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Mayor Haddix: Errors by The Citizen and Imker

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I had no intention of writing a column until I read the Jan. 22-23 edition of “The Citizen.” Several points have to be made.

I will begin with the simple one. Concerning the Hotel/Motel Tax increase, John Munford wrote, “Haddix, however, joined Fleisch in voting against the increase of the tax from 6 to 7 percent.” Councilman Sturbaum and I voted against the increase. Councilwoman Fleisch voted for the increase.

Moving on to “Imker raps mayor over tax stats,” John wrote, “... Imker blasted Mayor Don Haddix for getting his facts wrong on the level of a proposed tax increase for each of the next four years.” “Imker noted the projected tax increase is .231 for the next several years, not the .5 Haddix has referred to on several locations.” ‘It upsets me greatly to see this misrepresented and mischaracterized,’ Imker said. ‘I take great exception to seeing this over and over again, written multiple times.’”

He said these things after putting up a chart supposedly shown at past budget meetings that included his plan and my plan. Mine included an initial .5 increase with far larger ones following each year.

In response Councilman Sturbaum and I immediately reacted by saying we never saw that chart before. Then, when Councilman Imker finished his presentation, I notified him what he declared to be my tax plan was never proposed by me. My plan was .5 the first year with no tax increases following. I was looking elsewhere to resolve budget issues.

As for misrepresenting his proposal, I will simply quote the 8-19-10 Council Meeting minutes reporting of what Councilman Imker said, “He continued that after the 1.25 mill increase for 2010, the millage rate would increase 0.5 every year, solving the budget crisis by 2015.”

Yes, he said if something got better his tax increase plan could be reduced. But, as well, it could be increased if things didn’t turn around.

I note as well this was the meeting where the millage rate was voted in on a 3-2 [vote]. Since then, several times, it has been said by those who voted it in that a plan had been put into place that solves the budget crisis. This is their plan that solves the budget crisis.

As well, not knowing who will be on Council in 2012, after the elections, is a factor. This “plan” to solve the budget crisis requires the councils of 2012 and 2013 and of 2014 and 2015 to continue to vote for the increases.

I would urge Councilman Imker to ensure his facts are correct before saying he didn’t say or propose something he actually did. I especially urge him to not accuse others of doing something they did not do.

Writing to the paper is something I began doing in early 2007. It is my way of communicating with Peachtree City residents from time to time. I will continue to do so.

Finally, a voting record is transparent. Whether on the winning or losing side each person on council is responsible for explaining their vote. If one’s vote becomes a negative issue for them, it is still their vote and their responsibility.

[Don Haddix was elected mayor of Peachtree City in 2009. Previously, he had served two years as a council member. His email is]


he stole my popsicle and he's calling me names. Make him stop.

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This is so silly and uncalled for. Let's just move on and get something done. I'm beginning to understand why Haddix is usually on the losing end of 3-2 votes.

Live free or die!

give it a break man all you guys want to do is stir it up but when challenged or proven wrong there is always the
'can't we just all get along', 'let's move on' crap.
Good for you Mayor stand up for yourself and kick these clowns in the butt

Robert W. Morgan's picture

The mayor "standing up for himself" in this case is pure grandstanding and not leadership, which is what we expect of our mayor - although why we still expect it is a mystery to me since no mayor since Lenox has shown any true leadership. Leaders don't talk about themselves, their agenda or start every other paragraph with "I". He even did this at Rotary last week. Same as with Brown and Logsdon, the old guard just endured 20 minutes of crap and laughed up their sleeves at the performance. I almost left in the middle of it. Embarrasing.

Live free or die!

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Care to make a bet as to whether the Mayor or Councilman Imker has their facts in order?

Leadership, you say? Haddix is unable to spell the word.

Either Haddix or Imker is either lying or grossly misleading us somewhere.
I'll go with the honorable mayor on this one.
Since the mayor quoted what Imker said how can you dispute it?

How about this

If the mayor is caught lying or misleading us then I'll buy you lunch.
If Imker then you buy. OK?

Either way, one of them is going to get earfull from the citizens if or when its ever proven one way or another. I'm actually interested to find out who is right. If we don't here from Imker in next Wednesdays letter to the editor we'll know who's right.

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My bet is on Imker, and lunch at the establishment of choice of the winner.

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In Haddix's defense (did I really just say that?) a good many of his sentences start with "Doug Sturbaum and I". I sure hope Sturbaum is replaced this election. The "two peas in in a pod" thing is getting OLD! We might end up seeing 4-1 votes. LOL
On a side note, I spell checked my response with the program Open Office and it was way too funny what word it suggested in place of Sturbaum. Give it a shot, you will have your laugh for the WEEK.

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What else are we to expect from a Mayor who embarrassed himself and the office he holds by entering into a shouting match with a fellow council member. All in front of middle school civics students and a den of scouts present to be recognized by whom they assumed would be adults.

It's not enough that he can't lead, he now seems paranoid. Are we sure he's mentally competent?

Kinda like congressmen yelling "LIAR" at the President in assembled congress with a nation-wide audience isn't it?

Bet he will be re-elected too if he is from the South.

Actually, I think we do need more and plainer discussion in council meetings. All suspicion of back-room and coffee deals should be expelled!
That is impossible in Washington, but not here in this 2-bit run city, with no neutral newspaper.

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Mayor_Don, you got yourself into another fix I see. What are you going to do? This bickering is pointless! People and events are getting away from you! You’re the mayor, its up to you Mayor Don. What are you going to do???

Here is a suggestion for you. Perhaps you and the members of city council should take a week and enroll yourselves into one of those “Group Dynamics Boot Camp’s?” Free of the everyday distractions you could learn skills that would teach you to rely on yourself and as a member of a group. Together you can develop a common bond with your fellow council members and learn problem solving as a group dedicated to a common purpose. Wouldn’t that be better than throwing pies at one another in council meetings and on the “The Citizen’s” forum? (It is kind of tacky.)

I know it will cost money but here is what you do. Just single out a civil servant, (or two,) and eliminate their position(s) and “presto-chango” the money is suddenly available and you have reduced headcount for the city by one or two person(s)!

The citizens of PTC will be cheering you for your headcount reduction and you and your council members will have the skills needed to effectively run the city. You can’t lose on this deal. Good luck!

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote for the Democrat.

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