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Appealing district vote wastes $1M

Fayette County voters enthusiastically embrace district voting while elected county leaders stubbornly cling to the past. The Fayette County Board of Education wastes nearly $240,000 of taxpayer money on appeal alone. The Board of Commissioners’ mounting legal bills likely to waste double that amount with total cost of trying to cling to at-large voting likely to exceed $1 million, excluding fees owed plaintiffs’ lawyers. Read More»

Turnout signals folks tired of voting debate

I read the article in the Nov. 19, 2014 edition of The Citizen regarding the tirade of Commissioner Barlow at the Nov. 13 County Commission meeting. I will not comment on his tirade because I don’t feel it needs any comment from me.

What I found so refreshing were the comments from your readers which condemned his tirade. Their comments made me feel that the residents of Fayette County paid attention to the results of the election and the district voting system used for the election. Read More»

Councilman King: ‘My perspective on PTC pay raise’

Now that Peachtree City Council members have had more than ample opportunity to get answers to probing questions on the pay raise study, and now that Council is moving on to other matters, I would like to share my perspective.

To those unhappy with my vote on the pay study and pay raise issue; I have heard your disagreement clearly. I have also heard from roughly an equal number in support of my vote. The troubling part to me is that misconceptions and wrong assumptions linger. While every one of us is entitled to our opinion, none of us are entitled to create our own facts. Read More»

‘Connect seniors to cart path system’

It was wonderful to read in recent editions of The Citizen about the joint move by Fayette County elected officials, school students and school staff to speed up development of a golf cart path for the three-school Starr’s Mill complex just outside Peachtree City’s southern limits. A news story in the Sept. 10 edition described the project in some detail, and a more recent report told of the Fayette County Board of Education being briefed about the matter. Read More»

Reviving academic freedom: Solutions for Georgia

In our Georgia Constitution, local school boards, accountable to and elected by parents and citizens in each school district, are given authority over the public schools in their county or city. Throughout Georgia history, parents, teachers and locally elected board members have had the authority to select curriculum, choose and evaluate school administrators and teachers, and provide oversight for the local public schools.

How did we lose our academic freedom? Through grants, legislation, and accreditation. Read More»

A moral alternative to ‘dying with dignity’

“Dying with Dignity” is the latest cause célebre of the progressive, evolutionist set, whereby we set aside centuries of ignorance and appropriate for ourselves the right to determine when and how we die when faced with a terminal disease/diagnosis.

I have a different proposition: how about we all agree that killing a human person is not the solution for our problems? Whether that person be a new one in the womb, a guilty one on death row, or an ill one with perhaps 6 months left to live (or more, who really knows). Read More»

Secure border first; reforms come later

Open letter to Congressman Westmoreland:

As a lifetime conservative Republican, I am writing to question your actions and those of the majority House about illegal immigration.

As you are aware, Americans across the political spectrum have plainly rejected the idea of amnesty for illegals going back to 2007. This strong majority opinion remains as high or higher now than in 2007.

My question to you, sir, is, “Why is immigration reform (which is badly needed), tied to U.S. border security?”

They are two completely separate issues which should be handled independently. Read More»

Volunteer to dig out Lake Peachtree

Having previously opined in these pages my personal angst related to empty grassy knolls where there once was a lake and the sense of urgency that I believe needs to attend the planned dredging and repair of the Lake Peachtree dam spillway, one might assume that maximum dredging is also my desire.

To the contrary, I look at the maps offered showing the extra slivers of shoreline that would be dredged with a cost borne by the city citizens and have to say, “No way”!

First off, the cost estimate seems ridiculously high, has way too large a variance and includes way too many “unknowns.” Read More»

PTC Public Works should repair dam

Why is Mayor Fleisch not ordering the repair to the spillway? Why are the Peachtree City Council persons not serving the people who voted them into the positions they now have?

Is there anyone in Peachtree City who does not understand that the Georgia Dam Authority, the EPD and the USGS do not have the authority to tell Peachtree City citizens that they cannot repair the spillway?

I have written articles in The Citizen explaining why this repair is an in-house problem and that the Peachtree City Public Works Department should repair it and refill the lake. Read More»

PTC senior staff, end the lies. Here’s a pay solution

At the Nov. 20, 2014, Peachtree City Council meeting, I witnessed growing disquiet among citizens who appear very frustrated at being effectively shut out of deliberations that involve decisions of great importance to the long term financial viability of PTC.

The frustration, in my opinion, is resulting from a less than honest PTC senior staff that refuses to provide basic information to the public, and by a PTC Council that is not requiring enough transparency. Read More»

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