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Georgians need to support TSPLOST

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Georgia’s history of progress is, in part, a tale of investment in transportation. Beginning with the port of Savannah in the 1700s and an extensive rail network in the 1800s, Georgia grew strong and prosperous because our ancestors understood the importance of building these vital economic connections.

It happened again after World War II with the development of the world’s most utilized international airport. We became the leader of the New South when we added a first-rate highway system that tied together our rural and urban communities and connected Georgia to the rest of our country. Read More»

Local officials aren’t talking enough about economy

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State government to maintain focus on jobs and the economy and so must Fayette County.

With the Georgia General Assembly less than two months away from convening for the 2012 session, it is the time of year when there is much discussion about possible legislative agenda items.

As has been the case the past several years, one of our primary focuses will be on building upon efforts to create an environment in Georgia that is conducive to job creation and economic recovery. Read More»

Peachtree City UPDATES - Week of November 21, 2011

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Council meets Thursday, Pearl Harbor Remembrance and Hometown Holiday Saturday, applicants needed for volunteer boards, and two chances to help make the holidays brighter (Police Department "Light Up The Night" and Fire Department "Santa Run"

Peachtree City Council Meets Thursday – Tree Removal, Variance Read More»

Peachtree City UPDATES - Week of November 14, 2011

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Planning Commission meets tonight (Newgate Road and Line Creek Drive developments on the agenda), Council meets Thursday, and local charities need your help gearing up for the holidays.

Planning Commission Meets Tonight Read More»

Peachtree City UPDATES - Week of November 7, 2011

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Fayette recognized, countdown to election Tuesday, national Emergency Alert System test on Wednesday, and more . . .

Peachtree City & Fayette County – The Next Silicon Valley? Read More»

Peachtree City UPDATES - Week of October 31, 2011

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Golf Cart Decals, Advance Voting, Council Meeting, Safety Alert, and more . . . Read More»

Peachtree City UPDATES - Week of October 24, 2011

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Halloween Events and Safety Reminders, Noel November, Operation Pill Drop, Job Postings, and more . . . Read More»

The EPA puts concrete shoes on the cement industry

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has slowly become one of the most activist agencies in our federal government. They have implemented regulation after regulation, bypassing Congress to enforce their own liberal agenda.

In fact, according to a recent investigation by Daily Caller, these new regulations are expected to require 230,000 new employees at the EPA and cost American taxpayers $21 billion.

House Republicans have been working diligently to curb this overreach by the EPA, but it’s going to be a long battle. Read More»

President Obama orders Justice Dept. to ignore U.S. law

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Congressional Democrats and President Obama have spent the last two and a half years trying to reward illegal immigrants for breaking the law by coming to the United States.

There have been discussions of full amnesty to all illegal immigrants currently in the United States and an attempt to pass the controversial DREAM Act. None have been successful, even while Democrats held a super majority in the House and the Senate and controlled the White House. Read More»

Peachtree City UPDATES - Week of Oct. 3, 2011

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Peachtree City Bond Rating, Council Workshop & Meeting, Leash Law and Path Rules reminder, and more . . . Read More»

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