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You're fired

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The American voters made a strong and powerful statement with last Tuesday’s election results. The electorate swept out scores of Democrats from the House of Representatives and put a serious scare into the Democrats in the Senate.

One can put a number of differing spins on the results but Republican victors should proceed with caution. An argument can be made that, in 2008, the voters were not so much supporting the Democrats as they were firing the Republicans.

The same argument can be made about this election — that the voters are not so much enamored with Republicans but rather fired the Democrats.
Republicans are already talking about their “mandate,” much as the Dems did in 2008. The Democrats discovered that the mandate they thought they had was not a mandate at all.

The people wanted “change” in 2008, but not the type of “change” they got. The nation has soundly rejected the policies and partisan politics of the past two years. If the Republicans make the same mistake, they will likely be fired in 2012.

The winners in this election include the Tea Party candidates who come to Washington untainted by the stench of both Republican and Democratic professional politicians. They will need to be careful not to become corrupted by the culture of power.

Other winners include average citizens — particularly citizens who are weary with large and intrusive government — who mobilized and became engaged in the political process. Once again, the American public demonstrated that, as long as the Constitution remains, they have the final word.

Those who have been damaged include the radical leftists, out-of-touch politicians, and the President himself. The Democrats, however, have no one to blame but themselves. They had the Oval Office, the Senate, and the House of Representatives for two years. Anything they wanted to pass, they could — and did. They did not need a single Republican vote so no force could stand against them.

The arrogance of passing a 2,700-page healthcare bill that no one seemed to even read symbolized the problems of the Democrats. Other bills, unpopular with the citizenry, were jammed down their throats and the response was that the American people exercised their collective veto and fired many of those in power.

So, where from here? The country is still in an economic mess. The country is still at war. Illegal immigration remains a serious problem. The unemployment rate is still high. Prices are beginning to rise on consumer goods.

Now that the Republicans, including the Tea Party candidates, have a prominent seat at the table, they will be expected to help solve the problems. It will not be good enough to simply oppose — they have to produce.

The President also has a choice. He can remain a left-leaning ideologue and be fired in 2012 or he can work with the new situation in Congress and hear the loud message of the American people who hired him.

Perhaps, like President Clinton, he will earn a second term — but it will have to be earned. The voters have found their voice and no longer have any hesitation in saying, “You’re fired!”

[David Epps is the pastor of the Cathedral of Christ the King, 4881 Hwy. 34 E., Sharpsburg, GA 30277. Services are held Sundays at 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. (www.ctkcec,org). He is the bishop of the Mid-South Diocese ( and is the mission pastor of Christ the King Fellowship in Champaign, IL. He may be contacted at]


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You had better be careful, the feds will swoop down on you and your church and take that tax exempt status away from you.

Money is the ultimate weapon against faith, you should know that.

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I don't think your analysis is accurate. The Democrats held too many offices prior to the election. This vote was a correction for a more normal balance.

While there is wide disagreement and strong preferences among those interested in politics I think it can be argued that the Democratic and Republican parties are both based in Christian values. The first is rooted in the principle of looking out for each other, the second more rooted in personal responsibility. Both principles are part of what Christ taught, each has it's own appeal. This new movement cannot make such a claim. As I understand it the sole principle of the Tea party is fiscal conservatism. The fervor and zeal of those who follow this impostor has a mob feel to it. I see strife and conflict. We need to find common ground but it won't come from secular principles.

Our "large and intrusive government," (just for the last year or so), has been run by "radical leftists!"

The health bill was passed, "which no one seemed to read," (code for--wouldn't argue it forever), and "other bills were jammed down the throats
of the citizenry," (well part of them anyway), and the "left-wing ideologue," President is likely a goner (and Sarah and O'Donnell, and Rush, and Hannity, and the Nazi guy, Beck, can take over soon!)

Who pays for the Reverend's health insurance? Bet it is a relative! Who is paid by Insurance premiums!

Bet this is the Wednesday prayer meeting sermon!

Keep 10,000 religions out of our government.

<a href=" Bishop Epps distorts the Gospels as badly as he distorts President Obama's record, I suspect his congregation is thrilled to hear inspiring stories from his pulpit about Jesus Christ riding into Jerusalem on His velociraptor.</a>

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This is really funny, I clicked on your link to the New York Times and I couldn't stop laughing. Really, really funny piece from the mouthpiece of the left.

Obama "Saved Capitalism" can't stop laughing......sorry.

Do it some more so we can all get another laugh.

Thanks again!!

It seems that southern churches, when politicking, always bring up such terms as "my values; "values of ours;" "core values," etc., as something some group does have or does not have.
In the first place it is always dangerous to combine religion of a specific type and any kind of politics or government.
In the second place exactly what is meant by those kind of "values?"

It appears that there are several groupings of what "values are to various groups. Of course just the word value has a monetary meaning, but if used as "values," it generally means something else.

The fact that there are "values," which emphasize religion (of various sorts); heritage; legal codes; and circumstantial values.

"Idealized values," mean that there are no exceptions to written rules, requiring constant forgiveness for violating them.

There are values of "exceptions," meaning that there are circumstances where values can be violated for the good of all: generally this constitutes "lying," Plain lying, not beating around the bush or avoiding the truth. (We must kill all terrorists)

Then there is the "ranking of importance," of "values. Such as "football is so important that it doesn't matter about so many permanent injuries,"
I also will go to a game, or race, in spite of all of the alcohol cursing, and debauchery performed by the players--due to my "American Values."

Lastly, we have "group values," American values; Arabic values; athlete's values; atheist's, professors, and even actions at funerals expected and required!

There is only "ONE" Prime Value," for all humans. The rest is opinion or selfishness.

Father Epps sure can write trash. He has a history of writing trash.
He talks of the stench of professional politicians. How about the odor of corruption from professional clergymen. Does it smell the same?
He writes of the Tea party as if they are pure and undefiled when we know that the money and organization behind the Tea party comes from retired politicians like Dick Armey and corporate billionaires like the Koch brothers.
Why use all this inflammatory sexual language such as "jam it down their throats." This is a Christian message from a Pastor?

Yes, he does have a terminology problem--the word is "cram", not "jam", and swac, it's only sexual if you want it to be--that saying has been around for a long time, perhaps longer than you.

Obama's true agenda was hidden from the american people in 2008 behind catchy phrase's like "Hope and Change" and "Yes We Can". The sheeple never asked the hard questions. The light of truth is exposing the truth now and it is being rejected by the majority. Like a large ship the country is being turned, the course corrected. You are not alone Mr. Epps, keep up the good work for God and country. 2 Timothy 4:3-5 -GP

tax religious institutions!

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