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  • Reply to: Loft living is coming to PTC   16 hours 33 min ago

    They hired an attorney                                                        The Governor's Row homeowners actually hired an attorney to represent them at this meeting. This lawyer from Newnan - clearly a genius - alerted us to the fact that a 4-story building with a basement is actually 5 stories tall. Of course the view blocking argument was just plain silly and council treated it as such, but this genius attorney from Newnan - Melanie something - potnified about this being "spot zoning". OMG, the horror of it all. Spot Zoning is worse than the Zinka virus.
                                                                                                                        Oh wait, the residents of Governor's Row (her clients) are there because of spot zoning. Whoops. A little research shows that they have a street of detached townhomes with garages that may overllook the lofts if you climb upon the roof and can see through the trees in the 75 foot buffer. Nevertheless, their homes are unquestionably residential in a 70 acre LUC (C stands for Commercial) zoning. As Lily Tomlin used to say "Never mind".
                                                                                                                         Congratulations Dar on getting this approved. Sorry you had to endure that negativity, but council handled it properly and you will have done more than anyone in this city to make that entire Lexingto project a winner after almost 30 years of false starts. Yes, 30 years. Most don't know that Southern Trace was part of this parcel that was spun off in the 80's. And they too protested Governpr's Row and even The Avenue during its brief flirtation with this property.
                                                                                                       The tresspassing lady from Southern Trace whose main objection to development of Lexington was that she would have no place to walk her dog remains a PTC classic public hearing memory. Right up there with the Pinegate people protesting Aberdeen Woods seriously concerned that the Pitney Bowes trainees were going to molest their children coming home from school. And who can forget the Braelinn Elementary parents on Channel 2 concerned about Playboy Magazine might (that's right, might) be for sale in the proposed convenience store. Ah, the memories. 

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   17 hours 2 min ago

    Especially when the speeding SUV's (usually a SUV) come from the east and come up on that path crossing just past the recycling center. I am there at least once a day and more often than not it is Mommy with her kids after school in a big rush to get wherever. Throw in the dopes that text while driving and you better be quick about getting across McIntosh Trail before they broadside you. This is more than bush trimming. Speed traps and eventually speed bumps. Get that motorcycle out there Jason. 8AM is a good time, 3-4PM as well.

  • Reply to: What I did for my summer vacation: Page for GOP convention   21 hours 46 min ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    Congratulations on your selection to and participation in these political activities.  It sounds like you gained significantly from your experiences and have been encouraged in your career pursuits.  I hope you squeezed in a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just down the street from the convention as well.

  • Reply to: Jumping up and down about Darwinian Theory   21 hours 51 min ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    Pepper Adams seems convinced that Darwinian evolution is flawed, yet  offers no alternative theory to explain human origins.  Does anyone else smell a suspicious agenda?

  • Reply to: Candidate forums set   1 day 7 hours ago

    Is the visioning group a 501.C?  Guess the reason they are holdng everything in Fayetteville is because they are democrats..Anything Bob Ross is involved in I boycott. If Fayette County taxpayers pay for anything the Chamber of Commerce or Visioning Group does shame on the county commission for funding them  

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   1 day 10 hours ago

    Past Huddleston Elementary toward the lake/spillway beware that sight lines are very short for those of us turning off of Fishers Luck Dr.   ESPECIALLY when you are going 50+ easily...the speed limit is only 30.  Happened again today with a late model brown Ford Expedition....please be careful.   The city might should look at trimming a few bushes back. 

  • Reply to: Candidate forums set   1 day 14 hours ago

    Not sure about that suggestion odoylerules.  I would not want a grumpy old man sentenced to a playground for therapy or punishment. Now Desoto State Park would be another story.

  • Reply to: Here’s the flaw in ‘one man with a gun’ argument   1 day 14 hours ago

    apologies - my reply was in response to zerpsed's faulty logic and faulty math in his incorrect assertion that a US resident has a better chance of winning the lottery than being shot.  I really should stay off these boards!

  • Reply to: Candidate forums set   1 day 14 hours ago

    All Children Who Do Not Live Here Playground
    Wow, going for the title of grumpiest old man on the grumpy old man blogs?
    Parks are meant to be enjoyed by all  - regardless of where you live - like, you know, every state and national park as an example. Or Line Creek or the Ridge. Or Central Park. Or Centennial Olympic Park. Or like every park ever made in the history of the world.
    Children and familes enjoy the All Children's Playground and each other's company. They enjoy getting outside, meeting new people and giving their kids a nice experience. You enjoy nothing but wallowing in your own misery and moaning. 
    Maybe you need to go sit at a park or a playground, chill out and get your act together. 

  • Reply to: Those ‘old, tired ideas’   1 day 14 hours ago
    Fred Garvin

    I see obama and the DOJ are gearing up to allow more felons to walk because they are somehow "disadvantaged" and can't pay bail to get out of jail.

    <p>The bedwetters state ""Fixed bail schedules that allow for the pretrial release of only those who can play, without accounting for the ability to pay," the government said, "unlawfully discriminate based on indigence." It's not discriminatory if it applies to everyone. This is just more of Obama's attempt to turn America into a third world country. He would rather have people that have been caught breaking the law out on the street rather than keep law abiding citizens protected from them.

  • Reply to: Candidate forums set   1 day 16 hours ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Listening to prepared statements from each candidate, then having each sponsor throw out softball questions for each candidate to answer is not my idea of a spending my time wisely.  Until these groups agree to open the floor for the hardball questions, I'd rather spend time with the family or clean the lint from the dryer.  You won't see me this time.

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