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  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   17 hours 46 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    I will answer your question, but i am not steve, never was steve, never will be and dont want to be.
     I learned the hard way after having the state build a highway two blocks from my home years ago reulting in lower property values.  I came to find out that this was in the works for 20 years.  I didnt do my homework back then.
    Since that mistake on my part, I learned to research the exisitng  and future land use plans before purchasing any future home.  Some itelligent people do in fact look this up before purchasing real estate.  Land use plans, zoning and future planning are important documents.  When you change the zoning, you have to make sure its best for the community as a whole.  Will the change bring added value and how will it affect others around it.  One simply has the weigh the value.
    If the value of this project is too good to pass up, then council should not have any problem proving this point and vote to supercede planning and zoning.  If council can prove this point with facts, then its easily supported.  However if they pass this on a simple strawman theory, then  I think there's a problem.  

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   18 hours 8 sec ago

    By comparing uses                                           That is uses on the entire site. Pretty simple really. How many square foot of retail and how many residential units on the old zoning vs. the proposed new zoning. The lofts complete the site and freeze out all other retail. Without the lofts, the old zoning allows a certain amount of retail on the footprint where the lofts would have been. I think staff has an obligation to explain all that. Planning commission obviously didn't hear that - city council must hear it. It would be their major justification for approving the new zoning.

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   18 hours 18 min ago

    LOL, good does one have a relationship with yourself?  With you, I guess anything is possible.  How about answering my query?  

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   18 hours 20 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    You must be drinking the same holy water as Mr. Barlow.  I have no relationship with Steve.

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   18 hours 34 min ago

    Mud wrestle.  

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   18 hours 34 min ago

    Always good to get your input on here Steve.       AS to the demand for the units, I could see it over several years.  It won't sell out in a year or so for sure.  The demand in the city is HIGH right now for nice residential.  Very high.       What would like to see on this property instead of this proposal?  

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   18 hours 41 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    I just went thru the meeting agenda and did not see any charts under this agenda item.  Lots of site plans and pretty pictures.  I don't know what she's talking about.  

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   19 hours 44 min ago

    Tell us, did Rast share his chart with Planning Commission?

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   20 hours 11 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Of course not.  But if I had to grade all the committees, this one is top notch and always looks does its homework and looks out for the citizens and not simply a check.  If council thinks its best to override them, then it may be best to have thier ducks in a row.
    It may be great project.  Personally, I don't see 75 being sold at the amount they claim.  I would want a caveat about noise, parking, and that the condo association abide by certain rules for a period of 10-15 years.  I can see paying that amount in certain Atlanta communities where you have more ammeneties within walking distance. PTC, no.  Should they dont sell, you end up discounting, renting or subleasing in order to pay the bank note, which changes the rules of the game.

  • Reply to: Fayette rejects state’s request for $50K for new driver’s license site   20 hours 31 min ago

    Very good point ..the DDS office is on the border and when I was there there were many more Clayton tags than Fayette, plus folks from Dekalb and Fulton

  • Reply to: Did summer vacation impact your driver's license?   20 hours 40 min ago

    This DDS service may help some keep from getting arrested for stupid stuff.  At the age of 16, I was arrested for not having a valid drivers' license.  I lost my wallet and license when my canoe turned over in Ichetucknee Springs.  Being a not-so-bright kid, I didn't go to the drivers' license office and get a replacement.  One day shortly after loosing my license, a motorcycle cop pulled me over for not yielding the right of way.  He asked for my license, which I couldn't present.  I told him how I lost it at Ichetucknee Springs, and he promptly arrested me.  A crusier came a took me to jail, where I was booked, held for about 6 hours, and released to a friend of my fathers, a former police detective.  When I went to court, I pleaded guilty for not having a valid license in my possession while operating a motor vehicle.  The justice of the peace acquitted me of all charges and scolded the motorcycle cop for arresting me.  The justice of the peace was also a family friend.  The incident didn't end there.  It surfaced on my security clearance background investigations throughout my military career,  But worse, the arresting police officer committed suicide within the following few months.  I have often wondered if anything I, my family, or family's friends did contributed to the police officer's suicide. 

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   20 hours 59 min ago

    No group is infallible. 

  • Reply to: Pence is salt to Trump’s pepper   21 hours 43 min ago

    MLC Slave Card
    Slaves, Rich People (Private Sector ONLY) Free Stuff, that group over there; Lynchings; Riding in the back of the bus; Injustice; etc. THIS is the offerings of the Democrat Party, Negative History Lessons, WHEN people are able to shut off their emotions just long enough to LISTEN to what is being said, they quickly learn Democrats aren't offering ANY path forward, as they are stuck in the past. While the leaders in the Democrat Party who ALL claim they are against the 1%ers yet will lie cheat and steal from the poorest people they can bamzoolzal  to become a 1%er, Democrats are an Emotional People, some are well educated (on paper) but never learned to Harness their own emotions to become better (off paper) .
    I find it amazing that just a few years ago 39 Government Bodies (Large Cities, Counties, Townships, Smaller Cities,) were in such distress  Bankruptcy was their ONLY option, what I found more telling is the Decades Long Control DEMOCRATS had of these Governments and the utter inept rein they provided, Yet somehow the Controlling Democrats in these Governments they themselves became 1%ers...They then whip the Emotional Beings into a Frenzy point fingers at EVERYTHING ecept THE problem and sell the poor further down the Emotional Road to Nowhere but Bondage (Which is WHY after all the Democrat Party was formed,,,To protect the Slave Owners

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   22 hours 57 min ago

    MC                                                       I actually meant the planning commission should be the ones to resign since the council has discredited them

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   23 hours 25 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    How can you say planning voted without the facts?  Please explain.  Out of all committees, this is the best group.  

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   1 day 21 min ago

    No, Planning Commission                                                   is who should resign. They voted without all the facts. They turned down one of the best things to come along in years without having the benefit of knowing the effect that the new zoning would have on actually reducing the retail footprint. Its called doing your homework and it isn't even that hard - David Rast has already done all the work - just ask to see his chart. Or maybe get him to update it to reflect present conditions. Or if he hasn't shown his chart ahead of time to city council meaning he is against the project, then he should resign as well.
                                                               A tie of 2-2 when voting on a new zoning category means that the new zoning failed and it can't be brought up again for 6 months. 3-1 means it passed.  Either way, someone will insist upon a do over when all 5 are present, so it is simply prudent to have all 5 there. Or maybe somebody is counting votes and knows the missing councilperson is the deciding vote. Hope that means a yes vote. What a great finish to this entire project which has really struggled.

  • Reply to: Pence is salt to Trump’s pepper   1 day 7 hours ago

    Again for the 239th time on Hillary's bully pulpit.  Pooor Moochele.  Back to Red Sox/Tigers, oh wait another Kennedy speaks...introducing Massachusetts own First Indian......Pocahontas!!!   The freak sow wonder the Sox might experience a rare loss tonight.

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   1 day 11 hours ago

    Spy. If a tie, do you know how it works?

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   1 day 11 hours ago

    Work this out...

  • Reply to: Pence is salt to Trump’s pepper   1 day 11 hours ago

    Boo hoo for Hillary.  Now she is pulling the poor me, I am a woman so I am being bullied card since nothing else is working.  This is what we want to hear for the next 4 years when she cannot answer for her lies and illegal actions.  Such a shining beacon of female leadership for the whole world to admire.  Poor, poor Hillary.

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   1 day 14 hours ago

    Yeah, I know, Jessie.  You have a great way of putting things into perspective, and I appreciate that quality in you very much.  I can deal with losing every now and then, but I just wish the other guys could have the same experience once in a while.

  • Reply to: PTC settles with former cop for $300,000   1 day 14 hours ago

    One more nail in the coffin that was Skippy as Cheif 

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   1 day 14 hours ago

    I am not convinced it will be approved.  Either way, I see more to come.  Too bad, too.

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   1 day 15 hours ago

    planning smhaning                                       If the council approves and ignores the planning commission they should all resign since they obviously don't know what their doing.

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   1 day 16 hours ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    It sounds like it will be approved despite plannings rejection. They just need to be 1000 % right.  

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