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BoE: How did we end up with 15 times more money than expected?

The Fayette County School System began the FY 2012 school year with a projected year-end fund balance of $802,719. But when the year ended June 30 the fund balance was $15.5 million. The multiple reasons accounting for the fund balance being so much higher than projected was the focus of a report Monday by Assistant Superintendent Tom Gray. Read More»

PTC fix-it list almost done

Peachtree City is getting closer to exhausting its $3 million in repairs authorized by a bond package approved last year.

The $572,000 repair of the roof over the Peachtree City Library is now complete, and now the city is studying options to resurface the All Children’s Playground behind City Hall.

Community Services Director Jon Rorie told the city council Thursday night that staff wants to pick the best solution to make sure the city gets a long-lasting surface for the playground. The city has budgeted $42,000 for the project. Read More»

Time running out for Nov. district vote change

Time is running short to call for a special mid-term election sought by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to replace one member each on the Fayette County Commission and the Fayette County Board of Education under a district voting format.

The general election, which will feature a countywide ballot on a proposed infrastructure sales tax and municipal elections in Tyrone, Peachtree City and Woolsey, is Nov. 5 with early voting starting Oct. 14. Read More»

Fayette BoE sets surplus school sale policy

What is to become of the vacant schools closed in Fayetteville, Brooks and Tyrone at the end of last school year? The Fayette County Board of Education on Monday addressed that issue and adopted guidelines for selling or leasing the closed facilities. Read More»

BoE sets policy on student head injuries

The Fayette County Board of Education on Monday night adopted a policy addressing the issue of concussions and head injury that can result from extracurricular athletic activities.

The policy adopted by unanimous vote noted that parents or legal guardians at the beginning of each season of any extracurricular athletic activity will be given an information sheet informing them of the nature and risk of head injury and concussion. Read More»

Former Rivers Elementary sale closes for $5.17 million

All the Phase IA structures are now up, though far from finished, at Pinewood Atlanta Studios on Sandy Creek Road in Fayetteville. Photo/Ben Nelms.

The largely-unused Rivers Elementary School on Sandy Creek Road is no more. The building is still there and may be destined for a great deal of academic activity in the future, but for a completely different purpose.

The $5.17 million sale by the Fayette County School System to River’s Rock II, LLC, closed on Sept. 12, paving the way for the building and grounds to be the home of Pinewood Atlanta Studios’ new educational component. The sale was announced in May. Read More»

Judge may draw his own Fayette voting district map

A federal judge has selected the state’s reapportionment office and staff to serve as the court’s technical advisor as he mulls over several proposed new district maps to be used in future elections for members of the Fayette County Commission and the county Board of Education. Read More»

Fayette School Board works on system objectives

Superintendent Jody Barrow (R, standing) talks about goals to the Fayette County Board of Education members (counterclockwise to Barrow’s right) Mary Kay Bacallao, Bob Todd, Marion Key, Leonard Presberg and Barry Marchman. Photo/Ben Nelms.

The Fayette County Board of Education took no action but discussed a wealth of topics at the retreat held Aug. 21. Among the retreat items that board members will comment on in the coming weeks were school system goals and objectives and a performance accountability cycle.

Superintendent Jody Barrow for discussion purposes proposed that board members consider reviewing a number of goals and objectives. The board agreed to review the suggestions and provide feedback in the coming weeks. By way of example, the goal of successfully educating all students came with 17 proposed objectives. Read More»

BoE to survey parents, students on career academy

Parents and students, what do you think about adding a college and career academy linked to the Fayette County School System?

That’s what the Board of Education wants to know, and it has commissioned a survey to find out. The survey will be headed to the county’s public schools in the coming weeks.

The idea for a survey of parents and students came about in concert with one taken by area businesses on behalf of the Fayette County College and Career Academy organization, which is asking the school system to join the effort in establishing such an academy. Read More»

Fayette school enrollment numbers rebound slightly

Some things are looking up — like school enrollment numbers.

It could be the beginning of the reversal of a trend that has plagued the Fayette County schools for the past six years. Enrollment figures for the first week of school showed the school system with 20,041 students, an increase of 53 students over the opening week of school last year. It was in the 2006-2007 school year that Fayette had 22,367 students enrolled. Read More»

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