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After the fall . . .

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The cynic in me says that Democrats will learn nothing from the midterm election. They not only took a bath, they were effectively water-boarded by voters.

Democrats lost the House by a margin not seen since 1948. They lost 10 governorships while retaining two — New York and California. Both states are insolvent and can be expected to ask for bailouts from the federal government, something a Republican House is unlikely to grant. Republicans will get to re-district most states in ways favorable to them for at least the next decade. Nancy Pelosi will step down as speaker, though Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid managed to survive a nose-holding election in Nevada.

While Democrats have complained about lack of cooperation from Republicans in enacting President Obama’s agenda, don’t look for them to show the way by cooperating with Republicans. The GOP has swept solidly into the House on a wave of voter anger at the elitism and condescension shown by so many Democrats and their big media allies who think the public is stupid because a majority do not agree with the notion of government as savior.

Democrats aren’t in a cooperating mood, as they usually aren’t when they lose. And make no mistake, they’ve lost big. By every measuring stick — governorships, legislatures, independents, women — Democrats have lost. Republicans would be crazy to water down what clearly is a mandate to stop the Obama-Reid-Pelosi liberal agenda.

I expect congressional Democrats, in collusion with the White House, to attempt to maneuver Republicans into another government shutdown. It worked before and since Democrats have not had a new idea in years — or even a good, old idea — all they know is class warfare, entitlement and grievance.

At his post-election news conference Wednesday, President Obama said many of the things he thought people wanted to hear — common ground, consensus, working together — but he steadfastly and perhaps understandably would not cede any territory on his administration’s core policies, especially national health insurance. Newly-empowered Republicans aren’t likely to compromise, since that usually means they are the only ones doing the compromising, which in the past has led to disgust by Republican voters who don’t want watered-down conservatism, but spending reductions and smaller government.

Don’t look for President Obama or the Democrats who survived the carnage to admit their policies were wrong, or that they misjudged the public. After so many in the leadership denigrated voters as being insufficiently enthusiastic about all government was attempting to do for them and questioning the smarts and the sanity of those ingrates who don’t agree with their policies, I wouldn’t expect such people to have a change of heart or mind. That is especially so since the mainstream media can be relied on to question every Republican effort to reverse the policies and spending initiatives of the last two years.

For Republicans the challenge is to maintain their “purity” in an environment that is the political equivalent of a brothel. Both Senators-elect Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, and Joe Manchin, West Virginia Democrat, said in their victory statements that Washington is broken and they are going there to fix it.

That reminds me of an old lyric: “It seems to me I’ve heard that song before. It’s from an old familiar score. I know it well, that melody.” A little more than two years ago, outgoing (thankfully) Speaker Nancy Pelosi pledged to “drain the swamp” that is Washington. Instead she built a hot tub.

It’s difficult to change Washington. More often, Washington transforms the reformers. It’s the political equivalent of Prohibition. Maybe this bunch will avoid the “speakeasy.” Maybe.

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is Obama didn't do a good job in getting his message out, It must be true, I heard him say it. Oh and one more is STILL George Bush's fault. FWIW, message received, reply sent, over and OUT. -GP

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We have 23 months to go until the next election, if the newbies in Congress aren't able to begin to dismantle this broken government, then all they have to do is hold down the fort, re-enforcements are on the way.

If you believe that the government is "too big to fail", then you're wrong. Big government has already failed.

It has failed to provide security to our nation.
It has failed to protect individual liberty.
It has failed to protect property rights.
It has failed our old, our young and our unborn.
It has failed at every social program it has ever started.
It is our problem and it is not the solution to anything.

Government by any measure is simply an evil necessity and we should make certain that it never gets this big again, ever.

We need to reduce its size and scope before it takes down the entire ship.

Starting yesterday!

I haven't read such trash since I read Hitler's "Mien Kampf."

One would think revolution of the citizens is in order and must be accomplished! Heil!

This is just more of the same propaganda being generated by a minority of fools who want to "overthrow" our government, if not by votes, by any means necessary!
They are so "right" that it doesn't matter how it is done.

We just left about two years ago an administration who had nearly totally destroyed our country, economically and nearly all of our principles!
The reason President Obama was elected is due to that fact.

Now they want to say that our problems are the fault of President Obama's election--it is he who let the banks exaggerate legal practices; it is he who caused our unemployed to double or triple; it is he who spent 2-3 trillion dollars (so far) on two wars that have produced nothing except to destroy the entire government and military of Iraq, that we now are responsible for protecting from Iran; same for Afghanistan; and, it is he who is the socialist-communist---reminds me of the McArthy congressional hearings of over 50 years ago.

The great recession has fathered a number of minority groups such as the TEAS who have been the ones who lost the most jobs. They are jealous of the bailouts of the banks, car companies, and the Federal Reserve bank's meddling in finance. They also hate the UN! Also, any social program. Yet they draw their unemployment for two years and want more. They ALSO WANT MORE THAN THEIR SHARE OF THE STIMULIUS money for cops and firemen and teachers from the federal government.
Their great defense of state's rights is a farce since the states couldn't exist without federal aid--locals won't vote the taxes necessary.

A situation not created by President Obama.

A magician couldn't straighten out the foreclosure and unemployed and finance markets in any reasonable time, it is so bad.

Why these idiots want us to stop helping the necessary functions and allow a Depression, I don't know. They know it would happen.

Don't blame Bush if you do not wish to sully a President's name, but do blame the policies of 8 years of ignoring severe problems that put us where we are --due to their wanting to keep the economy going on borrowed money--which brings votes.

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