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Under the clear green leaves

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An amazing springtime this year, what? The perfect blue sky, the emerald curtain of fresh green drawn around our little bit of earth, clouds like vanilla ice cream comes.

And time to gasp as vista follows vista, banks of azaleas, each trying to shock the senses once again.

One of those little gems in time appeared in front of City Hall Sunday afternoon, as the Founder’s Time Line was unveiled and applauded. And how often do you get to dedicate a historical dateline with plenty of the original cast included?

I should say that I strongly agree with the fact that the memorial is here and in place. Rather than embarrass myself for forgetting those who were present or represented by their widows, I’ll just say there was a good number.

All looked bright and cheerful, conscious that this was, for once, not a funeral we were holding among the green, green trees, but a sort of birthday party for the city. Other movers and shakers were also introduced by appreciative committee members.

I haven’t been up close to the busts of the founding fathers since the hoods were taken off. I’m not good for standing up very long. Like a fool, I didn’t bring one of my nifty roller-walkers, and had to stay sitting down. Several other guests have had experience with parents who needed a steadying hand, and they knew exactly how to provide that much assistance. I’ll probably retain memories of their kindness above all other impressions of this gleaming afternoon.

It was a nice group of people and a nice way to celebrate the community they have developed. So many cities say they’re going to develop memorials like this before too many years go by, but they’ll be shocked at how quickly they do go by. The neat thing about Peachtree City is that it has the foresight and the resources to do such a project.

And the steady guidance of someone like Betsy Tyler, city clerk and a mover and shaker herself.

Go see your city’s newest landmark, right in front of City Hall. Seize the day!

[Sallie Satterthwaite of Peachtree City has been writing for The Citizen since our first issue Feb. 10, 1993. Before that she had served as a city councilwoman and as a volunteer emergency medical technician. She is the only columnist we know who has a fire station named for her. Her email is]

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