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  • Reply to: Most ‘unverified’ students: FCHS, SCHS   12 hours 41 sec ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    This has gone on way too long.  If they are unverified, kick them out.   I'd like to see a summary of the time and costs spent on this exercise.  Send them a bill on their way out the door and place a lien on the home they claim they are living.

  • Reply to: Hospital authority meets Oct. 26   12 hours 1 min ago

    As anon-rated  RightSeat Fixed Wing Guy, can't argue with your comment, but shouldn't that have been addressed by the appropriate Engineers when the last construction project was approved?  What does the FAA say?  Most importantly, what do the Lifeflight Pitch Pullers say?  Finally, are you sure that Jahnee Price isn't a Distant relative of yours?

  • Reply to: Where deer meet people — at highway speeds   12 hours 6 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Whitewater prima donnas who think that killing a few deer to temporarily save their fine bushes.   Drive a little slower, get off your phone, and be aware of your surroundings and you wont have any problems.   If you don't like nature, move to ATL

  • Reply to: Fayette to consider rezoning for Camp Southern Ground to trade a horse barn for ‘solar farm’   12 hours 17 min ago

    MLC For The Birds!
    Funny, I've lived here for 30 yrs and seem to have managed to have Bluebird Houses, Bird Feeders, & Hummingbird Feeders up every year and arranged for Offspring participation at the same time!
    Where is the Public outcry for the County to get involved and spend my taxpayer dollars to do what good citizens should do anyway?  Is this a "feel good" action?  Sounds like it.

  • Reply to: Fayette to consider rezoning for Camp Southern Ground to trade a horse barn for ‘solar farm’   12 hours 18 min ago

    Two thousand tax dollars for birdhouses?   Are you serious?????  NO, NO and NOOOOO.  It is ridiculous items such as this that if approved by elected only reinforce a no vote for any SPLOST.  Plastic tags, are you kidding?   Know how long plastic lasts outside 24/7?  Just say Noooooo.  Why should I pay for a birdhouse on your property?  Who the heck is going to maintain these things?  THIS IS PUBLIC ART?  Disband this ridiculous committee and get real.

  • Reply to: Dirty tricks, then and now   13 hours 21 min ago
  • Reply to: Dirty tricks, then and now   14 hours 4 min ago

    There it is.  Well done, JC.   The Megyn Kelly insinuation bias.  Dems have it down pat.

  • Reply to: Dirty tricks, then and now   14 hours 8 min ago

    Jeff C
    No sir that is NOT Correct that is the myth, Under the Georgia Constitution Electorial College Voters (16 in Ga) they are nominated, voted on (many of which serve Lifetime appointments) by the TWO Political Parties in power (D & R) during the respective conventions, and are under ABSOLUTELY NO Ga Constitution requirement to follow "popular vote" although it is "assumed" all wil do so, It is possible for the 16 EC Votes in Ga to be split 8/8 or 9/7 or ,,,,etc Each state has it's own control on EC voters (outside of Article 2 Section1  Clause 2 US Constitution) . So the question Remains W H O are the 16 HUMANS electing our President this year ,,in Georgia?????

  • Reply to: Dirty tricks, then and now   14 hours 48 min ago

    The Presidential electors will be selected by your vote for president, so they are not yet known. If Trump wins, Trump's Electors will be the ones to vote in the Electoral College. The people nominated by the candidates and their political parties to be Electors are not secret. Google "List of United States presidential electors 2016". Wiki has a list of every one representing all the parties in all of the states ... except Georgia. The Republican Secretary of State, whose office is in charge of the election, refuses to release that information for some reason.

  • Reply to: A new kind of city arises on Fayetteville’s west side   15 hours 7 min ago

    Thanks for the edumacation JJ.  Good to learn something new.  Never heard of a SAIGA-12.  I googled it and that is one awesome scatter gun.  Could blow the snot out of some jack rabbits with that thing.

  • Reply to: Dirty tricks, then and now   15 hours 15 min ago

    GINGA !!!
    sorry the only way I know to contact ya at this time,, Call A.B, ask for my contact info and call me at your convenience,,, Just got wind of WFB "talk/idea" YOU need to hear about,,NOT substantiated ,,yet,,and don;t have permission to disclose in public,,,YET

  • Reply to: Dirty tricks, then and now   15 hours 24 min ago

    I called the Sec of State, and was directed to both parties, Which further points to my conversation with YO, and why D or R actually = S as in Screwed or Slavery...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    "Do we really think that a government-dominated education is going to produce citizens capable of dominating their government, as the education of a truly vigilant self-governing people requires?" -- Alan Keyes

  • Reply to: Dirty tricks, then and now   15 hours 41 min ago

    office said they don't have that information but to call either party office ..Dem or Repub and they will have it.  Just the messenger here.  Nope, no one ever reports that information unless a snafu or a controversy, right?

  • Reply to: Dirty tricks, then and now   16 hours 54 min ago

    Hillary V Trump
    As it DOES NOT MATTER how we individual Vote  what we NEED to be asking is WHO,,W H O are our Electorial College people? What's their names?  who are they/ HOW did they get to this elevated position? Why is this this not public information? (readily available) We have 16 people in Georgia in this position do YOU know them?

  • Reply to: A new kind of city arises on Fayetteville’s west side   18 hours 6 min ago

    um NO, I will not compromise My Liberty, nor will I surrender one tiny Nano Percent of it. 2nd Amendemnt DOES make sense, what doesn't make a lick of sense is just how many "2nd Amendment Supporters" HAVE surrendered their right. Allow me to give a Factual Example,  ... , the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.  ARMS it doesn't say Fire Arms it say's ARMS, yet You or I WILL BE Arrested Jailed and Convicted of a FELONY if we happen to cross an imaginary line not with an AK47 or SAGA 12ga but with a simple Case Pocket Knife. This is NOT liberty, this is not Freedom and it absolutely is NOT in keeping with the United States Constitution. So since we have established the 2nd Amendment is no longer in existence, What makes anyone believe the 13th is valid? Then there's the 16th, The day it was implemented the 14th was eradicated. "Equal protection"? really? having more than ONE tax rate destroys 'Equal"  Can ya imagine a progressive Tax scheme that used Skin Color rather than amount of Dollars earned? IF the 14th was valid we CAN NOT have but ONE tax rate ,, Ya see over the years THIS is how "Compromise" works, ya give in here ya give in there, tell me, When was the last time Government Compromised and gave BACK liberty??? So ya see it's NOT Compromise, it's Surrender. ..............................................................................................
    Oh and you're dead on bullseye correct about the Religious Right (and Left) however; I would argue, they get NO WHERE until others SURRENDER their Liberties out of a sense of Compromise. I see their religion and I hear Jesus tell them HOW to live, and in ALL of His teachings do I hear Him say "Go Forth and MAKE people believe/behave? NO !!! I mean here is the Beloved Son that with a snap of his finger could have MADE the Jews, Romans and everyone else accept Him and turn away from sin, but like His Father, He ALLOWED Choice, up or down, OUR choice, He offered NO Compromise, We either SURRENDER to His will or we don't, This is part of the message of Christianity, yet MEN have promoted themselves to power an attempt to know better than God and remove CHOICE, In my eye's; this I see NO DIFFERENCE between islam and the church,,,All of this is to reaffirm Compromise ALWAYS ends in destruction, slavery, and No Free Will ,,, THE gift that makes us God's Children (human's) Sermon over  

  • Reply to: A new kind of city arises on Fayetteville’s west side   19 hours 43 min ago

    well... I agree with most of what your wrote... stop coming across as Yosemite Sam meets Rosco P Coltrane. The ones where I differ are civil liberties and history. We are an evolving country with an evolving constitution. We can't defend our \selves from governenet because that is a simple fact. 2nd ammendment rights need to make sense.  I simply went the democrat route because the majority takes sound bites and simply attack the democrats with seeing no hypocracy.  Like all the members of the religious right having extra marrital affiars.  They get to pick and choose the weight of their sin while pointing out and demonizing others. Same with politics. If you believe in facts, 85% of Americans of zero political intellect minus "Fox and Friends/ Herman Pizza/NPR" Our governemt does an excellent job helping 50 states spread accross seven time zones with 325 million + people. While your ideas are good, they are unrealistic and only compromise will ever move the needle... just the same way we've been doing in for 240 years.  We still live in the most amazing country by a long shot and simply reading this senseless finger pointing every day is sad and rediculous. Find proactive ways to work TOGETHER is the only solution

  • Reply to: Pinewood Forrest projects unveiled   21 hours 37 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    You mean Prince, Jahnee Prince
    Bachelor of Arts, Urban Sociology
    Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
    Hasnt met a suburb she didnt want to urbanize.  Would bet she's a democrat.

  • Reply to: Pinewood Forrest projects unveiled   22 hours 56 min ago

    Jahnee Price? Huh?                                       Collaborative Firm Consultant? I thought she was the Planning Director for Fayetteville - a city employee or maybe a contract employee. If that's not a red flag, I don't know what would be. 

  • Reply to: Dirty tricks, then and now   1 day 6 hours ago

    The GoP plan for the presidential canpaign ?  
    Vladmir Putin and his KGB hacking squad. 
    Julian Asssange - hated him with the Snowden leaks,  now he is just a bro,  wanted for sex with children
    Trump -  he wants to date your girls,  but just once,  on his elevator.      Letcherous. 
    Three rings to rules as one. Like the good the bad and the ugly.     But none of them are any good. 

  • Reply to: Hospital authority meets Oct. 26   1 day 6 hours ago

    Yep, I say it's time.  County would have to approve, though.  I just thought the top deck would be a logical spot.  They could make a few extra bucks if Marvel needs to rent it, too.  Just a stab in the dark here, nothing more.  Wait, since the hospital is in the city now, what approvals, if any, would be needed other than the chicken guy and the naacp mayor?  Anyone know?  I have no idea.

  • Reply to: Pinewood Forrest projects unveiled   1 day 6 hours ago

    Over 20 pages and less than 45 hours to go.  Thanks for the heads up.  

  • Reply to: Hospital authority meets Oct. 26   1 day 7 hours ago

    Heli Pad
    They keep building buildings closer and closer to the pad, there gets a point where it is just TOO Close either for direct safety reasons or wind turbulence by the Building safety reasons,

  • Reply to: Pinewood Forrest projects unveiled   1 day 7 hours ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    It's posted now.  It's a done deal.  High density, parking garages, mini ATL, but no jobs for locals.

  • Reply to: Hospital authority meets Oct. 26   1 day 8 hours ago

    MLC & "Stab"
    Well anyone who has been there knows that some sort of parking solution would certainly be good;  Helis have been landing "somewhere' there for a long time--why all of a sudden the need for a "new' landing pad"?

  • Reply to: Hospital authority meets Oct. 26   1 day 8 hours ago

    Let me take a stab.  A 10 story high parking garage which will be contracted out.  Oh, and a helipad on the roof.

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