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2 years ago vs. today

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Two years ago this week — November 2008 — I wrote the following words in this space:

“Important election at a time of crisis:

“I can remember one other election since 1964 that has as much import as this year’s: 1980 and the seismic shift to a man of hope, Ronald Reagan.

“The nation was changed dramatically — many would say for the better.

“There seems to be a similar seismic shift this year in favor of an untested, mostly unknown first-term senator, but I fear the naked hopes of many are unfounded, even illusionary. I predict there’s going to be a tsunami of buyers’ remorse by this time next year.

“The nation will be changed dramatically — and most of us in Fayette County will be (literally) poorer for it. I hope I’m wrong, for the sake of a nation that for the first time in 70 years may come to believe that our country’s best days are behind us. Whatever else Obama may turn out to be, he most assuredly and deliberately is the anti-Reagan.

“(An astute local political observer said that an Obama presidency will be Jimmy Carter’s second term.)”

That was November 2008, just before the Obama landslide. You judge whether it was accurate. Three words from that old column are acutely appropriate today: “Buyers’ remorse” and “tsunami.”

Buyers’ remorse — the regret of those who voted for Obama — is the unstated driver of this year’s expected “tsunami” of voter disgust that will sweep Democrats out of even “safe” liberal districts across this nation.

Thank God for buyers’ remorse. Better to wise up late than never.

But Republicans have an almost supernatural ability to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. There will be GOP bosses across the land who will light up their cognac-soaked cigars the morning after and sigh with self-satisfaction, “We’re back. It’s ours again.”

So this is not a “I-told-you-so” jab in the eye to those who voted for Obama (but, really, what were you thinking?).

It is, rather, a warning to the country-club Republicans and their gold-cufflink-wearing legislators, from city level up to Congress.

You guys and your county Republican committees and your arrogant staffers fouled your own nests in record time the last time you were handed power. You guys quickly become just as deaf and dumb as the most devoted Nancy Pelosi disciple.

A restless, pre-revolutionary electorate is giving you mugs one more shot at cutting government at all levels and giving us back our liberties. You better get it right this time.

The bills and ordinances you introduce had better cut government meddling in our lives rather than increase it — and yes, I’m talking about law and order bills as well. There are enough laws on the books and enough prohibitions on all of us to gainfully employ cops and lawyers for the next two decades.

Give legislating new laws a well-deserved rest. Be proud to come back home and proclaim, “I voted to cut taxes, I voted to cut government power, and I voted against every proposed new law that micro-regulated something that was already regulated enough. I just said NO!”

So quickly do our newly elected officials get caught up in the game of governing that they lose sight of who sent them. Their philosophy — whatever it once was — becomes corrupted in their more or less successful attempts to push their snouts deeper into the public tax money trough.

I can name for you a dozen local examples.

Democrat, Republican, even Libertarian — it doesn’t matter. Elect them often enough to learn the rules of the governing game, and they all become public pigs at the trough.

The Tea Party is naive enough to think they can change the rules of the game. I’m naive enough to fervently hope they can change the game itself.

[Cal Beverly is editor and publisher of The Citizen.]


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Let's get the vote counting underway.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I think Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Joe Biden are all correct. The Democrats are going to have a really big night!

Heck- just look at that tiny little Beck rally next to that HUGE Comedy Central rally last week- right Bacon?

I see HUGE gains and an undeniable affirmation of the positive direction the progressive intellectuals are finally moving our country.


Your friendly local teabag supporting, fanatical, right wing, extremest, Christian, party of no, 'enemy', 'hostage-taker', neoconservative, gun and bible clinging, homophobe.

Nevada has just seceded from the union. They said they'd only agree to come back if Harry Reid packed his bag and moved to...(fill in the blank..any other country of your choice).

John Boehner has just ordered a years supply of Marlboros and a new tanning bed, and a a new wardrobe of zip up barracuda jackets in assorted colors. He has also announced that he and Barak will have weekly meetings in the rose garden, swapping fashionable ciggy lighters. ooohhh yaaaa...

Just another off-year election!

No one in official capacity by the electorate is going to change anything.

No matter how many Washington changes there are in this election, we are still going to be deeply in debt. We still are going to have "real numbers" of unemployed of 20-25%--yes 3/4 supports the other one-forth, which doesn't count pensioners, etc.

If a new congress can do anything (due to the veto power) and they can somehow stop any stimulus money for local cops, firemen, teachers, roads, schools, and business loans, we will simply get worse off sooner.

No regulations now in force will be voided--especially on banks and Wall Street. More are needed to avoid a same catastrophe from the greedy again.

I fail to understand the comparison you always make between Reagan and Carter! Reagan spent 6 trillion extra and disobeyed a congressional law. Carter was simply not impressive with royal BS.

As to your love of the so-called TEA party, I fail to see anything good coming out of a group of impossible wishers who are destroying the old GOP!

We still have millions of foreclosures to go, and soon. Sooner than normal if no more help comes from Washington.
We are on the precipice of monetarily falling into pay back demands by our creditors in a way that certainly won't allow us much reign!

President Obama didn't put us there. As you said, all of the current crowd either proposed the failures or turned a blind eye for ten years.

Can you tell me how anyone elected this time can suddenly or even in years dispose of the current unemployment situation, finance small and large business without terrible risks, or stop jumping into every middle-east war we can find?

After reviewing the election results, what I say above is still true.
The big difference is this: The House won't get two years to solve the credit and jobs problems and end the wars that they gave President Obama!

They will start hearing from the unelected radicals within 3-4 months to get mean and ugly quickly!

They will want to cut off all spending above budget instantly (unemployment, TARP, stimulus, etc.,) which will of course crate additional unemployment provided that they could even do it. They can't however, no more than could President Obama.

The Federal Reserve today printed about a trillion dollars more of stimulus for banks to loan to someone-probably businessmen--and not a peep was heard from anyone!

If the House now tries to foreclose on all underwater homes behind in payments immediately, then all hell will break loose with the foreclosed BANKS and job losses.

If the states are not given any more grants for schools, cops, firemen, teachers, and roads--just cut it off--further calamity will occur.

Is this what we want? An almost immediate DEPRESSION?

Of course not!

There won't be any significant change--it will still take 5-10 years to resolve our current serious problems created over last ten years.
Only thing is the conservatives (two groups) think they can do it in two years!! (but know they won't---just want the power and 10 years to do it their way).

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And nothing has changed and after this election nothing will change except power will go from one established political party to another, both power hungry and ready to stamp out individual liberty.

You are right the Tea Party is politically naive.

If we want change we can believe in we had better begin changing the way we do business in Washington. That means doing less business in Washington and more business at home in our states.

Here's 18 things we need to do to turn things around:

1. Repeal the 17th Amendment

2. Repeal the 16th Amendment and replace it with nothing, absolutely nothing.

3. Pass a balanced budget Amendment and reject Keynesian economics forever.

4. Return the country to a Republic - limit the franchise by denying those that work for the government in any way the right to vote.

5. Begin dismantling the corrupt federal apparatus from the top down, starting with the Department of Education.

6. End the Federal Reserve

7. Protect our National sovereignty by securing our borders and punishing businesses that hire illegal aliens.

8. Create jobs by recognizing and reward risk taking, savings and capital formation by

a. Reducing capital gains taxes to zero
b. Eliminate inheritance taxes
c. Overhaul patent laws that are outmoded.
d. Eliminate taxes on savings interest

9. Attack the problems related to Trial Lawyers – Tort reform in every sector of the economy – key provision is to make the loser pay the bill.

10. Minimize government regulation and thus unleash the full intellectual capacity of the country. Remember that regulation does two things to make the country less competitive; a. it drains resources away from productive effort, and b. it comparatively puts the US at competitive disadvantage to those countries that have no such regulations. Pass legislation to toughen penalties on defective products, and negligence by unprincipled businessmen. Throw the book at them when they are guilty no matter how wealthy they are.

11. Drive government decision making to the local level and give local authorities more say on how they use the people’s money. It makes no sense to send money to the central government and have them give it back to local government. It is not efficient from a economic standpoint. Repeal all federal mandates against the states.

12. Reduce military spending as a percentage of GDP – we don’t need to be the world’s police. Set a limit on defense spending based on a percentage of the GDP. Recall our troops from all foreign soil but build up our Navy to be second to none to protect free trade.

13. Eliminate corporate welfare – we need to stop protecting unproductive croney-capitalists.

14. Get government out of Banking & “private” business – government needs to let weaker banks and other companies fail no matter how big they are. If they can’t compete they can’t compete, just that simple.

15. Incent legal immigration of scientists, physicians, nurses, mathematicians, and wealthy individuals to the United States.

16. Slowly dismantle the Federal Reserve Bank (a private bank that controls the money supply). I am just saying it again in case you missed it the first time.

17. Return to a gold standard or something like it. For those that don’t understand this notion, the reason we have major cycles in our economy is due primarily to the FED trying to manipulate the money supply. Tie the currency to a precious metal and currency can’t inflate because you can’t increase the supply of the metal quickly.

18. Require the Senate to confirm judicial appointments within a session or the appointee gets a pass into the court system without a Senate vote. If the appointee is appointed late in a session they have until the end of the next session. Pass Amendment to make this Constitutional.

Heck yeah, PTC Observer, let's not stop there. Let's blow up all our factories too. Look what progress the German's and Japanese made after WWII! Let's take that unemployment rate up to 100%, then the only way it can go is down. Yee-hah!! Climb aboard the atavism express!!

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You're over your head, go study ECON101.

Yeah, I guess I forgot to take one when I got my graduate degree in that field. Or, perhaps I CLEPed it. Been so long ago, I dun fergit.

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Must be from Harvard that bastion of liberal thinking. As a matter of fact your posts remind me a lot of graduates from Harvard.

In case you missed it, that’s no complement.

Finished your Times yet, no? Read it carefully you need further direction.

Harvard? I wish. Too poor for that school. I be a Jawjuh boy, from right here in this fine area. But, I did get out for a while to see the world. Guess you missed the last bus out. Too bad. There's more to life than fearing the Fed and hating Yankees. Have you tried blogging?

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I hated Yankees?

I don't hate anyone, even you Ninja.

I was curious to know what you thought of that 16 year longitudinal study that was released yesterday that showed that <a href=" wage increases absolutely, positively do NOT kill jobs, contrary to long-standing economic assumptions</a>.

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for liberal economists to gather enough data to confuse themselves.

I would say to use your common sense but that would be an error in judgment on my part.

I know you have trouble grasping complex theories sometimes (don't feel bad, GA Patriot does too!), so here's a better explanation of how raising the minimum wage does NOT lead to more unemployment. It does use a rather large scary word ("counterintuitive") so they have helpfully supplied a comic strip to help educationally challenged folks like you and GA Pat understand.

<a href="

"The early returns and overwhelming number of Democrats who are coming out – we're on pace to maintain a majority in the House of Representatives," Pelosi told reporters during a photo op in Washington.

Watch This!!!

Your friendly local teabag supporting, fanatical, right wing, extremest, Christian, party of no, 'enemy', 'hostage-taker', neoconservative, gun and bible clinging, homophobe.

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fear mongering with no substance... generaliztions... McCarthism??? WMDs!!! ahhhhh...think of how little progress this countries history would have with this midnset... fear fear fear..."they took our jobs!"...


Yep, as you say, the TEAS are naive; would only take 15-20 years to implement their recommendations.

As to yours, maybe 50 years! And a perfect blending of all minds by magic would be necessary!

Change practically the whole Constitution!
Eliminate regulations but add regulations!
Economy based on gold? Has tripled in last few years! Might as well base it on Turnips!
Become Isolationists again! Right! We would be wiped out quickly.
Get government out of business! Didn't we just try that with the banks, etc.?
Only take the illegals we want! Yes like their country would agree to that!

You are really mixed up!!

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Very well put...4,7,9,11 and 13 would solve so, so much... unfortunately to implement any REAL platform like this takes time, and the dip the country would take while doing this would hurt that platforms re-election bid. As long as the Big II own the press, this will never happen.


This is the article I wanted to write, but Krugman beat me to it.

You don't run a country's economy the way you run your household budget.

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You don't really expect us to swallow this tripe do you?

Krugman has been held up as the left's only "correct" economist for years and the country is on to him.

Go back to your NY Times and stop bothering us with this stuff.

YOU do realize that WE actually know who Krugman is, right? Here is ONE small example of a zillion reasons why he is the least credible economist (and that is REALLY saying something) in America:

Here is the article I would have written, but John Cochrane beat me to it:

If you truly think Krugman is either legit OR correct.... it's good that you wear a mask.

Your friendly local teabag supporting, fanatical, right wing, extremest, Christian, party of no, 'enemy', 'hostage-taker', neoconservative, gun and bible clinging, homophobe.

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sadly there are thousands of people that believe in and worship Krugman. He is proven wrong over and over again but this does not change a thing. Krugman simply trys to shape reality to his view of economics by blaming enemies of the state. He is a "personality" on the left just as Keyenes was a personality supporting FDR's take over of the economy during the Great Depression. Krugman is and continues to be a political tool of the left. He is lining his pockets with liberal largess and smiling all the way to the bank.

You guys talk about the left like its the boogey man or something. Why so afraid? Makes me want to write more on my brain structure theory of political tendency. You guys don't want that on the blogs, now do you?

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If you don't see the threat of the left to individual freedom then you are too far gone. It's the left's central precept that the state should make decisions through a poltical elite for the masses.

Brain structure theory? Lay it on us pal.

who Krugman is. Sure, I think he is legit. Won a Noble prize. An extremely high percentage of folks in that category are legit. As for him being correct? I guess he is more often than not. I read most of the Cochrane article. Seems based mainly on the Efficient Markets Theory. That theory is good reading and B-schools make students bow down to it, but once you get out in the real world, you find that the markets are hardly efficient. Otherwise, why are all the big banks running proprietary trading desks? Because the markets aren't efficient and they can make outsized profits as a result.

What was the name of that "Prize" Mr. Obama won.... wasn't it one of those "Nobel" thingies too? And what was it again he did to get it? I keep fergittin.

Pretty lofty stuff huh?

Your friendly local teabag supporting, fanatical, right wing, extremest, Christian, party of no, 'enemy', 'hostage-taker', neoconservative, gun and bible clinging, homophobe.

I agree with you on that one--it was a farce. Those Norwegians must have been out drinking heavily the night before deciding who to give that one to.

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won the Nobel Prize and Mr. Obama and Yasser Arafat. The Nobel Prize should be re-branded The Feel Good Prize. It is meaningless except to those that covet it.

Anyway, markets are not efficient but they are more efficient if they are left alone to operate.

As you know economics is theory based on rational observation. Krugman ignores reality; he obscures reality and twists it to meet the Krugman theory. This in turn delights the left and they hold him up as a legitimate economist....they give him the Nobel Prize.

No, Gore did not win. Some environmental group on climate change won. Gore just got to go to the dinner and wear the medal for pictures. Sure, some win for nothing and some for theories later proven to be false. As for Krugman, he won for work on New Trade Theory, which involves a bunch of technical stuff about international trade and geographic specialization and network effects and blah, blah, blah. I would say that Krugman does look at economic activity rationally. How does Krugman obscure reality? He got a big cape he throws up to fool everybody like that guy who makes the Statue of Liberty disappear? Come on now--you may not agree with him but you gotta admit he has some serious brain power under all that hair.

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Gore has received a number of awards including the Nobel Peace Prize (joint award with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) (2007)- wiki

He also invented the Internet. - al

He also like massages in his hotel room, without Tipper being there. - al

On Krugman, let's call a peace on this subject. You won't change and I won't change so what's the point.

I am tired, I am going to bed and wake up tomorrow to see how the elections went. Kind of like Christmas when I was a kid.

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I ask my Right and Left friends how their personal life has changed in the last two years. The give me the retoric of the day and not much more. When I isolate the question more; "HOW HAS YOUR LIFE CHANGED"... give me dollars and cents... how was 2008 different then 2007. 2005 vs 2004...2000 vs 1999. I never get an answer. They have the energy to rant, but not the resolve to reflect. Just the fear tactics of the day. The Republicans platform has zero solutions. Have we become that small minded to vote for the loudest person in the room? And the Dems don't have the gutz to stand up for what they believe in and pacify the public by shifting to the middle. Can you imagine a Mccain/Palin White House. She would have quit by now... there would be no GM or Chysler and the Bank of China would be our largest institution..OR...they like the Dems are full of crap and it would be just another day...

The Republicans are bullies, the Dems P#$ssies and the Tea Party are the rednecks that Howard Dean metioned in 2004.

We need a legitimate 3rd party to save our country... or like Rome, we will fall...


No GM, No Chrysler, No Problem. Why would it be? You probably think GM has paid back the bailout too, right?

Oh, and 'our paper' is already owned by China now - they finance our debt (which has tripled). In other words- they ARE our bank. You feelin' me?

Dollars and Cents? How about twice as many people don't now have a job as 24 months ago. Can you translate that?

McCain is more liberal than most of the Democrats that won last night and Palin is an extreme partisan in too deep to cover the bet mentally - like Obama - and reads a great teleprompter - like Obama.

Don't take it personal, Yo, dems juzt the fax, Yo.

Nice moniker, Yo.

Your friendly local teabag supporting, fanatical, right wing, extremest, Christian, party of no, 'enemy', 'hostage-taker', neoconservative, gun and bible clinging, homophobe.

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Yo! That is WORD!

Totally agree on GM and Chrysler too......they both do indeed suck and I wouldn't miss them. Feel sorry for those without jobs, but hey, NOT TOO BIG TO FAIL! Peace out!

Imagine putting the $ in to this car company we have put in to Chrysler (twice) and GM (twice).

<cite><strong>"In order to protect against both foreign and domestic threats, Carbon’s E7 will utilize weapons-of-mass-destruction sensors, automatic license plate recognition, infrared cameras and its proprietary On-board Rapid Command Architecture (ORCA™)"</cite></strong>

Your friendly local teabag supporting, fanatical, right wing, extremest, Christian, party of no, 'enemy', 'hostage-taker', neoconservative, gun and bible clinging, homophobe.

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And this is all Obamas fault right? This just happened on his watch right? China found the US during the Obama administration correct? The Auto industry, which is directly 8% of the gdp and indirectly 20%+ should have not been supported correst? Homes double in percieved value under Dubyas watch and we turn from common sense and call it "growth". But an unprovoked racist war against Iraq that could have paid for Social Security, Medicare and reduce our debt for the next 25 years goes unaccounted for by Republicans and Democrats. The massive deregulation that BS tax credit that Bush spent 80 million in postage for sending out $600 checks goes unaccounted for.

How can the Republicans bitch about spending when Bush I and II outspent Clinton and had larger governments? We LOVE infotainment (Fox, CNN, etc)

Because we are sheep... and TV is our Bible...


Imma vote for barrack nex time. man. 80 million wasted by bush yo. i didn no dat. deregulation of the economic associative dialectical econometric exchange funds and stamps all lost and what not. yo. word. an true all the auto machine is led up by chryler and gm yo. cause ford and spinnin nuttin you feelin me? all them repuibs makin home loan like barney frank man a man squeel wit joy cauz they aint gonna qualify anyone no way see.yea. im all on da obama train now.

Your friendly local teabag supporting, fanatical, right wing, extremest, Christian, party of no, 'enemy', 'hostage-taker', neoconservative, gun and bible clinging, homophobe.

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not very creative... work on your game


I wear my pants and shirts correctly and they are of the proper size and fit. I am well educated and work hard to better my family, my community and myself every day. You can't hear my music whenever I am driving or parked. I obey the laws. I pay my bills and my taxes. I am a father to my children and a husband to my wife. I don't wear obtuse costume jewelery. My cars do not determine my identity or self-worth, nor does my house.

In other words, I don't have a game yo. Besides, the village only needs one idiot.

Tag, your it.

Your friendly local teabag supporting, fanatical, right wing, extremest, Christian, party of no, 'enemy', 'hostage-taker', neoconservative, gun and bible clinging, homophobe.

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You are a racist and bigot. Fear mongering and name calling is your sole platform blog after blog. Generalizations with zero substance. You hide behind your elitism and forget what this country is about. Progress, tolerance and understanding. Yell and scream all you want. High School bullying seems to be all you know. You are sadly assuming who I am and what I represent. What you pride yourself on is not special just your choice. Hitler, Mussilini, Bin Laden wanted absolutes and seperated by stereotypes... sound familiar?
By your standards, dozens of politicians do not represent "I obey the laws. I pay my bills and my taxes. I am a father to my children and a husband to my wife." including your beloved Gingrich. Small mindedness is laughed at in history which you seem victom of.


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I'm curious are you inferring that a racist and a bigot is one that agrees with the attributes that Johnny mentioned in his post? If so, I suspect that many on this board will strongly disagree with you.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Of course! That makes perfect sense (in your stunted "It's all about me" world) It’s the new Republican mantra:

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin

Cyclist's picture

small minded individuals view the world. Sad, isn't it?

[quote=Mikeyc]Of course! That makes perfect sense (in your stunted "It's all about me" world) It’s the new Republican mantra:

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Cy, you just don't understand--yoiu're supposed to stay in your own little "It's all about me" world and not ask any questions or seek explanations. And while Mikeyc might have joined up in 2009, it's pretty clear that he hasn't been paying much attention to either this comment board or the real world around him. And if he's having coping problems now, just think what he'll feel like in a couple more years. I just hope he gets signed up for good health insurance while he has a chance. Oh, Mikeyc bring your checkbook, cause it's gonna be a big one!

hutch866's picture

And that is different from the Dems mantra how?

I yam what I yam

You may have gone to school, but you are NOT well educated. Your previous post is racist and moronic.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin

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