When time melts away

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It was over Sunday dinner that my sister told me what I did not know. A childhood friend, the red-headed, freckle-faced girl with laughing eyes and the brightest sense of humor possible, was sitting vigil with her husband as death crept close.

“The doctors told them this morning that it will be 24 to 48 hours,” she said. He was at a nearby hospital so I turned to Tink.

“As soon as we finish eating, let’s run down there,” I said. “Our families have been through so much together that I want to see her now.” Read More»

Great Wolf vs. PTC as a planned city

To Mayor Vanessa Fleisch and City Council members: I have lived on Hermitage Place in The Coventry subdivision for the past 29 years. I am writing to express my opposition to the building of the Great Wolf Lodge amusement park in this part of Peachtree City.

This type of development has no place in the midst of established residential neighborhoods, some of which have been in place for more than 30 years (The Coventry, Preston Chase, Wisdom Woods, Stillwater Trace). An ideal location would be adjacent to the soccer fields on Ga. Highway 74 South. Read More»

Learnard to county, BoE: Drop the appeal

Have you hugged your lawyer today? Fayette County taxpayers, you have paid $743,012 to legal firms hired by the Fayette County Commission and the Fayette County Board of Education in the case of the district voting lawsuit and legal appeal.

You will also owe another $787,882 to the plaintiffs’ lawyers should they prevail – and if precedent in more than 100 Georgia counties is any indicator, they will. That’s a total of $1,530,894. Read More»

The Republican opportunity: Focus on fiscal issues

In the 2014 elections Republicans won back the Senate and retained the House much to the surprise of many Democrats. Republicans now have a golden opportunity to show that they are the party that can put America back on the right path. Americans have seen that the Democrats have not been able to fulfill all the elaborate promises they have made over the past few years. For Republicans to capitalize on this opportunity, however, they must learn from their past mistakes. Read More»

Proper ID

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There has been some discussion lately from those folks who resent having to have a photo identification in order to vote. Let’s reason this out.

Let’s say you are going through an intersection and have the green light. I plow through that intersection on a red light and hit your vehicle. What are the first two things you and the police will want to see. And if I don’t have those two things, you will sue me. Yep, a driver’s license and an insurance card. Read More»

America loves a sniper

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There is appalling irony in the dustup caused by outspoken liberals on the movie “American Sniper.” Their anti-sniper cheap shots actually reinforce the theme of the movie, which I submit is only incidentally about a sniper. Read More»

The faith factor (2016 edition)

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We are one year away from the Iowa caucuses and already several Republican presidential candidates are trying to secure an advantage by talking about their faith.

Before announcing his non-candidacy last Friday, Mitt Romney had indicated if he ran for a third time he intended to be more “open” about his Mormon faith. Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, regularly invokes his Baptist faith. And now Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a self-described evangelical Christian, is testifying to his faith. There will be others. Read More»

Obama versus America

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In his recent trip to India, President Obama repeated a long-standing pattern of his — denigrating the United States to foreign audiences. He said that he had been discriminated against because of his skin color in America, a country in which there is, even now, “terrible poverty.”

Make no mistake about it, there is no society of human beings in which there are no rotten people. But for a President of the United States to be smearing America in a foreign country, whose track record is far worse, is both irresponsible and immature. Read More»

Tink gets a chainsaw

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My husband is like a relentless teenager. When he wants something, he persists until it’s easier for me to say “yes” just to get him out of my hair.

So it was with the chainsaw that he set his heart on, the one I wrote about previously. Like any parent of a relentless teenager, I said “no” firmly at first. This is what I do when I still have the energy to resist his persist. Read More»

Chamber no friend to common people

With all the glowing words about the Chamber of Commerce in the local papers recently, I think some other words should be said.

The Chamber of Commerce is not the working man’s friend. The Chamber of Commerce supports politicians that are in direct contradictions to what the common man believes, such as Common Core, amnesty and abortions. The local Chamber of Commerce supports these types of candidates as well as the national C of C. Read More»

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