Bad news for Fayette taxers: Digest devalued 10%

The news could hardly be worse for the tax levying entities in Fayette County. Figures from the Fayette County Tax Assessor’s Office show a 10.39 percent decrease in the value of real property for the 2012 tax digest. That translates into a drop of nearly $500 million in property value — mostly the same property but worth a lot less.

That means fewer tax dollars can be collected at current tax rates. Read More»

Time crunch as Fayette map awaits OK

If redrawn district map isn’t fast-tracked by Justice Dept., it can’t be used in July primaries

A big question mark hangs over three Fayette County Commission elections this year, including the shapes and sizes of the districts and whether current qualifying dates will hold. Read More»

Fayette Commission to get TSPLOST sales pitch

Eyes old jail repairs, spending $3.5 million finishing out Justice Center’s 3rd floor

At its workshop meeting this afternoon (April 4), the Fayette County Commission will hear a presentation from the Atlanta Regional Commission about the upcoming referendum for a regional transportation sales tax. Read More»

Decision on west, east bypasses postponed

The Fayette County Commission has postponed deciding on the fate of the East Fayetteville Bypass, and consequently the third and final phase of the West Fayetteville Bypass.

The topics will be handled in further detail at the commission’s May workshop meeting. Read More»

Coweta voters to decide on Sunday alcohol sales

The ability to have a glass of wine with dinner on Sunday or to purchase a six-pack on Sunday afternoon in unincorporated Coweta County is an idea whose time might have come. The Coweta County Commission on March 20 agreed to have those questions included on the July 31 ballot.

The unanimous vote to include Sunday package sales and consumption on the premises came after a brief discussion during which commissioners said voters should be the ones to make the decision on the issue. Read More»

Fayette looking at early retirement plan for over-55 county employees

Fayette County may soon be offering an early retirement program for employees 55 and over who have a minimum 20 years of service under their belts.

The plan would result in a cost savings for the county, which would be paying the smaller retirement wages in lieu of each employee’s full salary.

Some 44 employees are eligible for the voluntary early retirement program, which would provide them with an unreduced retirement benefit and credit for an additional five years of service which would also increase their monthly payment under the plan. Read More»

Fayette ‘finds’ money for East Fayetteville Bypass

The catch: Not enough money left to finish controversial West Bypass if Fayette uses local funds for East Bypass

County staff have devised a plan that would allow the East Fayetteville Bypass to be built only with local dollars at a significant savings from the initial cost, but doing so would eat up the remaining transportation sales tax funds, leaving the final phase of the West Fayetteville Bypass undone for now. Read More»

Fayette Commission asked for help in keeping onion-odor plant shut

A local resident wants the Fayette County Commission to help ensure that a controversial chemical waste treatment plant just across the Fayette-Fulton County line remains mothballed.

In June 2006, nearly 800 residents of north and central Fayette County and south Fulton County were sickened by what they insisted were chemical releases from the Philip Services Corp. (PSC) waste treatment plant on Ga. Highway 92 near Fairburn. Read More»

After unexpected insurance rate hikes, S. Fayette fire rating back to normal now

ISO ratings for fire districts have a direct impact on the insurance premium paid by property owners. The higher the rating, the more costly the premium.

And that is what residents of Brooks and south Fayette County saw after the fire district for Station 6 was recently rated with Read More»

Fayette’s new 5-district map dead for session; Rep. Fludd blames legal organ foul-up for bill’s demise

State Rep. Virgil Fludd (D-Tyrone).

The new five-district map approved by the Fayette County Commission on Feb. 14 will not come to fruition this year.

Although the commission met a Feb. 15 deadline to submit the new commission district map to the Georgia legislature for consideration, the associated legislation couldn’t be introduced until after a public notice ad ran in the county’s legal organ, according to Rep. Virgil Fludd, D-Tyrone.

That legal notice was not published until Feb. 29, which didn’t give enough time for the bill to be approved by both sides of the legislature, and be signed by the governor, Fludd said. Read More»

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