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  • Reply to: Klan garb at East Coweta causes outcry   1 day 16 hours ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Agree with you Mike, but that hood looks awful authentic.  This doesnt appear to be a simple pillow case with holes cut out.  

  • Reply to: Klan garb at East Coweta causes outcry   1 day 16 hours ago
    Mike Mahoney

    Stupid is stupid does.
    Had a Senior Master Sargent in the AF give me his theory on the teenage male:
    At about age 12 or so said teen deficates their brain. It then takes about eight to ten years for the brain to grow back. Sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes it never grows back ....

  • Reply to: Massacre in Paris   1 day 19 hours ago

    Lets all pray for danz57 and pray he can get back to his home country when he is able.

  • Reply to: Massacre in Paris   1 day 23 hours ago

    This was by far the most painful win this year. Rex pulled some sneakies and you will never see a more miserable 10-0 quarterback that TB was tonight at the end of this marathon.  However, with all the problems mounting (no Edelman or Amendola) the O line a mess and Gronk had no Gronk in him, they still pulled off a W.  By far, the biggest problem of this game was the refereeing...inadvertent whistle that killed a TD run?  That ref is lucky he didn't get plunked by one of those Patriot guns in the endzone on his way out. Rex had his hissy fit on camera just as expected....buh bye Rex. Best moment of the game in the 1st Q when TB yelled Rex Ryan, Rex Ryan at the line in his play call.   Highlareeous. No Peyton Manning next weekend..,go Pats.

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