Who likes to pay taxes? Nobody

And while we Fayette County residents don’t like taxes, we do like the unique quality of life we’ve come to enjoy in our county. In normal times, most of our government services, such as public safety, recreational amenities, roads, and infrastructure maintenance, are financed from property taxes and sales tax, with the income and outgo […]

Writer ignores ugliness at other marches

Firstly, permit me to congratulate you on having Bonnie Willis as a regular contributor. Her wholesome, common-sense, insightful and balanced views are a joy and inspiration to read. She is the equal of any nationally published columnist – and I peruse many. An open letter to Irene Cheyne: Congratulations on your peaceful Atlanta march, which […]

Biggest problem is liar in White House

This letter is in response to the two letters Mr. Alan Felts wrote recently. His first letter was an attempt at humor, likening the Falcons’ painful loss to the Russian hacking of our recent election. I believe the gravity of the latter incident is not one to slight with humor. I doubt Mr. Felts would […]

Meaning of ‘immigrant’

I would like to clear up the confusion about the word “immigrant.” It’s true we are all immigrants. However, our ancestors arrived by ship after a month or so of misery to Ellis island to be documented by name, age, place of birth,the date of arrival and name of ship. Sometimes they were sent back. […]

Chief Dode McIntosh

I wrote last week that the name McIntosh came into existence in Georgia in the mid 1700s when three brothers arrived from Scotland. They settled just south of Savannah. One of them, William, married a Creek Indian princess, of the Wind Clan, and they had a son, William Jr. However, a few years later his […]

Four little words

On an otherwise ordinary day, an extraordinary thing happened. Four little words. That’s all it took, and the entire day changed in an instant. Tears started streaming down faces of the two adults in the kitchen. The words sent one to his knees unable to catch his breath. The other, also unable to breathe, immediately […]

The wager

I am not a gambler. I am, from time to time, a risk-taker but that does not extend to gambling. Once in a very great while, I will buy a lottery ticket if the prize is about a gazillion dollars. But I don’t really expect to win. I do buy raffle tickets at the Marine […]

A tribute to Charlotte Ray

My wife of 51 years passed away last Saturday after a long battle against multiple health issues. We met in the musical theater. She was in it. I wanted to be on stage. I have a passable singing voice. Her contralto voice was powerful and perfectly pitched. She could hit the back seats without amplification. […]

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