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Breaking up is easy

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That’s it! After 15 years, I’ve had enough. The anxiety, the sleepless nights, and the fighting have been going on way too long. It’s time to put an end to all of it. Ask anyone; they’ll say the same thing. Ending a long-term relationship is hard to do, but in my case, I disagree.

It’s gonna be easy, and we’re both looking forward to it.

Like with most relationships, at the beginning all was well. Everything was new and exciting. I’ll be the first to admit, though, I didn’t have a clue as to what we were doing. Luckily there was an abundance of instruction and patience available. Both helped guide us through the learning curve that always comes with a new relationship.

Unfortunately, along the way, things started to change.

As I look back, The Boy as a teenager was when all the arguments really started. Quite frankly, they haven’t stopped since. At first it was just over little things – about once a month or so.

Now, it seems, arguments happen all the time. Sure I’ve called for help. Seen many “so-called” experts in the field who tried to diagnose our problems and help us work through all our issues – to help us to get back to what was. Sadly, all have ended with the same results.

It’s as if we now speak a different language.

Not to say there haven’t been good times. There have. We’ve gone on many vacations together through the years: Asheville, San Diego, and Washington, just to name a few.

Funny, we don’t ever have problems while on vacation, but who can afford to stay on vacation? Sooner or later, everyone must come home. And home is where the trouble begins again.

Don’t know if it’s from the demands of our high-tech lives, the classes we took required by our jobs, or just not enough rest and down time.

We simply don’t connect anymore.

Unfortunately, our relationship lately has gotten bogged down to the point now nothing works. Even the simplest tasks are impossible to complete.

It’s not that there’s been anyone else though the years. The Wife and I – we’ve been faithful throughout the relationship. Sure, we’ve both been tempted to just call it quits and go with something new, but we never have. We never strayed. We’ve been committed in our relationship.

Besides, switching to a new partner because things get a little rocky just isn’t right. It’s not loyalty. And, from what I’ve heard, it’s a whole lot more work than it’s worth.

Arguments have gotten worse of late.

Before The Wife gets home some nights, I’ve been on the phone for hours trying to fix things by myself. We’ve made countless appointments with specialists to come to our house so we could endeavor to fix the current problems together.

We’ve tried to somehow patch things up and get us back to what once was an enjoyable experience – like it was so many years ago. Something you’d looked forward to coming home to.

Unfortunately, our relationship has come to an impasse. And, even though it’s going to be difficult to adjust, last night we finally called it quits.

Surprisingly, The Wife agreed.

This Monday, late in the afternoon at our small house in Senoia, Ga., all our problems in our troubled relationship over the last 15 years will finally be resolved.

The Wife and I, we will both get a fresh start.

We will have a new Internet provider.

[Rick Ryckeley, who lives in Senoia, is in his third decade as a firefighter and has been a weekly columnist since 2001. His email is His books are available at]


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I even skipped to the middle so see if I could skim my way to the crux of your article. But you really wrote this well! I enjoy reading your articles, keep it up.

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Pretty sure his email address at the end will not be working after monday, :)

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there are no providers who are completely wartless.

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