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Paradise found ... in 30 days

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This has nothing to do with Fayette County, religion in Fayette County, churches in Fayette County or the religion section in The Citizen.

It is simply to recount with awe and wonder the month-long vacation God and I took, along with my grandson, in Fernandina Beach, Fla., last month.

Fernandina Beach is on tiny little Amelia Island, just north of Jacksonville and just a stone’s throw south of Cumberland Island, Ga. It truly is paradise. Read More»

Revivals of my youth

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They ain’t what they used to be

Several things I’ve been thinking about and experiencing lately prompted me to choose this column topic, one of them being David’s announcement about the revival coming to McDonough Road Baptist church next week. David always writes great columns, all with just the right mix of humor and serious stuff, and enough to make you think about things. Read More»

Dear Lord, Where has the time gone?

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I tried to avoid this but there was just no way. It’s my annual end-of-the-year, wrap-it-up, thank-you-all for all your help column. I tried to avoid it because I have to admit to you that, as of next May, I will have been here 20 years ... doing this religion section for 14 years. I can’t believe it myself. Read More»

Annual ‘thank you’ comes from the heart

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I thought I might not get a chance to write this this year ... what with other things taking up space and my trying to frantically get out of here on Mondays by dark ... I’m like Mr. Magoo after dark and, if it’s raining after dark, I am a menace on the road. Read More»

My most enjoyable find in 2010? Facebook!

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And you’re saying, “Come on, Judy. This is the religion section. What does a silly site like Facebook have to do with religion?”

Ha! Little do you know. My pastor and many church members are my “friends” on Facebook and you would be surprised what a powerful tool that can be! Read More»

VBS — 1950s style

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Each year, as the announcements start rolling in for Vacation Bible School, I can’t help but think about attending Vacation Bible School when I was a kid back in the 1950s. (For those of you who can’t do math real fast, that’s 60 years ago and I am doing good just to remember that I even went to VBS!) Read More»