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An eventful letter after all

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In last week’s letter to Dave’s parents, Alice enjoys her Easter vacation and schemes early for her summer hiatus. I don’t know where she got such chutzpah in 16 years. She writes:

Oh, I just thought of something that made Easter eventful. Yesterday the Atlanta Dogwood Festival was celebrated in Peachtree City with a Balloon Festival! It was more exciting than the 4th of July! And so fun. About 15 balloon owners (hot air balloons –huge!) brought their balloons to Peachtree City, to the big open area behind the Medical Center [now Drake Field] and next to our church [1st Presbyterian].

The weather conditions were perfect in the morning and we got thousands of people out. There was an ice-cream truck and bake sales. And popcorn vendors and a big bar-b-que, and 8 St. Bernard puppies for sale.

I got down there after the first [balloons] had inflated and were up in the air and its the most impressive thing you’ve ever seen! Mama was down there with the Rescue truck, and one of the town officials promised to get her a ride in a balloon. I was just about dying to go up, of course, I bet if Russell or Scott [her cousins] were there they’d of [sic] wanted to too. So everytime one came down – the pilots had no choice over where they came down – they’d cart them back to PTC and do it all over again.

When they came back, I got really out-going and I’d go up to the guy that flew them and be really cheerful and say “Hello” and everything, and then ask ’em if they were taking any passengers up, and if so would they like to take me. They all said they already were taking people up and were sorry but this one guy was so nice I decided to stick around and give him a hand.

After awhile he discovered his generator wasn’t working and he worried and fussed for about an hour, so I decided I knew where I could get one for him.

So I got Mom and she got the guy to bring one and the man who owned the balloon was so pleased he offered to take me just ’cause I found a generator for him. I was so excited, but then the sky clouded over and the wind picked up and he couldn’t go up after all. I was so disappointed now.

Oh, well, he was disappointed too, and he got my name and telephone number to take me up sometime when he was near here again.

Anyway, the day was an utter success and everyone really enjoyed themselves and we used up a whole role [sic] of Polaroids…and movie pictures. Hope they turn out good.

Nana, I don’t know what you’ll want to think of this, but I’d love to come down for a while this summer just because I love where your “new” house is, I love Fla., and I’d love seeing you both….

I just can’t think of a good way to get down there, but if you’d want me to come, we’d think of something. Does Russell visit you during the summer? I’d really like to see him too, because I enjoyed it so the last time I spent some time with y’all….

Oh, well, it’s an idea, summer isn’t nearly here yet, but for once I don’t have a lot of stuff planned… It would be really nice if y’all could come up and see us again, but what with the fuel shortage….

I just hate to fish for an invitation, but I sure would like to come.

May I enquire as to both of your healths? I hope y’all are both fine, like all of us, and now I must go and clean up the kitchen.

Bye bye,

Love, Alice.

P. S. I hope you realize that I don’t really weigh 185 lbs. I just feel like I do.

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