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The king (still) has no clothes

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The election of Barack Obama, and his presidency so far, have reminded me of “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” a story written in 1837 by Danish author and poet Hans Christian Andersen.

In that story a dishonest pair of weavers took advantage of the vanity of a king who cared for nothing but his wardrobe, telling him and his court that they could weave a fabric so fine it would be invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position or “just hopelessly stupid.”

I’m tempted to digress on a tie-in between “hopelessly stupid” and the voting public, but ...

The king of course pretended to see beautiful colors in the fabric when the tailors held up nothing at all to show him their valuable wares. The king paid the weavers to make him a suit of clothes and when they said they had completed his clothing they mimed dressing him, but he was wearing nothing at all.

The king paraded before his ministers and the public, none of whom would admit they didn’t see the beautiful clothes.

Finally a child declared, “But he has nothing on at all!” and as the crowd first whispered and then took up the cry that the king was naked, the king feared maybe the child was right but with determination he finished his procession.

Is any of this sounding familiar?

Even if Anderson’s satire of hypocrisy and snobbery was not written especially for the modern American media, it sure fits. All we need is an outspoken child to speak the obvious since there seems to be a severe shortage of critical adults in a media frozen in adoration of President Obama.

Absent an outspoken child, maybe a group of European leaders at the G-20 summit will do. With very little effort, President Obama has turned another American tradition on its head.

In a rare “pinch-me” moment, instead of an American president imploring Europeans to stop their headlong plunge deeper into socialism, we now have those socialist Europeans imploring our president to reverse his spending binge to get debt under control NOW!

But our president responded in the spirit of St. Augustine’s prayer, (Lord, make me chaste, but not yet), as he explained he knew debt was a problem but we have to keep spending to get us out of recession. Pinch me again.

There is so much to say but I will spare you with just a couple of observations.

All the key factors in this presidential failure-in-process were evident during the campaign to any not struck willfully blind by the euphoria of electing a black president.

He had never run so much as a hot dog stand. His experience was limited to organizing and agitating in leftist groups like ACORN. He was the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate and had been a U.S. Senator a painfully short time before deciding he was qualified to be president.

Our media denied the indisputable evidence of his radical views by the anti-white and anti-American rantings of the minister President Obama had honored over a 20-year period.

There wasn’t a chance the media would pursue his association with radical and criminal leftists who bombed the Pentagon and still say they didn’t go far enough, and mainstream journalists have managed to keep buried this president’s predilection to Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” a guide to slimy political tactics; it does seem our president is continually honing one of the rules, “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

In a rational world Barack Obama would have been laughed off the stage at the first presidential debate. But there was no child present to state the obvious, and the adults with the power to deliver their opinions to the voting public were star-struck.

Maybe the magic fairy dust is finally beginning to settle. Maybe the other half of the public will start to admit what they see so that public opinion might finally bring the mainstream media, kicking and screaming in protest, to what they should have been telling us all along, that the king has no clothes.

I can only hope that in 2012 the Republicans don’t make the very same mistake by nominating a rock star like Sarah Palin. There are so many better choices. Consider the irony of unseating the first black president to replace him with Herman Cain, who would be the first black president with common sense, business sense and an appreciation for the economic engine of American capitalism.

Herman, I’d vote for you in a heartbeat, not because you are black but because you are politically conservative and business savvy. Run, Herman, run!

[Peachtree City resident Terry Garlock writes opinion columns occasionally for The Citizen. His email is]


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If you don't know what jumping the shark means, then look it up.

Obmama has defintely jumped the shark and worn out his welcome (from the black voters and the stupid, Gen'X first-time voters who got him there) and is now fading into his lame duck status. We probably dodged this takeover attempt because we will take away Prezbo's enablers in Congress this November, but please don't ever let your guard down again.

I do think the Gen-X'rs have learned something out of this horrible disaster of a President and hopefully they will pass along their wisdom to their kids and grandkids. I pray for their sake that they have learned.

Live free or die!

For those of us who knew before before November 2008 that Obama was not qualified to be President, it would seem obvious that he will be a one term President.

However, my greater fear is that so many voters who are now frustrated with his incompetence will assume a turnover in at least one house of Congress this fall and fail to vote this year. That's pretty terrifying.

Also, I have Gen-X nieces and newphews who still think Obama walks on water and that his "failures" are still due to the situation he "inherited". It's pretty sad and more sad for the future of our nation.

On this weekend when we celebrate the things that make our nation great we have an increasingly cynical voter base who has lost their understanding of what makes this nation great.

When I read Garlock's column, I thought I was living in a time warp. Trying to smear Obama with the sermons of Rev. Wright and associating Obama with 1960's radicals was a big right wing deal in July 2008. But I checked the calendar and this is July 2010, Barack Obama is President of the United States, and is proving to be a moderate Democrat on most issues. Garlock is still repeating silly anti-Obama attacks from two years ago.

Some Generation-X voters may be disappointed in Obama but that is because he has not been as liberal as they hoped and because the "just say no" Republicans in the U.S. Senate have frustrated his programs. This means the Xr's may have lost some enthusiasm as the 2010 election approaches; it certainly does not mean they agree with Garlock, et al.

Obama got elected in part because of his message of change and hope. He also got elected in part because of the choice the Republicans gave the electorate. The electorate clearly decided they trusted Obama/Biden more than the impulsive decision maker McCain and his partner, the clearly unprepared Palin.

And now Garlock offers his choice to challenge Obama. A Republican Governor or Senator? No. He offers the Tea Party favorite Herman Cain--a third tier right wing talk show host who has never held public office and lost the only time he tried. What a gift to the Democrats he would be. But I am sure Garlock is not serious about Cain.

Have a Happy Fourth of July.


What makes this nation great is the youth!! Happy 4th! My children and grandchildren - all have their opinions - and some, not all, are different from mine. They all believe that expecting great change in 24 months is unrealistic. Elizabeth (the conservative) on The View exclaimed that she had two children in the time Obama was president - and change hasn't occurred yet! Well, having a child, and making sure it is a contributing social citizen takes more than 2 years. The grade is still being evaluated for Elizabeth’s children and the Obama presidency.

The youth of this country have a rude awakening awaiting them. That is, the debt that Obama is saddling them with through unfunded mandates.

Poor Elizabeth's children are going to probably hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay off our nations debt by the time they reach working range.

DM, the Presidency of the U.S. is no place for on the job training.

I would not want a surgeon operating on me if his only previous experience was being "really good" at the old Milton Bradley game of "Operation".

For you to compare Obama's 18 months of incompetence to Elizabeth Haselbeck's young children is beyond naive, it's delusional.

Being a parent has become the responsibility of almost every first-time parent with no or little 'ojt'. Team Osama’s organizing ability outdid the Republican Party machine (Rove, Inc.), the Clinton's and the 'old boys club of haters'. No president has had this challenge on so many levels - with the mess that was readily handed over to him. He is not a magician. It's too bad that there are those who are so intent on seeing him fail - that they are willing not to appear to help at all.. . and allow the country to hit rock bottom. The newfound ethics of 'stop the deficit spending' is two and one half years TOO LATE! It's all becoming very transparent - in spite of the polls. Happy 4th!

"Team Osama's" organizing ability, DM? A very appropriate Freudian slip there.

So, the deficit spending going on is all the Republican's fault you say. You're just like every other dem - read the liberal talking points on daily KOS and repeat them ad nauseum.

Whatever helps you sleep an night.

It doesn't change the FACT that Barack Hussein Obama is nothing but a miserable failure.

. .is comparing one's ability to give birth to two children to the responsibilities and accomplishments of the POTUS. :-)

Herman Cain is respected as a conservative who has business savvy - but come on, is this the best the conservatives can offer for leadership in this critical time of re-establishing our economy, working towards global peace, and improving our sources of energy? Talking about repealing health care reform and financial reform - while making sure that millions go without unemployment checks has not endured the Republicans to the American people. We just got out of the frying pan - and we're still feeling the heat - BUT WE'RE NOT READY TO JUMP BACK INTO THE FRYING PAN!! We need a viable two party system - but there will be no change in the White House in 2012. . . certainly not by offering a Herman Cain or a Sarah Palin or a Romney as a candidate for President of the US.

Obama is an intellectual midget compared to Herman Cain. At least Herman has had practical real world experience and has MANAGED people and corporations. Obama hasn't managed anything his entire life - He was nothing but a community organizer before he entered politics.

I would far more trust Herman Cain with leading our country than Obama. Herman actually listens to people and has the power to bring people together and build consensus. He's a very intelligent man who can speak coherently on a wide range of subjects without the use of a teleprompter. Obama only belittles and puts down his opponents when he senses the slightest whim of opposition to his ideas- Then has the unmitigated gall to ask for their support. Herman talks about practical solutions to problems. Obama doesn't look for solutions or solicit ideas from experts, he looks for people to point fingers at for his own miserable failures.

Obama is nothing but a small, insecure, frightened little boy who is in desperate need for a hug from his mommy. He has failed miserably at leading this country and WILL be voted out of office in 2012 if not impeached first.

Your remarks only diminish a great man like Herman Cain. Your juvenile attempts at describing the President of the United States only reflect your opinion, which you are entitled to. You are the attempted master of the put-down - and you fail miserably.

Economy - FAILURE
World Affairs - FAILURE
Bipartisanship - FAILURE
Healthcare - FAILURE
Afghanistan - FAILURE
Oil Spill - FAILURE

Just sayin'. Keeping it real

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the President and the controlling party will have to take responsibility.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Absolutely correct. Health care reform passed; financial policy reform passed; - it takes time. I wonder how those who didn't get their $300 unemployment check this week feel? What about those who have just given up and no longer even apply? Jobs is Obama's responsibility - and its a very important one! We have got to put people back to work. Encouraging was the report that the private sector is hiring. It can't be all government jobs. What a mess! Wish someone had an easy answer.

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You are right, they will bear the responsibility for the legacy of health care. As for the unemployment funding, one side wanted to add to the deficit while the other side wanted to use unspent money from last year's stimulus. And all along the President and the master tax cheat has repeatedly said our current deficit spending is not sustainable.

The budget picture is not pretty. We are very close to the point that mandatory spending is equal to all revenues. So this means that national defense and departments like the EPA, transportation, labor, justice and all the rest will live off of deficit spending.

Of course this is the opinion of a fat guy that rides a bicycle so your mileage may vary. ☺

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Did you make it to the North Sydney Leagues Club?

Cyclist's picture

Sorry, By the time I read your post it was dark. I did a little walking tour around Sydney and the harbor. It was beautiful. A little cool as it is winter down there. A 14 hour flight to LAX and then a "short" three and half hour flight back home. Oh, did I mention the crying kids. The employee bus was late so I got in about 0130 this morning. Glad to be home. Now I have to go after a few blades of grass that had decided to grow during my two week absence from the house. It's a good thing I fixed that *&$%#@# lawnmower before I left.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

you ever need some mower repair, I can turn you on to a guy who comes to you and is very reliable and reasonable. Amazing how grass keeps on growing even with no rain.

There is the rub. <cite>one side wanted to add to the deficit while the other side wanted to use unspent money from last year's stimulus.</cite>
The 'experts' have valid different opinions on 'what to do' - and no one is willing to try to reach a consensus, and work together to get us out of this mess! Correct me if I'm wrong - but didn't the 'war-time' economy help us out in the 40's? Enjoy the 4th!

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You bring up a good point about the deficit spending of WWII. That era witness a classic case of Keynesian economics. Our country went from an over supply of workers to a net labor shortage due to industries converting to a wartime footing. This effectively ended the great economic depression. So you are right in that notion.

One thing to remember however, that if it wasn’t for the post-war rebuilding phase led in part to the Marshall Plan – with appoligies to Robert W. Morgan – and a market driven by a demand for consumer goods, the government could not have continued with wartime spending. If it did it would have ended up like Great Britain – broke with hat in hand. Call it devine intervention or a case where all the stars and planets alinged but the US, after WWII, was the GIANT in the world in just about all things.

Want to jump start the econmy and put people back to work; give two million dollars to all legal citizens over 65 – it would cost less than $100M. Stand back and see how that will spur the economy. I know I’m dreaming.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

<cite>Want to jump start the econmy and put people back to work; give two million dollars to all legal citizens over 65 – it would cost less than $100M. Stand back and see how that will spur the economy. I know I’m dreaming.</cite>

Now that's a dream I could wrap my head around!! Sure would help my belt-tightening!! :-) IF we were still the 'world giant' - a similar Marshall Plan focused on the Middle East might work. Interesting opinions in this mornings AJC - --I guess it's going to depend on the will of the American people to tighten their belts in order to stop the deficit spending. Do we have the will? We have to come up with JOBS FIRST, IMO. Have a safe 4th!

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I was thinking the opposite of belt tightening - spending. Just like the boss spending $600 for new iPhones. Hey, she did her part....eyes rolling. Encourage consumerism by putting money in our pockets rather than taxing more or watching inflation - due to freshly printed money to cover the deficit - eat away at our purchasing power.

A Marshall Plan for the Middle East? That might cause George C Marshall to turn in his grave given that he foreseen the future problems in that area. What a tragedy.

Enjoy the 4th. We'll have plenty of time after to discuss policies.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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