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After closures votes, some important words and letters

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[Editor’s note: The Fayette County Board of Education voted Monday night to close four schools. Among them was Fayette Middle School. FMS seventh-grader Samantha Frazier attended the meeting.]

Four schools: FMS, FIS, Tyrone, and Brooks.

Four letters: H-O-P-E.

Four words: Fayette County is STRONG.

Four people who helped to make our county better: Mrs. Marion Key, Dr. Bob Todd, Mr. Leonard Presberg, and Mr. Barry Marchman.

(I know that there is another board member but, in the words of Mr. Presberg, “We have to make our decisions based on the information that you do have, not on what you wish it would be,” and she did not do that.)

Four (more) words: You did your best!

Tonight I hugged my teachers as they cried over the loss of our home, but as they walked out the door, I asked them if they would be okay and they told me they would stay strong just like I said in my last column.

I would like to take a moment to thank these teachers for their amazing work and ask you to do the same.

First, my sixth-grade teachers: Mrs. Taylor, Ms. Lucas, Mrs. Screen, Ms. Lunsford, and Ms. Woodrum for helping me through my first year, teaching me how to love my school and dream.

Next, my seventh-grade (current) teachers: Mrs. Morrow, Mrs. Allgood, Mrs. Wiegman, Ms. Lanford, Ms. Doyal for encouraging me to grow and succeed.

And finally, my connections teachers: Mrs. Gividen (choral director), Mr. Handley (technology), coaches Huttsel, Clark, Carpenter, Paligreco, and Petty, Doctor Mitchell (art), Mr. Kufchak (orchestra), Mrs. Smith (math), and all the other members (who are too many to name) of the Cub family, including all administration, support staff, and my beloved ladies from the cafeteria.

These amazing people truly represent Cub Pride. BLACK and GOLD ALL THE WAY!

I know I should probably mention everybody else in the county who is affected by the school closures, but I am upset so don’t judge me.

During the meeting, whenever they announced that Fayette Middle would be closing, I had the sudden urge to chant “Fayette Middle is Strong!” but I resisted the impulse.

The most painful thing was to watch my FMS posse as they heard that FMS would be closing, but I believe in these teachers. They have believed in me. They will continue to be the best of the best.

They may not have known us forever, but they will always be in our hearts when we go.

I would also like to say thank you to Ms. Petty and Ms. Menke (I believe those were their names) from Bennett’s Mill who made me feel welcome regardless of anything that other “people” have said.

This was a bad situation and we did struggle, but we still came out on top, and Fayette County will continue to be one of the best school districts in the state of Georgia.

Anyone who says otherwise ... well, four (more) words: You are so wrong!

[Samantha Frazier, a FMS seventh-grader, volunteered to write a series of opinion columns for The Citizen about the closing of her school from a student’s viewpoint.]


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