have a long tail and you are in a rocking chair so watch how you rock.

'get'it. He is so puffed up over the fact that he uses his own name he cannot see reason. Of course, Sussberg showed us just how honorable that can make someone--keep posting under your own name and steal someone else's to do your dirty work. MM refuses to admit there is a difference using a blogger name with our correct information on file at TheCitizen and being deceptive and using someone else's information to spread lies. I think I have an explanation for his stubborness--see my Apology blog to him--if this is not the reason then we can only assume he is too stubborn to admit he is wrong.

Once we rescued a stray Heinz 57 mutt. He was adorable and we decided to give him a home. This dog just could not learn even the simplest commands--he barked when the wind blew, he barked at anything and nothing at all. My children named him Shadow for obvious reasons. After months and months of trying to get this animal to learn even the basics, we conferred with our vet. He informed us that some dogs, just like some individuals, have brains that are just not wired to accept and process information. Because he had won the hearts of the whole family we kept him and accepted his short comings, and he lived with us until old age got him.

I have come to accept the fact that you, too, share this problem, therefore I owe you an apology for expecting you to 'get' even the simplest of things. Shadow's saving grace was his cuteness, kindness and his steadfast desire to please. Alas, as far as I am concerned you share none of Shadow's endearing attributes.

"Woof, woof"! :)

Any chance you can ever stay on the topic and just answer the question, rather than going into boring diatribes about dogs, time zones, and whatever other random thought pass your brain? Geez,you have a knack for using 500 words for what most people can say in 10.
The question is: Since you advocate (to Cal) that "impostors" on these blogs should have their identity revealed, including what candidates they support, to the rest of us, as an impostor yourself, why wouldn't the request apply to you?

Try to limit your answer to a small pamphlet this time :)

to comprehend. I feel you have more than exhausted this impostor foolishness of yours. Let Mr. Beverly decide whether or not people on here who have proven they are who and what the say they are should identify themselves. After all it is his newpaper and his rules.

As for the length of my blogs, I feel reading these blogs is the extent of your reading so I wanted you to get the benefit of as many words as possible.

Because I like you I am going to give you an "A" this time for brevity (not "bravery" mite, so you might need to look that one up). A "C" for content, and as usual a "D" for relevance.


1: Stay on point (don't let your mind drift)
2: Make sure what you are typing is relevant to the subject at hand
3: Keep it short
4: Don't tackle tasks that are too challenging for you (like time)
5: And be sweet MYTMITE, you are a great grandmother right?

I am seeing improvements already, we can get you there!

attempting to give Seattle Slew lessons in horse racing, the height of arrogance and ignorance. I think you need to take a rest, let your "battery" recharge and try again.

Very disappointing news Cal. I appreciate Larry doing the right thing in the end, but I don't understand why there was a need to have this debate with the Mayor under an assumed, and apparently fraudulent, name. We all know Larry has been very vocal in his opposition to the Mayor (as I have) under his real name. Not sure what the purpose was here, and is uncharacteristic of a leader and an important business owner in the community. Just damn.

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What it reveals in character. Nothing more, nothing less


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