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President Obama orders Justice Dept. to ignore U.S. law

Congressional Democrats and President Obama have spent the last two and a half years trying to reward illegal immigrants for breaking the law by coming to the United States.

There have been discussions of full amnesty to all illegal immigrants currently in the United States and an attempt to pass the controversial DREAM Act. None have been successful, even while Democrats held a super majority in the House and the Senate and controlled the White House.

That’s because, at the end of the day, even some Congressional Democrats have a problem with the United States government turning a blind eye to people disregarding American law.

But after all his immigration wants were blocked by Congress, President Obama made his signature move. He circumvented Congress – and the Constitution, I might add – and enacted his preferred stance on illegal immigrants through a presidential decree.

Under his latest command, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) will now focus solely on illegal immigrants who have criminal records and will not spend any money detaining and deporting illegal immigrants who don’t pose “great harm.”

In defending the president’s unilateral decision, his director of intergovernmental affairs, Cecilia Munoz, wrote, “If you were running a law enforcement agency anywhere in the world, you would target those who pose the greatest harm before those who do not.” She stated that DHS and the DOJ simply do not have the money or manpower to locate, detain, and deport all approximate 11 million illegal immigrants currently in the United States.

Well, I think that’s just absurd logic. It would be as if our local law enforcement agencies only spent their time catching and convicting murderers.

While I’m sure the American people understand the police and the district attorneys may spend more time on a homicide than on a stolen purse, I doubt they would be okay with every purse thief being allowed to walk free. Not only would it be unfair to those Americans who chose to obey the law and not steal purses, it would encourage more people to steal purses. I mean, why not if there are no repercussions?

And that’s exactly what we are talking about here. The president’s decree is a directive to federal law enforcement officials to effectively disregard American law.

It’s not only disgraceful, it’s completely unconstitutional. The Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution clearly defines who is an American citizen, and Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution grants Congress the authority to clarify immigration laws by stating, “Congress shall have the power ... to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.”

Not the president. Congress. So while the president may have legitimate authority to prioritize the use of resources in federal criminal cases – for example allocating more resources for human trafficking prosecution than for mail fraud prosecution – he cannot direct the DOJ, or any federal agency for that matter, to completely disregard existing law.

As I have said hundreds of times before, we have both an illegal and legal immigration problem. We need to address the illegal immigration problem at the border, and we need to update our immigration laws to better reflect the needs of American businesses and the agriculture industry.

But the Constitution clearly gives that job to Congress. We live in a republic, not a kingdom – a fact the president unfortunately seems to forget on a regular basis.

Next week on Regulatory Roundup, I will talk about the EPA’s “Boiler MACT” rules that affect some 200,000 boilers nationwide. The House is expected to take up legislation, H.R. 2250, sometime in October regarding this issue.

[Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-3rd District) — a former Fayette resident — was first elected to Congress in 2004 and currently serves on the House Financial Services Committee and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He lives in Grantville.]


Let me see? What is an illegal immigrant (Someone who is Breaking the Law)! Now just why would congress and the President want to allow illegal immigrants to stay here? That is not rocket sicence, it gives corporate america and small businesses a cheap base of workers. It, again, is all about the rich getting richer and the poor staying under their control. Bottom line, Obama is knuckling under to big and small business being able to exploit these immigrants. A new wave of compromise has swept into our government since Obama was elected,that is, choose the laws they want to enforce and ignore the laws that conflict with their priorities. Wow, and I thought that the Democrats were the people party? Can anything good come out of DC! Is there any elected officials who really have this nation and their communities best interest in mind? 

Harold TenBrink

JessieJames1847's picture

To to be honest about this, The Rich get richer,,because the continue to make decisions that made them rich in the first place, (40hr week is just getting started; education, starts the day they grad from College; and they absolutely take FULL responsibility for their decisions ect) and Poor remain poor because they continue to make the decisions that keep them poor (lottery, booze, uneducated. dope, multiple babies (all over the place)
II's have very little to do with this equation other than to point out just how true this is.  I personally know 4 guys from Panama, Columbia, Southern Mexico, and Honduras, They came here in the 80's and rather than sitting around waiting om handouts they worked, they saved, they planned, an they now each own their own successful business, (between the 4 they employ +100 American Citizens ) now if an Other than White Skin person can come to a "Strange Country" with an entirely different language, and work themselves from nothing (financially) to having homes/property in excess of $1m,,, point is CHOICES and DECISIONS makes a person rich or poor (barring medical catastrophes) 
One last thing on this, Voting for a Politician that say's he will transform America and change the poor, by advocating taking Money form those that earn it to give to those that refuse to try , will NEVER solve proverty,, Just remember Politicians are the RICH , do you really think they will make a law that relieves them of their wealth? ,,Hello ????

brewster's picture

I am with you about choices and decisions, but your example of non whites moving here in the 80's is not the same as home grown black folk. There are current immigrants from Africa who succeed as you describe but talking about black Americans they are faced with a whole different set of obstacles, the main one being the color of their skin and their environment. 

JessieJames1847's picture

Happy Turkey, Ham, Beans SweetTater and Pecan Pie Day !
As an outside observer (meaning i am not Black so I can't speak intelligently of what it is to be Black in America) I can however speak of what it is like to be a Minority, and what I see is people that CHOOSE to fail , They accomplish this failure very easily by the constant Living in the Past rather than planing and working of THEIR future
did blacks have to ride in the back of the bus? were my ancestors wholesale murdered by the federal and state governments? yes to both And I see people of my race constantly bring these things up, just as I hear alot of Blacks bringing up they way things were, This is a recipe for absolute Failure, of course we have to KNOW the past and learn from it but holding people alive today that had NOTHING to do with such evil ,,is evil in itself.
I love my heritage I respect my bloodline, I enjoy our dances and traditions I appreciate knowing our native language , but I also LOVE driving a car and being a Pilot not to mention indoor plumbing is awesome. Point is Brewster, digging up the past is a form of Grave Robbing, trying to live there ,,can only surround a person with ghost and smelly corpse's, that all of their time will be spent talking about the smell, rather than leaving them in the ground and tending to the advances THEY made ....

I grew up in a farming community in  Eastern NC in the 1950s--my Father was the Overseer for several Farms, some owned by his employers, some rented. As such, he was responsible for making sure people & equipment all showed up at the right place to get work done. Of course all the laborers were Black folks, some lived in Tenant houses on the farms and others had to be trucked to the place of work in the morning and returned home at night. I worked in the fields right alongside the other workers, crawling on hands & knees down Tobacco rows in 100+ temps. Normally, I was the only Caucasian They were poor as far as material things were concerned but I never heard them complain about their status.  They worked hard, kept clean houses (I was in them often) and raised their kids right.  I was very close to some of them and in fact, when I left home for college and then the Army,, whenever I came home, my first two stops were home, then my Aunt's house and then to one or the other of the two closest Black families.  I did then and still believe that they were just as glad to see me as my relatives were!  So it's not fair to paint all them with the same brush--I know it just ain't so!

brewster's picture

Didn't mean to be grave robbing. Just don't accept the comparison of peoples struggles as if they are all generally the same. I don't believe any group has an equal obstacle comparison to black folk born and raised in Dixie. 

JessieJames1847's picture

Until I was 6 years old I did not speak English, We lived on the Boundry (Qualla Cherokee NC)
I remember well, I thought the English word for our people was Mountain N. as every time we left the Boundry to go into town Murphy, Bryson City or even over to Ashville That is what we were called, very few white men (or Black men for that matter)  would hire any of the people in the boundry, When my dad got a jib at Delta in 68 he basically moved down here, bought some land and started building a house that we all moved into in 1972. As I didn;t speak English government school in Fayette back then was out of the question so I went to a Private School in Tyrone (K-12 one room school house, that's still there), I'll never forget my first day, as I stood proudly to use English and announce myself as a Mountain N named Tlaiga. I also remember quite easily my best friend from those days as we are still best of friends, and as it's said he's a Black as Night, as is his mom dad, sisters and brothers, His dad raised 8 kids NONE of whom have spent a day in jail, all of whom have at least a 4 year College degree and they each and everyone WORKED for that degree, and yes I know for a fact they were not treated right by everyone some, One day we stopped at Mundy's Drugs in Tyrone to get a Lime Sour and a candy bar on the way home from school. (I'll not mention any names but there's a Road named after the family) walked in the drug store and went nuts that a N and injun was sitting at the counter and how Tyrone was going to H in a hand basket from all of the Ben Hill trash moving in,,,, (Dr Mundy, kicked this man out of his store and told him not to come back til he grew some manners), Ya see, and THAT is what i remember the most, a WHITE man (of some importance) telling a dirt farmer off on OUR behalf, It was THESE people I admired and wanted to learn from rather than living in the past worring about things I could not more change that I could turn off the sun. I've listened for years about why _____ folks can't get ahead because they live in Dixie,,ok fine so what's the excuse in Chicago? or NY? of DC or LA? 
Is there still bigotry in Ga ? ABSOLUTELY ,,but the dirty little secret is there is NO place humans live that doesn't have Bigotry  the trick is ,,Stop living in the past for there's no future there and stop worring about what other people are prejustice about usually because they are in fact too stupid to see anything but a perfect image in the mirror

brewster's picture

If all things being equal, southern blacks (third generation to older), have a stigma that cannot be compared to any other nationality. Now that is no excuse for poor choices and refusal to accept personal responsibility, but people have different obstacles. If someone can make a judgement on you a mile away then you have a special issue.

JessieJames1847's picture

As Stated Earlier,
I have put the shoes on, but have not had to walk in them,,if ya will.
This is why I think it's kinda dishon,,,disingenuous for non Black folks to try and tell a Black man (woman) what it's all about, B U T , and I'll be sticking to my guns on this ,, CHOICES and I don't care what color ya are or what gender you are is what get's you to exactly where you are in life (Barring Medical disasters) and even then sometimes choices leads to the disaster.
Brewster, all I can base this on is MY life experiences and things I have witnessed and apply that to learned knowledge of the human condition. and refuse to pass a Blanket Judgement on a race of people or group even simply because that's the easy road to take

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