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Welcome to my new Blog

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I would like to thank The Citizen for giving me both Columnist and Blogger space and Betsy Tyler space as well.

I look forward to maybe moving all Update materials to printed form in The Citizen to make information more timely and hopefully save the taxpayers some money along the way.

It has been an eventful year so far. Becoming a Columnist and Blogger on The Citizen, Adding broadcasting to meetings, turning the CSX Bridge to Nowhere into the Bridge to somewhere, getting the Flat Creek Bridge open, getting the final easements and property to finish the Paschall tunnel and paths, a new Executive Director or Tourism along with some other changes, changing the Industrial Park Census track rating from Tier 4 to Tier 1, enhancing buffer ordinances, tightening ordinances on grass height and other cleanliness issues, moving the vacant home ordinance forward after citizens demanding action for several years now but getting none and many other changes. We have been busy with more to come.

There are also areas of concern. I will address some of those in my printed column.

So, this is basically an introduction to my Blog. Over time I will better figure our exactly how I will put it to use.


today. Eight spots and 2 alternates will be picked from a field of 134 players. It has been 4 years since Planterra has hoted this event. The other local location is at Marietta Country Club today with john Smoltz trying out for the first time!

Three locals from Peachtree City trying out at Planterra today-Brandon Lovelady, Greg Hendrix and Austin Barreras. Tee times start up till 2PM today. Good luck to all!

(PS) I hope the Tourism Association was aware of this event and had some input!

Nice to see that bridge going someplace. Anybody actually taking accountability for the multi-year delay? I know we would all like to blame some far away gov't folks, but isn't it a requirement of any qualified local administrator to be able to push a project along, particularly after very real dollars were spent? In the private sector, if anybody invested hundreds of thousands in a rusting bridge, they would feel the effects. If our local gov't employees want to be paid like private sector, shouldn't they be responsible like private sector employees would?

but you just go right on beating it.

I figure accountability might be dead, but just wanted to see if the Mayor actually thought so too. If so, I am happy to take that into account in his next election cycle.

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