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Fairytale romance

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To live everyday full of romance, endless love, and laughter are ingredients of days only found in fairytales.
Experiencing the same unconditional love of a sleeping infant in a mother’s arms or the joy received from the whole-body hugs from a child just doesn’t exist for us adults.
But what if it did? What if everyday could be a fairytale romance like Valentine’s Day?
A fairytale romance would be filled with warmth, security and, most importantly, love. Shared between two, it would be never ending. Lives would soon become so intertwined it would be impossible to discern where one started and the other ended.
In a fairytale romance harsh words would never be spoken. Nothing would be worthy enough to cause a squabble between couples, much less parents.
After work, taking care of the children, and finally putting them to bed, there would always be time left for each other.

A fairytale romance, and the need to spend time with the one you love, doesn’t stop just because you have children. It’s perhaps the hardest thing to remember about fairytales, and the one thing that will cause them to end faster than any other.
In a fairytale romance, children would never hear parents argue. After all, they too want to grow up in a fairytale.
Their house should be a safe zone away from the many troubles of the adult world — something impossible for children to do hearing wars waged by their parents from behind closed bedroom doors.

As in any war, there’re always unforeseen casualties. Those casualties shouldn’t be children.
A fairytale romance has every day starting and ending with hugs and kisses. Each night, bedtime prayers are said just before little ones get tucked in and kissed goodnight. Afterwards there would always be time for adult hugs and kisses. After all, parents need to be tucked in too.

If not careful, lovers can get lost in the roles of Mom and Dad, and without noticing, neglect each other.
Money wouldn’t be a problem in a fairytale romance. It would be managed correctly. Two lives joined together are supposed to share everything. After bills are paid, money into savings, there would be a little extra for date night once or twice a month, and vacationing with the kids during the summer.

Date nights and family vacations are the best investment parents can make – the return received is greater than any other investment you have in your portfolio, and far more valuable than precious metals or diamonds.
Living a fairytale romance means there is no challenge two people in love couldn’t meet. Together, they can solve all problems that come their way, and overcome any obstacle. The two lovers would live happy ever after. Fairytale romances never end any other way.

Cards, flowers, and chocolate aren’t the true ingredients of Valentine’s Day. It’s being with that someone special who makes all your fairytales come true. Then, everyday spent together will be like Valentine’s Day.

I should know. For almost 15 years, I’ve lived such a fairytale romance with The Wife. For everyday spent with her is truly Valentine’s Day.
[Rick Ryckeley, who lives in Senoia, served as a firefighter for more than two decades and has been a weekly columnist since 2001. His email is His books are available at]

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