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Voting disticts

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Voting districts

Having lived in Fayette County for 50 years, I have voted around Fayetteville in a number of different places.

Let’s see - I remember voting at the American Legion Log Cabin, a couple of the schools, the Masonic Lodge, the First Baptist Church and I think one time at the Administration Office.

When Fayette County was laid out in 1821, there were nine voting districts created. Each of the districts was given the name of a resident who lived in it, i.e. Captain Robinson’s District, for instance. Read More»

Growth of the Chamber

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Growth of the Chamber

Back in 1967 there were a number of business folks who realized it was time to put together a Chamber of Commerce for Fayette County. 

They needed some secretarial help and I was drafted. A local attorney put together all the legal necessities and one was born.

There were very few places to meet in the county at that time and no funds to rent an office, even if one were available.

Consequently I ran the Chamber out of my living room its first four years. Read More»


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I have never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions and certainly never one about losing weight. At the age of 82 I only weigh 150 and that’s fine with me.

I have some suggestions, however, for every body else. If you’re retired: my thoughts of an organization in which you could volunteer is the Fayette Samaritans. It is a food and clothing non-profit dedicated to the needs of Fayette Countians. Read More»

Attending funerals

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I sure have been to a lot of funerals lately. I guess when you become older than dirt, that happens.

One funeral was conducted by a preacher who loved to sing. Not only did he lead the congregation in song, but when he followed the deceased up the aisle, he was belting out a song with all he had. And yes, he was good at it.

At another funeral, the deceased for decades had always sat in the same seat. If you’re a church-goer, you know that the faithful will always sit in the same spot, and woe be to those who dare to occupy that spot. Read More»

A memorable New Year's Eve

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I have a family desk in my house and looking at it brings back memories of New Year’s Eve in 1949. I was 17 years old and was, of course, very wise. New Year’s Eve fell on a Saturday night that year and my Methodist Youth Fellowship group was having a Progressive Dinner, having a salad in one home and then going to another home for the main entree and end up at my house for dessert. We would play Canasta all night. To bring you Millennials up to date, it’s a card game. Read More»

Showing a classic

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This week is the 75th anniversary of the movie “Gone With The Wind.” The book was released in May, 1936 to Book Club members and in June, 1936, to the general public. It was the middle of the Depression and $3.00 for a book was a bit pricey. Many went together and kicked in a quarter each to make the purchase.

The movie came out in December, 1939 with its premier in Atlanta on Dec. 15 It is reported that when an actress from England was chosen for the top female role, a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in Florida commented, “at least it wasn’t a Yankee”. Read More»

3 feet deep in snow

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In the Akron area of Northern Ohio I don’t recall us having over 3 feet of snow at any one time, certainly not the 6 and 8 feet of weeks ago.

I recall one time in November in the mid 1940’s that on a weekend the Methodist churches in Akron asked families to house a visitor or two from north Ohio churches for a Methodist Youth Fellowship member (MYF for short) for a Youth conference.

My parents graciously offered to take two visitors to spend Friday and Saturday night with us. They were all picked up at one church on Friday night, and it had begun to snow softly. Read More»

Shirley Temple dress

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I wrote last week about having whooping cough in the summer of 1939 and having to spend the next six months in a sanitarium for complete bed rest. My left lung had collapsed from coughing so much. I’m sure if that condition were true today I would not have been sent there.

You see, it was a TB sanitarium, and most patients there indeed had tuberculosis. The heavens were smiling down on me and I survived those six months without catching that problem. Read More»

Two holiday dinners

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In the summer of 1939 I had whooping cough so bad, my left lung collapsed.

It was decided to put me in the Edwin Shaw Sanitarium in my hometown of Akron, Ohio. No comments please, about it being called a sanitarium.

I was to have complete bed rest for six months and not get home until Christmas Day.

We all learned about the first Thanksgiving in school, so I shall not bore you.

Interestingly, the dates were shuffled around by various United States presidents until Abraham Lincoln set a date in stone in 1863. Read More»

All for one

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There was a discussion at the Fayetteville City Hall recently as to whether the city fire department should remain a part of the city, or join with the county fire department.

Many people in authority spoke at that time and various charts were shown. The possible savings were expressed, but there was one side not available on charts.

The opinion of the firemen could only be expressed in person. And they did. Read More»

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