Shirley chosen as new Coweta fire marshal

Blaine Shirley is Coweta's new fire marshal. Photo/Special.

Coweta County has a new fire marshal. The recent retirement of Fire Marshal Jimmy Gantt was followed March 3 by the appointment of former fire inspector/investigator Blaine Shirley to his new role.

“I have learned a great deal about this office from having been fortunate enough to work with two previous fire marshals prior to their retirements,” said Shirley. “I look forward to continuing my career with the fire department in this position and I will work hard to maintain the professionalism and integrity that is expected of this office.” Read More»

Fayette school board extends deadline for vacant post applications

The Fayette County Board of Education has extended the deadline for those wishing nto be considered for the Post 2 seat recently vacated by board member Mary Kay Bacallao.

The former deadline of April 11 had been changed to April 14 at 10 a.m. for applicants to submit their letters of interest and resumes to apply for appointment to the Post 2 vacancy on the Fayette County Board of Education. The individual appointed to Post 2 will fill the remainder of the term left on the seat, which expires December 31, 2016.

Eligibility requirements are as follows: Read More»

Fayette launches appeal to restore at-large voting

Shutterstock photo.

In a bid to overturn a judge’s decision to replace at-large voting with district voting for future county commission and board of education elections in Fayette County, the County Commission will challenge a number of legal rulings made by U.S. District Judge Timothy C. Batten. Read More»

Vote postponed on 204-home West Village rezoning

Developer withdraws plan for smaller 34-home subdivision on school site

A planned vote on a 204-home rezoning off MacDuff Parkway was postponed Monday by the Peachtree City Planning Commission because of a problem with the sign on the parcel that advertised the meeting.

Also Monday it was announced that the same developer, John Wieland Homes, has withdrawn a smaller 34-home rezoning proposed for a nearby 17-acre tract that was originally set aside for an elementary school that was never built. Read More»

Fayette School System asks, ‘What shall we become?’

To be or not to be was the question before the Fayette County Board of Education Monday night.

The school board in the coming months has to decide which type of state-mandated school system the county will have: an Investing in Education Excellence system, also known as IE2 (IE-squared), a charter system or one that maintains the status quo.

Superintendent Jody Barrow at the Monday school board meeting re-introduced the three options that first surfaced in 2009, saying the school board should decide on a course of action as soon as possible. Read More»

Fayette seen as exception to trend of school staffing hikes

Georgia Public Policy Senior Fellow Benjamin Scafidi in a Feb. 24 commentary on the increases in public school staffing despite the budget cuts coming from the recession does not seem to hold true in Fayette County. Read More»

Fayette GOP officer Ross says he hasn’t decided to support Democrat Pota Coston

Bob Ross speaks to a Tea Party forum in November 2012. Photo/File.
Fayette County Republican Party official Bob Ross is keeping his eyes open for the potential support of candidates in political races in Fayette County.

F’ville ditches permits for movie sets

A zoning amendment adopted March 20 by the Fayetteville City Council will enable movie and television crews to set up temporary set designs and backdrops used in filming without having to obtain a building permit. Read More»

Cross-county carting ahead?

Graphic by Shutterstock.

Fayette may allow 15-year-old drivers in unincorporated county

A proposal to update the golf cart regulations for unincorporated Fayette County, allowing 15-year-olds to drive solo if they have a learner’s permit, will be considered Thursday night by the Fayette County Commission.

Along with the new regulations will be a $15 fee every three years for unincorporated county residents to register their golf cart, with the idea they will be able to drive it in Peachtree City and Tyrone as well without having to register their cart in either city. Read More»

Fayette BoE eyes 4 fewer teachers, 481 fewer students for next school year

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In the Fayette County School System’s preliminary plans, teacher numbers are going down by four, while student numbers are going down by more than 100 times that: 481.

The Fayette County Board of Education Monday night got a look at the preliminary teacher and staff allotment numbers for the 2014-2015 school year that begins in August. The school system is proposing a net decrease of four teachers. Projections also included the estimated student enrollment decreasing by 481 students next year. Read More»

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