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The tears of a Tiger Cub

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I’ve been called the “voice of the students.” I have tried to live up to that. It has been an honor to write for The Citizen and my community.

But I didn’t realize that honor could come at such a painful price. Today I don’t represent the “voice” of the students. I represent the tears of the Fayette Tiger Cubs.

Friday was the last day for Fayette Middle School. It is closed and gone for good. I stayed in homeroom most of the day with my classmates. We went out for a picnic ... team 7b.

Each grade’s teams had their own activities. Our teachers on team 7b gave us popsicles and cookies and we ate Chic-fil-A. I guess you could say that it was your typical last day of school ... except that it wasn’t.

It was the last day that we would see most of our teachers. It was the last day that we would see our school. And it was the last day that the FMS family would be together. Never again could the teachers of FMS say, “I’ve got all my students with me.” We were gone.

The last announcements were given by Mrs. Patterson, our principal: ”It has been a great year at FMS. We have been and always will be family. I want every one of you to know how much I have enjoyed you. We will always be family. The legacy of FMS continues.”

As the voice of the students I would like to say a few goodbyes.

To Mrs. Gividen: You have changed my life, taught me to see the music in my heart, helped me to believe further in myself. I guess this is all I can say: “Thank you! Thank you, Mrs. G, for all you’ve done. I can’t wait to see you at FCHS. Goodbye, Mrs. Gividen, for now.”

To Mrs. Patterson: “I loved being a Cub. FMS was the best experience of my life. It would never have been the same without you. Though you and I are done in the building, the spirit of The Cub still lives in our hearts! Thanks you for everything! I did get to give you a hug, but not even the hug can express my gratitude. I will always remain a Cub. Goodbye, Mrs. Patterson.”

Teachers of Team 7B: “You have all been through SO much. I know how strong you are! I know, because I’ve seen it. I’ve seen bad days, when you’re feeling bad but you just keep pushing on! I thank you for that. I thank every one of you so much because you’ve helped me to grow and to see myself as I am. Thank you, and goodbye, Mrs. Morrow, Mrs. Allgood, Mrs. Weigman, Ms. Doyal, and Ms. Lanford.”

The rest of the faculty and staff of FMS: “Thank you! In a family, every member is important, whether you are the teacher of the year (Ms. Beach), one of the ladies in the office, one of the wonderful ladies of the lunch room, or any of the other amazing members — everyone is equal in our family. Thank you all!”

And now for the students who will carry on the FMS legacy, the Cubs who will grow to be FCHS Tigers and those who will go to other high schools: Be strong. Be accepting. Do your best to succeed and recover when you fail. Live life to its fullest.

And show the world what it means to be a Fayette Middle School Cub. We are strong! We are family! We have had our crying fest when we were dismissed and our teachers came out to say goodbye. It is time to move forward, step out of our comfort zone, and show the world what we can do.

Black and Gold All the Way!

[Samantha Frazier, a FMS seventh-grader, volunteered to write a series of opinion columns for The Citizen about the closing of her school from a student’s viewpoint.]


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This girl is going places! Go cubs! Go Tigers!

I am now old enough to have an account on The Citizen, I'd like to thank you for being so supportive. It means so much to me that you would think highly of me :)
Best of wishes,
Samantha Frazier

Samantha's parents, schoolmates, teachers, and the citizens of Fayetteville should be extremely proud of this young American. We look forward to her contributions to this paper and to the Fayetteville community. Go Tiger Cubs and the spirit of 'family'.

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