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Haddix on names, walking signs, gas golf carts

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It has been busy with a lot of issues being discussed, researched and pursued. So being the end of year, it is time for another update.

Walking signs are an issue the majority want banned on the right of ways, etc. Our sign ordinance has been one of the most desirable features for Peachtree City. Because the economy is bad, we have an excess of retail space in the city and not all stores have high visibility on highways, [but that] is not a reason to abandon either our sign ordinance or the principles which it contains.

In the past when non-profits took to the major intersections soliciting donations, the citizens complained so they were strictly regulated.

Now we have a very similar situation, but this time being they are for-profit, not always even located in Peachtree City. Same principle and same reaction from the citizens.

Reality is we need more customers and more disposable income, meaning more jobs with more employees buying local homes and shopping here. A lack of signage size, numbers or gimmicks is not the problem. Trying to weaken what has made us desirable and a model for other cities is a serious mistake.

Regarding gas golf carts, this has created very strong feelings on both sides of the issue. Fact is giving a 10-year grace period should allow for new technology to replace gas carts altogether.

But for today the inability to inspect or require emissions testing has allowed some extremely offensive smelling and noisy carts to be on the paths, as even admitted to by some gas cart owners.

Even well-maintained carts are unwelcome intrusions upon others on the paths, which the majority I have heard from opposing the ban do not deny. Those we have heard from have a strong majority wanting them banned.

We hear it will hurt commerce and the disabled. I disagree because there are exemptions for both those groups for 10 years. The assumption people will refuse to buy carts if they are not gas-driven is not one I can accept. Neither gas or electric golf carts are problem free, so that kind of argument is not realistic.

It is not an immediate complete fix but it does create a 10-year period for adjustment and change. If something unforeseen occurs, the ordinance can be eliminated or changed. I had hoped to have the vote done but some last minute questions came up, so one more month was added before the vote.

With Fischer’s Crossing there were actually tenants contacting our staff and me who honestly believed they were locating in Peachtree City. They were shocked when told they are in unincorporated Coweta County with a Sharpsburg address. The letters were to try to stop and correct that misrepresentation to them by whoever before all the signage was in place.

We are already seeing some corrections in the newer advertising being used.

Developer Seymour said we could have had Kohl’s because they wanted to come to CCD. Fact is Kohl’s signed onto Fischer in 2007, which was two councils ago and never approached us for anything. It is just like CCD’s claim Publix wanted to locate on that site but, when I called them, it was basically that was news to them.

We don’t need to be building more places to stand empty or that cause existing stores to close.

As a side note, some are calling stores like Best Buy Big Boxes. They are not. Best Buy is 30,050 square feet, not 32,000 or more. Best Buy neither falls within the usage or size definition of a Big Box.

Last, but not least, is HB 277, the TSPLOST and related issues. I still believe being in the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) is a mistake and that this tax is going to hurt Fayette County. I still believe it will not pass in Three Rivers, and even if it did, we could get more beneficial projects there than in ARC.

On the vote to remove me from the Roundtable, our city attorney and a legislator, who is a lawyer, can find no legal grounds. The legislator says now that the bill has passed it requires the judicial branch to make an official ruling on who should represent Fayette.

GDOT Director Todd Long originally said he was advised to take no position and have Fayette resolve the matter. But, when asked who he would seat if both Mayor Steele and I showed up, he said Steele.

That was a political, not a legal, decision. It is a decision that does not surprise me since Long is a proponent and whose job it is to get the Roundtable to vote for the tax and promote the tax to the voters. It does not surprise me because Steele is strongly pro ARC and has publicly stated support for rail in Fayette in the past, 2008 as a specific example.

Steele has offered nothing but his opinion I could be removed. I have contacted the Attorney General and am waiting for a reply.

Steele had been criticizing me for not working to get all out of the tax possible and said I should have been working on getting the projects together for Fayette. My response was I am not required by law to support the tax and it was too early for the projects list, plus I was working to leverage all I could, as reflected by contacts trying to see what would placate me. Now, when asked for his projects list, he says it is too early. As well, he talks about the tax as if passage is a given.

There is a lot going on and a lot to think about. A move to Three Rivers can still be voted by the Peachtree City Council if one person who voted pro ARC calls for a reconsideration vote. The key to success remains getting good-paying jobs here to fill vacant homes and stores.

It is my belief that the citizens of Fayette County desire to maintain our unique identities and forge our their own future remains firm. I share in that goal.

Cathy and I wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

[Don Haddix was elected mayor of Peachtree City in 2009. Previously, he had served two years as a council member. His email is]


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If I read that properly, it says that there were actually tenants that committed to a shopping center lease of thousands of dollars per month for a long term who thought they were in PTC and Fayette County when in fact they were in Coweta County? Now these are people who by definition run a small business, hire employees, pay taxes and can't read the part of the lease that states the location? And never visted the site? Or did any homework using demographics?

If all that is true, it would have made an amusing story at a council meeting - after which someone could have jokingly asked "So do we need to write these people a letter so they know where their store is going to be?" That would have been laughed off as silly and no letter would have been written. And that would have been the correct decision.

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If Mr Long conveyed that he would seat Mayor Steele over you, why has it taken so long for you to understand that you have been replaced. It serves only to the embarassment of Fayette County to prolong your objections. After all, your own Council voted you out!

Your statement regarding business owners signing into long term leases without knowing the location appears to be sheer desperation on your part. Have you ever wondered why you continually find yourself posting or writing letters defending yourself?

I don't think the City Council can vote Mr. Haddix out as Mayor---it ain't no democracy in that area--just like the military, junior officers can't vote out the general!

Anyway, why do you want us to be in Atlanta Regional? Buses will start running here which I think you do not want. Nor the tax that goes with it!

Never have understood that two-faced attitude by Haddix's detractors.

I know of no way to be in ARC and not pay an additional tax and NOT have Buses!

That whole regional concept is flawed anyway--it is Socialist! Sonny's good deed wasn't it. (Did he resolve our water problems and HOPE problems?)


Wonder why?

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His council voted him off the ARC, have you skipped your meds again?

The idea is to kill the SPLOST, for it is not yet a done deal. Now, if we could perhaps get Mr Ramsey and Mr Chance to come forward and explain their support of this new tax, we might better be able to defeat it.

It is not my understanding that PTC Council voted him "off" the ARC. They recommended him to the person who decides originally didn't they? Then they recommended NOONE later---did they not?
Did this Long fellow decide? I thought so.
Now can PTC Council, say next week, recommend that Steele be removed? Or, Fayette recommend it?

The reference to them voting out the Mayor was a joke of course---that is just what they wish they could do! We even had to have the Sheriff remove a Chief of Police!

I still don't understand how the SPLOST will be avoided with us in the ARC, when you know the vast majority are in favor of it.

You can not have your cake and eat it too! Just talk about it!

By the way, what did you think of Admiral Mullen and Secretary Gates wanting the DADT policy voided, but the Service Heads said no?
Was that the only way the military could skirt politics and say no?

I assume that those Department Heads don't expect any promotions in the next two years!

Mr. Haddix
Why do you think that 4or 5 people should decide the fate of the gas golf cart? Why don't you let the people of P.T.C. vote on it, and the majority wins. The emission commities have already passed new laws on small gas engines for the future. Why do you always have to micro manage the small stuff, when we have such major problems going on, that you don't seem to be commited too. I have quit coming to the meetings, because ya'll let a few people stand up and talk, then you go on with business a usual, like nobody said anything. If it doesn't fit your mindset it just doesn't count.

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Because we were elected to make decisions and we did a survey where around 2,000 people responded with a 70-80% majority wanting them banned.

This began with citizen input, not some sudden idea of just arbitrarily banning carts. There were a lot of emails as well.

The final vote will be what it will be. I do not believe it will be 5-0 either way.

Yes, there are new laws, but I believe they are on smaller engines.

I still do not understand why State Law prohibits emissions tests on gas carts. That makes no sense at all to me.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

on banning stinky golf carts, voice-controlled dogs, walking signs, and other stuff that violates the spirit of our 'planned community' concept. Keep up the good work! However, I would like a Starbucks on the south side.

........all those things are what is called "regulating" by the government!
99.99% of Fayette County are conservatives or Independents, and they hate any form of regulating about health or anything else! That is unless they propose it.

Now regulating doctors and women and some of the operations they have is OK to regulate--it is in the Bible (isn't it?). Maybe the Old Testament, they even sacrificed their half grown kids.

(why is it some things from the Jewish Religion (Old Testament) apply to Christians today. but if a Christian doesn't like some things from there they can say the Old Testament was full-filled and the new Covenant (New Testament) always prevails!) Can't beat those choices!

Regulating anything that is called for in the Constitution is OK, but the trouble is there are millions of things these days that need regulating that aren't mentioned there. Weren't even invented then.

So, all we can regulate is how many Senators and congressmen we can have (Oh, that wasn't in the original Constitution, was it? And who can be President (any Citizen born here or Africa--and George, and Thomas, etc., who were English Citizens.

I said congressMEN since women certainly couldn't serve!

It is mostly BS, TEAS, and Libs! Whigs, Bull MOOSES, Democratics!

Court, once again you have hit the nail on the head, along with several nearby nails as well. I see that your telephathic typing device is holding up well. I trust your voice of experience. Didn't you witness the signing of the Constitution as a youth and run with Teddy on the Bull Moose ticket.

Telephatic? What is that?

No but I knew Buffalo Bill!

telepathic. What was old Bill like?

NUK_1's picture very laughable, but I guess it gets you off the hook from having to THINK or show some leadership initiative.

"Around 2,000 responded." If that doesn't tell you that the citizens aren't interested in living in a pure democracy and actually expect to be governed by representatives instead of poll-taking micromanagers too intellectually lazy(or incapable) to lead, I don't know what will.

Now do you really think the Mayor and Council vote according to any survey--especially a rigged one? I don't think the Mayor "governs" alone. Isn't there four other people to vote?

They are cleaning up the dregs lying around! Next will be those maids working for unlicensed companies! However stores buying "gold" are OK, even though 2/3 - 3/4 of everything they take in has been stolen!
More regulations!

You do know that if you got answers back from 2000 homes out of 12,000 here asking whether to ban eating over 2500 calories a day, that 75-80% of those answers would also say sure----we belong to DARS health club!

The other 10,000 would just can it and laugh!

I assume the survey was NOT random but voluntary?

As the guy on the hippie commercial says to the singer: "yeah, don't do that!"

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Have to agree with NUK1's comment below in that the term incapable or too lazy to think fits your style. I guess the state doesn't do emmission tests on golf carts for the same reason it doesn't do them on riding lawnmowers, but there is that thinking thing again.

Are we looking at yet another 3-2 vote, or will Doug finally realize that following your lead will prove hazardous to his political health?

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Your golf cart survey was totally bogus. You know it. It was orchestrated to give the result you wanted. If you really wanted honest input it would have been included as a question in the general survey sent out to citizens at random. For some reason you have unilaterally decided to get rid of gas golf carts so you ask for everyone who dosen't like them to raise their hands and then say "survey says"

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I can't imagine a grown-up businessperson - shop owner or franchise purchaser would sign a lease without some due diligence - certainly about where his or her business would be located. But if that's your story - stick to it.

Still there's no need for letter-writing. Just bask in the pleasure of knowing that when (or if) the name Peachtree City is hijacked - just like Vinings and Buckhead, it is simply a compliment. No need to involve the city in what could be a misrepresentation lawsuit between a tenant and landlord in Coweta County. Not your job, man. Just concentrate on our own economic recovery. Maybe lose the anti-business chip on your shoulder for starters. Then get DAPC some money and some power. Then when the next person comes along and wants to buy our excess sewer capacity - take their money for God's sake (and the city's sake) as well.

You all notice that no one from the city or on these blogs has been able to answer my 2-week old question about who else on city council supported the Mayor writing his "you're not in PTC" letter? Wonder why? Staring to look like a coverup.

Live free or die!

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