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Coddling children in Ferguson, Mo.

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On Monday, Aug. 11, a 20-year-old unarmed white man named Dillon Taylor was shot and killed in Salt Lake City, Utah, by a black police officer in questionable circumstances.

Taylor, a first-time father with a criminal record, had at the time of the shooting an outstanding arrest warrant for probation violations on robbery and obstruction of justice charges. Police had been called to a convenience store after someone reported seeing a gun.

Taylor’s friends said he was turning his life around, that he had never carried a gun, that he was listening to music on headphones and was shot outside the convenience store when the police officer yelled at him and Taylor put his hand in his pocket to turn down the music on his cell phone.

Whether there actually was a gun is not known as the investigation is under way and the police are not publicizing details.

This was just two days after 18-year-old black unarmed teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo.

In Utah, a few protestors lined the sidewalk in front of South Salt Lake police headquarters, carrying signs declaring the innocence of Taylor and decrying the militarization of police, using a megaphone to amplify their message.

Traffic was not interrupted. There were no threats. No riots ensued. No businesses were looted. No shots were fired. No water bottles filled with urine were thrown. No Molotov cocktails started any fires. Nobody was assaulted or injured. There were no arrests. The governor was not called. No National Guard unit was called in to restore order. The protestors were acting like adults.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were conspicuously absent. There was no media frenzy. President Obama did not utter a single word about the event. The Attorney General did not appear. The vast majority of citizens simply went to work as they seemed to be waiting for the law enforcement and justice system to do its job.

Meanwhile, the self-indulgent children inhabiting Ferguson, Mo., were rewarded for throwing violent fits by reassurances from race hustlers (or civil rights leaders, if you prefer), reporters and even the President of the United States. Over 40 FBI agents were dispatched to search desperately for any shred of evidence against police officer Darren Wilson, who shot Brown six times. I wonder how much of their time will be spent examining things like the facial injuries to officer Wilson that might exonerate him?

There were a few pro-police counter-protestors, but you would be wrong if you think their right to protest was welcomed by the mob. They had to be protected, removed for their own safety and they reported receiving death threats from their fellow citizens of Ferguson.

The governor pledged to the mob a vigorous prosecution. Local police officials participated in a march with the mob, carrying the NAACP banner in a gesture of solidarity with the people so deeply injured by the killing of one of their own they could not stop themselves from rioting and burning and stealing and shooting.

And of course the Attorney General himself visited Ferguson, meeting with the victim’s family to reassure them, meeting with local law enforcement and encouraging the grand jury, which was to consider an indictment of officer Wilson in a schedule so speedy it raised questions of due process.

In other words, there have already been way too many sneaky fingers trying to tip one side of the scales of justice, scales that are intended to be blind and balanced, which of course can only happen when all officials from the locals to the President stay the hell out of it and keep their mouths shut about the case. Too late for that.

You would think the highest ranking law enforcement officers in the nation would understand their intrusion in the Brown case is not only improper, if there is an indictment and a trial, their intrusion could be a gift to a talented defense attorney who knows, just like Michael Brown, officer Darren Wilson has civil rights, too.

Add to that mess that the bleeding hearts of this country have, once again, rewarded the wrong behavior. I suppose you wouldn’t want me as a police chief since I would favor a more tough stance, like shooting looters on sight. But even if that is too harsh, we could at least let the mobs know an investigation will proceed, lawbreakers will be arrested, and their best course of action is to go home and teach their kids to be law-abiding citizens who respect law enforcement and give police officers no reason to confront them.

Furthermore, if I had a black son, especially in a place like Ferguson, I would want him to understand a few important lessons. Yes, police officers should be accountable for their excesses, but all across America our police put their life on the line facing the thugs of our society every day.

I would want my black son to realize the crime rate among young black men in America is through the roof, and while liberal weenies go apoplectic at the mere mention of profiling, you cannot suspend every police officer’s common sense, and it would be a very good idea for my young black son to never dress like a thug, never act like a thug, and assume that merely being a young black man makes him suspicious, thanks to all the young black thugs police see every day, so be especially mindful of behavior in front of police officers.

But of course I’m just a white man without a black son, so who in the black community is going to listen to me?

[Terry Garlock of Peachtree City occasionally contributes a column to The Citizen. His email is]


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If I had a black son I'd have him watch this video.

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Michael Brown did not get his a$$ kicked, he had the death penalty applied, not unlike Trevon Martin and Jordan Davis. Anytime a life is taken it is big deal, be they black, white or tan like me. Insist on respect for your fellow human being, you may be next.

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The basic concept of the video still applies. Obey the law and you will be OK. Now if it's found that Mr Brown did obey the law and the officer didn't then he should be prosecuted. Still even if it is found that the officer is guilty everyone that rioted should be prosecuted also. The past can not be changed. Only the future can be made better. If a certain group relies on the past as an excuse to cause havoc without any recourse the future will be bleak.

[quote]Obey the law and you will be OK.[/quote]

<strong>Not always true in the black community</strong> . . . Black men (including celebrities who have facial recognition by many) are still stopped by certain law enforcement agencies in our country. Most have just stopped complaining, cooperate with the officer, and continue with their daily routine. It's what is known as 'being at home in the United States - and black'. (Racial profiling) It's the present G35 - not the 'past'. It's great sometime to travel outside of the United States, where one is treated as an American - and not hyphenated. It is, however, always great to come home - <strong>for American Blacks are American,</strong> some families being here for more generations than other immigrants in this country.

Mr. Thomas' column shared a great truth.

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LOL Please tell me that you didn't mean to call him "Christ" Rock. When I'm pulled over I respond no differently than to cooperate and continue. As for racial profiling, that is going to be a hard one to deal with for blacks when they are such a small percentage of the population and cause most of the crime. I know that most blacks are good people but when an officer see's someone that fits the description of someone that causes most of the crime that self preservation instinct will kick in. The only way to truly change that is to change the facts as they are. (Have blacks create much less of the crime) I know some are trying but they don't get the press or the following that the Al Sharptons are getting. Last point, I think the black community wanted the "hyphenated" designated to their race/national origin. I do agree that it's time that we are all considered American and American only.

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The black population and other races crime statistics can be found here.

Blacks don't commit most of the crime and I am sure you didn't mean this, proportionally they commit more crime. For example they commit nearly 50% of murders in the US but consist of only 13.2% of the total population.

Murder is murder, it doesn't matter if it's black on black which is the usual "excuse" used for everyone not to worry too much. The culture of violence cannot be denied. The solution is in the hands of the Black community by denying the cult of victimization by rising above human adversity, no matter its form.

This is happening everyday in the black community. If we are to save future generations more needs to be done to expunge the popular mobster culture. It's not "cool" it's dumb.

More importantly, it can get you killed.

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Thank you for the clarification. You are correct. Until the black race works together to improve on these numbers it'll be hard to "fix" the problem.

[quote]As for racial profiling, that is going to be a hard one to deal with for blacks when they are such a small percentage of the population and cause most of the crime[/quote]

Oops! You didn't do your research! (Thanks PTCO) Gosh G35 - if we 'drop' the hyphenated designation - how will we designate who is 'acceptable' at the table? Africans of French heritage; Asians of Canadian heritage; Caucasians of African heritage are equally proud of their heritage as well as their nationality without being hyphenated. It just seems important to the American tradition to have each person fit neatly into a category so that some can feel superior to others based on color of skin and how others perceive them.

[quote]I think the black community wanted the "hyphenated" designated to their race/national origin.[/quote]

Really? Please share your source of information. Thanks!

Sometime it is important to look at what is. Looking back helps to avoid mistakes; looking forward gives hope.

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[quote]Oops! You didn't do your research! [/quote]

You got me. While my concept was correct I didn't have the exact numbers for you. Blacks that are 13% of the population only commit 49.7% of the murders. Not most. I should have consulted "Christ" Rock before posting. LMAO

Great dodge BTW. Totally avoid the issue at hand in your response. Also, I will not do your research for you any more after this..

not mistaken I do believe it was Jesse Jackson back in the eighties who pushed the hyphenated African-American designation.

For letting the vitriol 'hang out ' there. You never fail to express and/or share your point of view.. Most clarifying. Please continue. By the way, the ''50's were not all bad for many Americans. Enjoy!

By the way Mytimite, the hyphenation occurred long before Jackson was born! The identification of different Americans was necessary for the implementation of separatism and segregation. I've lived through the N word; Negro; colored; mulatto; creole; etc. When legalese was necessary for identifying Americans by race, we became European Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and yes, African Americans. Jesse had very little to do with that. Different experiences leave different impressions on 'the memory'. Thanks again for sharing.

Thanks Professor Duncan! I Can - a poem for all Americans. I Can; I Did! Thank you America!

African-American designation started with Jesse Jackson, it went back many, many years before--as did negro and other designations. What I did say was Jesse Jackson advocated for the use of African-American rather than Black or Negro. Please take a minute to read what is written; also European is a nationality not a race as is also true with several of the others you mention.

Thank you for your intelligent attempt in clarifying my misconception of what you share. No matter the 'designation' it was used to separate Americans - and was used to deny equal opportunity . What nation is Europe? Who is it's leader? What nation is Asia? Africa?

things have changed drastically Europe, Asia and Africa are three of the long standing seven continents and not nations. As we all learned in Geography, those continents embrace many nations. But then again, that was a long time ago------and you may have new information.

[quote]European is a nationality not a race as is also true with several of the others you mentioned[/quote]

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Personally, I decided long ago I won't use the term African-American. There are some blacks who don't appreciate that label, like those born in Caribbean countries whose lineage is traced back a lot of generations and have pride in THEIR country. Would a British-born black who migrated to America appreciate the African-American label? What about a white man who immigrated to America after his Africa-born ancestors are traced back hundreds of years in South Africa - would we cal him African-American?

So it seems stupid to me, along with all the other hyphenated Americans, more political than practical. And in case that offends you, here's one of many such pieces I'm writing for my teenage China-born daughter as she comes of age:


In our progressive world of political correctness, the speech police are constantly screening all we say to find reasons this group or that should be offended. Don?__t play their game.

First, don?__t put yourself in any hyphenated group for purposes of identity politics. Don?__t think of yourself as Asian-American; you are an American who happened to be born in China, and more importantly you are an individual, not a group member.

Second, being offended is a misguided way of insisting that others conform to your expectations of what they are permitted to say. Never do that.

Third, and most important, being offended is ceding to them the power to determine how you feel about yourself. Don?__t give them that control.

For example, a dumbass?__s remarks might insinuate by stereotype that since you are Asian you must be good in math, a lousy driver or eat a lot of rice. You get to choose how that makes you feel. If you are offended, you just granted to the dumbass the power to make you feel that way.

Be stronger than that, take how you feel about yourself from within, where you know who and what you are. You can call them out as the dumbass they are if you wish, but don?__t give them your time and energy, and never give them control over your emotions. Don?__t be offended; it only advertises your weakness.

Terry Garlock

Terry Garlock, PTC

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Terry, you are correct that it shows weakness (and IMHO, a lack of pride) to allow anyone to play the group identity game on anyone, which after all has led to most conflicts since the Christians and the lions.

When the black family unit was strong in America and there was true pride in that community, all the negative statistics regarding murder, fatherless families, out of wedlock Moms, welfare recipients, etc. were nowhere near what they are today. Why the black community allows the Democrats now (and before them the Republicans) to force them into group-think and dependent behavior and several decades of pride being stripped away is a huge mystery to me. Anyone can see what the Dems are doing to fuel the Ferguson tragedy into group-think and drawing lines that they think will stimulate black voters coming out in November to vote against the man. The first thing that black Americans should consider is replacing the self-proclaimed leaders like Sharpton and Jackson with real men like Dr. Ben Carson and Bill Cosby.

And forget that you are 13% of America - you are not. You are your own person who is part of the greatest nation on earth and can accomplish anything you want to. If you want to be part of a group let it be a fan club of your college football team (yes I said college and I mean it). Of course breaking the cultural bonds that the group-think agitators have created will be difficult, but easier now that 20 years from now.

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. . . "You will be encouraged to call yourself Chinese-American and advocate for that group. Instead you should call yourself American, and advocate for everyone."

Terry Garlock

Terry Garlock, PTC

That;s what my daddy told me about being 'colored'. It took a long time for that goal to become a reality. It will be a reality for your children - unless we go to war with China - then the ignorance will appear. Gosh, I hope I'm wrong.

There are many Americans who work diligently to improve the situation of absent fathers; poor school attendance; etc., etc., etc. These Americans work with all families who are experiencing trouble in these and other issues. This is a problem in too many black families, but there are other families - -all Americans , who are also struggling with these issues. How are you helping those in your 'community'? Please share, we all need to work together on these issues, for the children of these families are our future. Social workers, the professionals who work on these issues, do not work in just the 'black' community.

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or my race. My volunteer work is now in its 30th year and I have never considered grouping people into categories so I can either help them or demonize them. I measure myself when I am serving lunch at a Habitat for Humanity House against Al Sharpton at Ferguson demanding to know the identity of a police officer. Not even a close comparison - I am a better person than he is and so are the hundred or so other people of all races and nationalities (well no Asians, they are home studying) working with me.

If I were black, I would be embarrassed to death by that arrogant little man pretending to represent me. He needs to be fired or retired by self-respecting blacks of which there are many.

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. . . I would be offended for my Chinese daughters by your insulting stereotype that they must be home studying. But I'm not, so I laughed instead at your deft use of bait, bold use of humor that challenges the politically correct police, and I thank you for setting up the demo that being offended is weakness.

Terry Garlock

Terry Garlock, PTC

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DM is still a bitter clinger to the old time religion of oppression and therefore part of the group identity problem. She ain't gonna get over it, no way.

stops being a goal of some - I won't be so bitter. Looking forward to the change!! How would you feel if you had to 'teach' your child how not to be shot by police; how would you feel if you had to teach your child not to be offended by close supervision while in a store; how would you feel if persons asked your child their racial identity because they didn't fit a stereotype appearance associated with 'black' people. Ignorance exists. The generation of my grandchildren and great grands are experiencing what many in our generation hoped for. I'm really not as bitter as I was in the 50's and 60's - thanks to citizens in Fayette County.

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. . . I would suggest the people to be bitter with when your children receive unwarranted scrutiny in a store are the thugs who send the black crime rate through the roof. It would be nice if the world treated everyone fairly as they deserve as an individual, but our appearance triggers immediate classification in people's heads however unfair that may be. Same if a middle-eastern male feels offended with extra scrutiny at airports, and I would argue his ire should be directed at the middle eastern Islamic males who have inflicted on the world the vast majority of terrorism in the last 50 years.

Terry Garlock

Terry Garlock, PTC

There are 'white' thugs - no one scrutinizes <strong>all 'white' youngsters.</strong> If a person looks like a thug - he/she should be scrutinized. This is not the American experience for persons of color. . . .as you have correctly shared. Black, brown youngsters, men and women are too often scrutinized. How come 'white males', who were considered 'domestic terrorists during the '50's and in some communities today by the black community., don't receive this scrutiny that you expect blacks and browns to accept? Why don't 'white males' receive the 'ire' of the black community? Why? Because leaders like MLK were listened to more than Malcolm X or the Black Panther Party. Are there leaders like that in the 'white' community that can help implement your thought <cite>It would be nice if the world treated everyone fairly as they deserve as an individual, but our appearance triggers immediate classification in people's heads however unfair that may be.</cite>? I may be oversimplifying, but I have witnessed change in my 75 years - and i KNOW that change in attitude in our country is not impossible. Change does not come about by accepting the unacceptable. <cite>All 'white males' are not thugs. All 'black and brown males' are thugs.</cite> This 'given' in todays society is unacceptable IMO. . . .regardless of crime statistics. Now if the penalty for criminal acts were 'equal' among all Americans - the statistics would be an accurate picture of crime in the US. But that's another discussion.

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Can you possibly be more succinct? State your hypothesis please.

For example, black youths are singled out by authorities because proportionally they commit more crime than white youths.

Ergo: We should focus on eliminating black youth crime so that innocent black youths aren't unfairly targeted.

I think this was Mr. Garlock's hypothesis.

So, what's your hypothesis again??

You're wonderful! Have a great day! If I was 'white', I'd be embarrassed by fat Rush Limbaugh!! LOL

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Social workers work in their best interests, if we had no social workers people would get along just fine and there would be no need to "improve" because people would pull themselves up and help themselves. If we had no social programs, families would stay together because they would have to, people would work because they have to, women would think twice about having another child, parents could be parents again and "social workers" would find more productive employment.

Government social programs actually are tools in a war against the poor, posing as "help" they enslave those to the idea of victimization and entitlement. Oh yes, they also register voters for more progressive programs that are "needed" in the social sphere that government controls. Thus, more programs and social work to be done.

Imagine that.....

I was fortunate enough to live in an area where I had 'equal' bootstraps. That was not a reality / is not a reality for many Americans . But thanks for sharing PTCO. Everyone, enjoy the holiday tomorrow. Some American workers have had an enforced holiday due to a slow recovery from the recession. . . but things are improving!!!

PTC Observer's picture

They may be improving for a few but not the many.

Enjoy your "Labor" day, just behind May Day I guess.

Here's something to watch tomorrow.

Someone is robbing America......hmmm.

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Good to have you back.

You mentioned that the area you lived in - Los Angeles - had "equal" bootstraps. So I'm assuming that those same bootstraps were available for all in the LA area.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

You know they weren't or your family wouldn't have moved to the 'valley'. Right?

Cyclist's picture

I never lived the valley. I always lived just south of LAX.

So I'm kind of curious regarding your remark about my family moving to the "valley". Are you implying something?

So getting back the equal bootstrap thingy; which LA area(s) had this equal bootstrap?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Existed in Los Angeles which Johnnie Cochran, Tom Bradley, Paul Williams, and many others with the help of members of the 'majority' community who assisted in providing equal opportunity to students/families of all colors in Los Angeles. This equal opportunity came as members of my family broke the real estate restrictive covenant practices which existed in the 40's and 50's. (Yes, WE could not purchase homes legally 'south of LAX' back in the day.) Come on Cyclist - you are very aware of this. Why the attempt to bait? Ignorance did not exist only in the state of Georgia. White people ran from 'color' - even though many times the education and income level of the 'newcomers' exceeded that of those who legally lived in 'restricted areas'. Are you trying to deny that this existed in Los Angeles? My family lived in the LA areas for over four generations. Progress in 'equal opportunity' was slow - but I benefitted from the progress - and had equal opportunity (access to outstanding schools, safe neighborhood , diverse neighbors) How about you?

As urbanization (crime) entered sone areas - some communities demanded to retain their identity and enclosed their neighborhood with security gates, etc. As of today, the areas where I grew up are still well maintained, and Americans of all colors are purchasing homes in the area. What is the area south of LAX called today? I've been gone for more than 10 years. When I left as a young person (1961), the nomenclature of many areas was changed when I returned in 1963. As a child, my area was called the 'westside'. As an adult, it was called SouthCentral.

(Wilshire to Adams/Western to LaBrea. The Windsor Hills area (the home of the Beach Boys) was making a color change when I worked as a Consultant for Community Relations, It is interesting today that the area around LAX is integrated - with mostly young professionals who aren't afraid of 'diversity'. What is the name of the area in LA of your childhood?

The sun is out ! Enjoy your day!

Colin Powell, as well are among American leaders, as well as Jesse, Al Sharpton, Harold Ford, Tom Bardley, and many local leaders. Leaderrs will be chosen by a very diverse group of Americans who happen to be different skin colors. White Americans do not dictate in a democracy who other Americans should follow. Americans make that decision in the voting booth, their local communities, within their own families. Many here are speaking as persons who respect the individual regardless of color. Some still feel that a persons skin color designates superiority or inferiority. I have no right to suggest that whites not vote for David Duke. . Americans choose their leader based on their decision, not the suggestion of someone who feels they have the experience or knowledge to dictate who others should select as a 'leader'. Dr. Ben Carson is an outstanding professional, but he is not considered a leader of the 'black' community. Is David Duke, the Koch brothers, the wizard off the KKK considered the leader of the 'white community'? You still find it difficult to consider all citizens as Americans. You are in a disappearing minority. The younger generation will deal with issues- not maintaining the system of separating Americans by skin color. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

[quote]Why the black community allows the Democrats now (and before them the Republicans) to force them into group-think and dependent behavior and several decades of pride being stripped away is a huge mystery to me[/quote]

Really? Who supported separate, but equal practices; who supported voter oppression; who supported red- lining; - are you surprised that a group who is being discriminated against systematically chooses those who help them enjoy the full rights of citizenship? Sometimes in history it has been the Republicans, sometimes the Democrats, sometimes American Communists,, sometimes Socialists etc. History shows that groups in this country elect to support those who will help them to enjoy full rights of citizenship. Minorities, women, the youth have supported the Democrats nationally because their programs are seen as helping them achieve full citizenship rights. The Republicans in 2014 have not appeared to support such programs. Everyone wanted tax reform. The Republicans have not delivered. Everyone wanted Immigration Reform. Again, no action from the Republican House. Maybe Republicans need to get a better marketing team. It appears that the base that Republicans are catering to can't win nationally. Just my observation/opinion - I respect your viewpoint as yours..

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I can't tell you how much this strikes home with me personally. The fact is there is a underlying political motive in all this hyphenated "diversity" stuff. That along with "political correctness" infringe and suppresses free speech.

Socialism can't stand on moral principles and the only way to advance the philosophy is to suppress those that speak out against it. Calling someone racist that disagrees with your political philosophy is a socialist method of silencing opposition. Socialism can't survive without force and oppression of free speech and other basic Rights. Socialism in its extreme singles out races for persecution but it always divides to conquer. The end (the "vision") justifies the means.

Using race and ethnicity as a means to divide us by engendering and advancing the notion of victimization, socialists advance their philosophy. The world is not equal, it will never be equal because people are different with different abilities, skills and yes prejudices. Oh yes, and the world isn't "fair" either, in a free society we as individuals are empowered to overcome, and that's it. We should all stand on the content of our character and not the color of our skin.

Thanks for your post above, it is wise advise to your daughter that we can all learn from.

tgarlock's picture


Get used to it. Virtue sometimes must be its own reward. The good guy often wins but sometimes the bad guy wins. Conniving and underhanded methods sometimes prevail but don?__t obsess about it. Where there are more than two people there is politics, and those who make it to the top might be highly competent and deserving, or they might be butt-kissing bootlickers who never rock the boat, never take a risk, and always maneuver to make the boss happy even if it means stepping on their co-workers or subordinates. Conduct yourself with integrity whether the good guy wins or loses because the most important person to satisfy is the one in the morning mirror

Terry Garlock.

Terry Garlock, PTC

PTC Observer's picture

drink to your health tonight, at least one, maybe even two.


Also of course, I did mean advice not advise, I got carried away as I usually do.

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....but it makes me feel a whole lot better!

[quote]What about a white man who immigrated to America after his Africa-born ancestors are traced back hundreds of years in South Africa - would we cal him African-American[/quote]

Interesting confirmation to a point I made. I had a family in one of my schools who were proud South-Africans. They were documented American citizens. Their skin color was white. They were very,very proud of their African heritage. They elected to identify themselves as African American. That caused quite a stir, and caused some 'political types' to go back to the drawing board in creating American 'groups'. The father of this family was a Judge - and used his influence to maintain his choice of identification. Some of my grandchildren select 'other' as a choice on forms. One grandson writes in 'human' for race. They are all very proud of their heritage in this country; sick and tired of the dumbas... who insist on lumping all blacks into 'one' community. During the violent '60's my father constantly corrected me when I made negative statements about all 'whites'. All 'whites' are not ignorant racists. Daddy was right! Some here feel it necessary to forget that lack of education, opportunity, etc., does not just exist in the 'black ' community. There are Americans who are working diligently to correct these problems for ALL Americans. In a country where much progress has been made since the outlawing of segregation - and many 'blacks' have succeeded, we all should work together to help every American child to reach his highest potential. The schools and families in Fayette County, IMO, are role models in this endeavor.

tgarlock's picture

. . . I like his style. On a long ago census I checked the Asian box for my daughters, but on the most recent census I just refused to answer.

I do not doubt the history of discrimination you and your family experienced, but there is always something missing from your essays. Much of the knee-jerk claims these days about white racism just isn't true any more, and there is much black-on-white racism that reporters and pundits and - of course - civil rights leaders never mention or refuse to acknowledge.

But don't anybody start any marches on my behalf. I think the notion of measuring what is in someone's heart is a fool's errand, and we will never be able to eradicate the derogatory things people think about each other. We need to forget all that political correctness crap, and simply enforce the law of equal treatment that punishes clear discrimination.

As for your white South African student and parents who wanted to be called African American, I would have disappointed them by refusing their request because I opted out of that political game. I would also expect they would take some grief from the masses who know that in practice is a racial label, not a nationalist one.

Terry Garlock

Terry Garlock, PTC

[quote]Much of the knee-jerk claims these days about white racism just isn't true any more, and there is much black-on-white racism that reporters and pundits and - of course - civil rights leaders never mention or refuse to acknowledge[/quote]

True in Fayette County! Thank heavens. But the ugliness of racial profiling for men and women of color is still prevalent in too many areas of our country.. I don't think I'm attempting to be politically correct when I say that Fayette County should be considered a role model of the new south. Having this discussion in a respectful manner is a joy! As you know, this has not always been the case. Your children and my grands are proud Americans, proud of their uniqueness. They, hopefully, will advocate for right, and never deny their uniqueness.. The United States is a unique country - and I love it!!!

I know what Civil Rights leaders you are referring to - but Martin acknowledged the improvement that he saw in his short life.

Have a great day!

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what is up with that anyway? Why does anyone - especially the government need to know someone's ethnicity? Isn't that just more of putting people in groups so the group can be maneuvered, exploited or controlled? Seriously, what possible good comes out of knowing the % of Blacks, Asians and others in a particular city or state? I know this got started with the census and possible picked up steam during the immigration surge in the late 19th century, but why keep it up now?

Besides if more and more people refuse to answer what good is the remaining data? All good questions.

PTC Observer's picture

It's part of the process of managing entitlements and how they divide the spoils. This is not a joke and I am not smiling.

The actual need for a census comes from the Constitution and the need to re-apportion the House based on population. The socialists have used it to develop the thesis for groups and "diversity" in the name of equality and "progress".

mudcat's picture

By keeping track of the size of each group they limit the benefits to that group i.e. 13% black. If I were black, I would feel we as a group deserves a heck of a lot more than just 13% of whatever is in the government's swag bag.

March on Washington.

Population for voting and representation I understand. Ethnicity and skin color I do not. No one is forcing them to ask those questions or more to the point there hasn't been a strong effort to get them to stop asking those questions.

I understand your opinion - what I don't understand is your lack of understanding that the 'black' community is comprised of Americans - just like any other community. The 'black' community is not the only community that receives 'entitlements' - i.e. farmers, etc. Please keep sharing. You're, IMO, sharing concerns that embrace both conservative and progressive issues.

How about issuing 'entitlements' based on income/education - etc.?

Non-violent uprisings may be in order. I'm sure that is what you mean.

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"How about issuing 'entitlements' based on income/education - etc.?"

So, it's more about the "formula" in distributing the plunder than the plunder itself. No moral issue at all, just how we can most easily divide the theft of future generations hope and the current theft of people's property through the vote.

There's the rub, there's the enslavement to the State.

Certainly, non-violent protests for more plunder are always in order for the socialists. Of course, they quickly become violent when they don't get the goods by other means, the vote. Once in power, they also like to burn books, use the tax codes to plunder and single out groups that don't meet their philosophical ideology.

Oh yes, that pesky "rag" of a Constitution keeps getting in their way too. Let's see what they do in the next two years to mitigate that "little" problem.

Why are you still a citizen of the United States? You don't seem to have any allegiance or understanding of the Constitution, voting, democracy, etc. etc., etc. According to your sharing, it's not working at all. What country would you rather live in?

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Your post is laughable, "I" don't have any understanding of the Constitution?

What is not working? The Constitution? Democracy? People? Government? The economy? The justice system? You tell me what's working, make a case for something that's part of government that's working DM. Something that's working so well that we don't need any more money to get it done and we're looking to reduce our spending on it because it's working so well. Go ahead, I'll wait.

How was Cuba?


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