Battle of Brown's Mill celebration is this weekend

Get ready for a history lesson this weekend. Photo/Special.

2014 is the sesquicentennial year for the Battle of Brown’s Mill and Newnan as a hospital town during America’s Civil War. The Battle of Brown’s Mill was a cavalry battle between the Union forces of Brigadier General Edward M. McCook and Confederate General Joseph Wheeler. Read More»

PANDAS: It’s a bear, but not the way you think

Neely and Lucy Ward promote PANDAS/PANS awareness.

Tomorrow is a national awareness day for something you have probably never heard of. A local mom, and PANDAS, hope to change that.
National  PANDAS / PANS Awareness Day is Thursday, Oct. 9. The purpose is to raise awareness of these frightening illnesses that cause sudden and acute behavior changes in children following a bout of strep or other infectious trigger. Heather Ward and her husband, Scott, have become near experts on the subject since two of their three children have been diagnosed with one of these syndromes. Read More»

Things to do-Oct.8-Nov.8


October 8
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Zombie warehouse getting ready to open

Zombie warehouse getting ready to open

Residents can contribute a to a good cause and have a scary time by heading to a zombie warehouse in Peachtree City. The event is sponsored by a nonprofit group in Peachtree City, Herobox, that supports deployed homeless/heroes

In 2013, a horrific outbreak swept through a secret military testing facility in Peachtree City called Warehouse 237. 

The government immediately quarantined the facility and destroyed everything inside. Or so they thought. 

You are invited to explore the aftermath of this tragedy and experience who or what was left behind. Read More»

Sandra Deal is speaking in Fayette next week

Sandra Deal.

The teachers, law enforcement professionals, social service agencies and other organizations in Fayette County have a big job providing for children and families in our community. The Strengthening Families Fall Symposium will give them tools and information to do their jobs better.

The mission of FACTOR is to coordinate resources by bringing all areas of the community together to build a safe and healthy Fayette County through education, networking, and advocacy. Read More»

Great Georgia Air Show is this weekend

Peachtree City's favorite show is this weekend. Photo/Staff.

It’s a weekend filled with breathtaking aerial stunts, roaring jet trucks, fireworks and activities for fun seekers of all ages. The Great Georgia Airshow is returning to Atlanta Regional Airport-Falcon Field in Peachtree City, Oct. 11-12 with a new line-up that promises to dazzle, entertain and inspire aviation enthusiasts and future aviators, engineers and scientists. The weekend kicks-off Oct. 11 at 9 a.m. when the gates open to begin the day airshow. At 5 p.m. on Saturday, the fun continues when the gates reopen for the second annual night show that includes a jet truck and fireworks. Read More»

Senoia car show draws a record crowd

The cars are  standing at attention with their hoods up along both sides of Senoia's Main Street, stretching all the way from Senoia Coffee Company to Katie Lou’s Barbeque, and  even more branched off through side streets, cascading through the whole of downtown Senoia. Photo/Bethan Adams.

Over 300 classic cars 1988 and older wrapped around downtown Senoia on Sept. 27 for the 10th annual Senoia car show.

Suzanne Helfman, chairman of the downtown development authority, said there were more cars than space available, and she had to turn some cars away during the registration hour earlier that morning.

“[The show] went great,” she said. “We had such a huge turnout and didn’t have enough room for all the cars.”
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Zombie Run set for Senoia

Over the past couple of years, it appears that Senoia has become the unofficial zombie capital of the world.

Every weekend you can catch people exploring the streets of Senoia seeing the scenes made famous by shows like AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” This October though, the streets of Senoia will be different. Now fans will have the chance to see if they could survive a zombie outbreak! Read More»

Digging in for PTC Dragon Boat Race

Digging in for PTC Dragon Boat Race

The new Lake McIntosh location for the annual Peachtree City International Festival and Rotary Dragon Boat Races held Sept. 27 provided a perfect venue for the nearly three dozen teams participating in the annual event. Photo/Ben Nelms.

‘This is the one you really ought to try’

‘This is the one you really ought to try’

Madison Griffin describes each flavor of pork rind freshly made under the Squealing Pigs Restaurant tent at the last Fayette Market Day this past weekend. Griffin’s favorite flavor is salt and vinegar. Photo/Bethan Adams.

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